Testosterone Booster for Weight Loss

Although testosterone is more popularly associated with strength, athletic performance, and libido, the hormone is increasingly gaining recognition for its weight-loss benefits. Testosterone supplements used to be popular only among bodybuilders, athletes, and those who wish to improve their sexual performance. These days, however, people who are wanting to shed pounds are considering using testosterone […]

Does Testosterone Increase Metabolism?

Although most people usually associate testosterone with strength and male sexual performance, the hormone actually plays various important functions, both in men and women. For instance, testosterone is needed in order to maintain sufficient bone mass. When you’re not producing enough of the hormone, you could end up developing osteoporosis. Testosterone is also essential for […]

Testosterone Dosage for Weight Loss

When we hear people talking about testosterone supplements, we automatically assume that they’re using testosterone because they want to build muscles. That’s understandable, considering that one of the main functions of testosterone has to do with muscle growth and development. Aside from building muscles, testosterone is also often used to enhance male reproductive potential or […]

Is Cheese Bad for Testosterone?

First of all, what is testosterone? Testosterone is the hormone in humans, particularly in males, that is responsible for the formation of masculine characteristics such as the formation of the Adam’s Apple, growth of facial hair, broadening of shoulders, muscle building, and many others. Testosterone also is responsible for sexual desire, the formation of bones, […]

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