Does Testosterone Make You Run Faster?

Does Testosterone Make You Run Faster?

Testosterone is a type of androgen, a male sex hormone that is produced in the body responsible for the development and changes of the human physical

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Testosterone is a type of androgen, a male sex hormone that is produced in the body responsible for the development and changes of the human physical attributes. Testosterone regulates the libido, the distribution of fats, and the production of red blood cells. It also maintains bone and muscle mass as well as energy levels in men. 

Running, on the other hand, is an athletic activity habitually performed as one of the basic training in fitness or sports. Running is considered an exercise that most people are doing it to stay in shape and healthy. It makes muscles stronger and improves cardiovascular endurance.

Does Testosterone Make You Run Faster?

The sex male hormone is vital to sports and fitness enthusiasts as it provides the needed energy and strength to carry on strenuous activities. But does testosterone make you run faster? Yes, it does.

Averagely, testosterone levels in males are between 270 ng/dL and 1070 ng/dL. It is the recommended level that should be maintained to achieve needed energy levels for muscles to perform optimally. The increase or decrease of its levels may have effects on strength, stamina, physical energy, and mental aggressiveness.

Testosterone normally enhances performance and speeds up body recovery. The activity, if done regularly, increases the sex hormone levels. But longer intensive workout or running depletes the testosterone levels. 

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Running is an outstanding means of the cardiovascular system health just as it is important to be sustained for any physical activity. Longer activities require excellent aerobic endurance that will enable the cardiorespiratory system to work efficiently and effectively and supply the needed oxygen and nutrients to working muscles.

On the contrary, testosterone increases muscle growth and activates the nervous system to boost power and strength, increased sex drive, and better mood: the higher testosterone levels, the larger muscle mass.

Testosterone also works as a precursor to estrogen, a woman’s sex hormone that protects bone health. According to a study published in NCBI, there is a 7-10 percent increase in hemoglobin and hematocrit, resulting in an increase in red blood cell count.

Runners have approximately 0.5g/dL lower than the normal and 1g/dL lower for highly trained runners. Because of strenuous training, a condition called Sports Anemia is commonly experienced by runners and other athletes.

The higher the red blood cells, the more oxygen it supplies to the muscles to carry out various activities. Thus, testosterone helps increase levels of the red blood cells that make runners suffer from anemia that will negatively affect their performance.

Testosterone makes the heart healthy, allowing it to pump enough blood supplies to different parts of the body. It also provides muscles and organs with the oxygen required for optimal performance. Running long distances and other extreme physical activities decreases testosterone levels.

That explains why testosterone boosters are commonly used by athletes to enhance and increase muscle mass immediately. Testosterone indeed makes you run faster for it does not only boost energy, but it is like a battery that fuels different systems of the body.

Cardio training, like running, is beneficial to the body as it makes your heart work harder, improves the immune system, and increase stamina needed for any athlete. 

Why Men Run Faster Than Women?

Both men and women love running. But men usually run faster than women, although they are equally trained. In fact, the world’s fastest man runner is around a second faster than the world’s fastest woman.

Probably, the reason for this could be explained not only by the body size of men but also their hormones.  Do you know that before boys and girls hit poverty, their bodies are quite similar? During puberty, boys have increasing levels of testosterone. And by adulthood, the testosterone levels of men are almost 20 times higher than women.

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Indeed, testosterone plays a vital role in various bodily functions of men, including the making of new blood cells, strengthening the bones and muscles, and as well as stimulating growth spurts. Perhaps, men have more muscles than women because they produce more testosterone. Probably, it also explains why men usually have a greater bulk of muscles.

Moreover, the leg of a man is composed of around 80 percent muscles while the leg of a woman is merely composed of around 60 percent of muscles. Probably, the extra muscles in men are also one of the reasons why they tend to run faster than women. Men also have larger muscle fibers, which make them twitch faster than women, allowing them to become better with sprinting.

And because women produce more estrogen, they tend to have higher body fats than men do. Having more body fats in the body can negatively affect their running performance. Aside from that, women usually have smaller lungs compared to men. It means that the oxygen consumption of women is lower compared to men. And probably, it also affects the body size of men and women.


Indeed, testosterone can make you run faster. Testosterone can help improve your performance and speed up body recovery. It is responsible for increasing your body muscles as well as in boosting your power and strength. The higher the level of testosterone, the larger the muscle mass. Probably, that explains why testosterone can make you run faster.

On the other hand, physical activities such as running can increase your sex hormone level. Running is undoubtedly an excellent means to maintain your entire well-being. But you should not overdo your physical activities, such as running, as they might affect your testosterone level.

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