The Best Role Play Ideas That Will Keep Your Marriage Hot

The Best Role Play Ideas That Will Keep Your Marriage Hot

What's nice about having a long-term sex partner is that there's no need to second-guess what's exciting for the other. And yet, that's the same thin

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What’s nice about having a long-term sex partner is that there’s no need to second-guess what’s exciting for the other. And yet, that’s the same thing that can make sex boring. When you stick to the same positions and follow the same routine during foreplay, it can make you feel like you’re just having sex out of habit.

This is actually a common problem, especially among long-term married couples. And one that can be solved by trying out roleplay ideas in the bedroom. If you want to rekindle the passion in your marriage, here are several exciting role-play ideas for you.

The Boss and His Secretary

One of the classics, role-playing as the boss and his secretary can let you reenact the excitement of an illicit office fling while playing with the dynamics between a work superior and his staff.

You would consider the boss at work as the one with the authority and power over his secretary, who is typically subservient and obedient to all the demands of the boss. On the flip side, a secretary can also hold her boss hostage, what with all her knowledge about the superior’s private affairs.

To make it more exciting, you can also reverse roles while playing in the bedroom. If you can recreate the office vibes by having sex on top of a desk, so much the better. What’s nice about this role-play scenario is that you can tailor it to the level of kinkiness that you and your partner are both comfortable with.

The Maid or The Butler

bell ring for sex

The wealthy homeowner and the servant are another pair of classic roles when it comes to sexual role-playing. You could be a rich homeowner, and your wife can dress up in a stereotypical French maid costume. Or, you could be the butler, and your partner can roleplay as the aloof and wicked mistress of the house.

An Erotic Massager and Client

An erotic massage can be great foreplay, so why not roleplay as an erotic massager? You can pretend to be strangers with your “client” and ask her what part of her body she’d like for you to massage.

You can play sexy music as background and light up scented candles in the room. That’s a great way to set the mood, plus it does reenact the relaxing ambiance of a massage room.

While you’re at it, use a variety of massage oils as props. Scented massage oils can help stimulate the senses. Plus, you can make the act of pouring and rubbing the oil on your partner’s body totally sexy and exciting.

The Doctor and His Patient

A doctor is someone whom we allow to fully examine our body. Even if the doctor is a stranger, if he or she says that a physical examination is necessary, we usually end up taking off our clothes.

What’s hot about the doctor and patient scenario is that it involves an authority figure who just happens to have a very good reason to touch and explore your body. If you’re playing the doctor, try making aloof and distant comments about your partner’s body while intimately caressing and touching each part that you’re examining.

A Yoga Instructor and His Student

This role-play scenario is a great variation on the classic teacher and student roles. What’s even better about playing as a yoga instructor is that you can instruct your partner on how she should position her body and gently guide her to that position.

It doesn’t really matter if both of you aren’t familiar with yoga at all, or if you’re not flexible. You can call a certain position whatever you want. What’s important is that this role-play scenario can help you and your partner explore new sex positions in a fun and exciting way.

The Teacher and His Naughty Student

This is another classic, perhaps because teacher-student sexual relationships are almost always considered taboo. But there’s just something about a woman dressed in a schoolgirl costume that makes this role-play scenario very popular.

You can let your partner decide how naughty she would like to be while dressed as a schoolgirl. Alternatively, you can act as the school bad boy who wants to seduce the stern but sexy headmistress.

If you both want to incorporate “punishments” like spanking in your role-playing, just make sure that both of you discuss and agree on it beforehand, just to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

A Stripper and an Audience Member

stripper seduces man

If you want to experience the thrill and excitement of watching a strip dance, you don’t have to go to a stripper club if that’s not your thing. Why not ask your partner to role-play as a stripper while you act as an audience member?

This scenario is quite fun and sexy, especially if your partner loves to dance. She can let loose and dance sexily to her heart’s content as she strips for you. And you get to enjoy such a breathtaking show. No props are really necessary, but it would be nice if you can do the background music and lights.

A Sex Worker and Her Client

This scenario may not work for some people, especially for those who feel strongly about the idea of being paid for sex. However, that’s exactly why this role-play scenario is such a hit for others.

There’s just a lot of psychology involved in being called a slut, slag, or whore. In real life, those words are simply extremely insulting, but when you’re talking dirty with your partner and role-playing, those words can set off an explosive orgasm.

If you want to take it to another level, you can have your “sex worker” act out a particular fantasy of yours. You can even set up the location where you two will meet, and where you will go afterward. As long as you’re both comfortable with the scenario, you can add as many details and explore as many taboo levels as you want.

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