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Why Male Enhancement Pills Work Despite General Distrust

by Glenn Fitzpatrick
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Sexual dysfunction are not uncommon, millions of men around the globe have them. Low libido, ejaculating prematurely, weak erections, and unsatisfactory performance are just some of the many struggles that men face. Problems affecting sexual performance extend to a man’s confidence and self-esteem, but they eventually take their toll on the quality of their relationships. In order to combat these issues, men often take male enhancement pills, but some guys are skeptic about this whole thing. Male enhancement pills do work despite general distrust. Keep reading to find out why.

Their popularity keeps growing

The popularity of male enhancement supplements keeps growing, and it is estimated to rise even more by 2021. This is particularly important to bear in mind because dietary supplements for male sexual problems are already among the best-selling products on the market. Reports show that global sexual enhancement products market has a rapid growth due to fast-changing perception toward these products. In other words, an increasing number of men are starting to trust these products, and they use them regularly. One reason behind changed perception is media exposure. These products are not a taboo anymore, and they’re a popular subject and men don’t think of them as something they should hide or stay away from.

What’s more, the global sexual enhancement supplements market is expected to rise by an additional 12% by 2021. Sure, 12% may not seem that big on its own but think of it on a global scale and add to it the fact that millions of men are already using some of these products. That’s huge growth, no pun intended though.

Effectiveness is real!

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Dietary supplements are natural products and are sold without a doctor’s prescription. They’re available in drugstores and online which only adds to their convenience. The very nature of dietary supplements is one of the major reasons why some people don’t trust them, i.e. they think enhancement pills aren’t effective. But they are! In fact, science has confirmed it.

For example, one study evaluated the efficacy of one multi-herb male enhancement supplement on sexual function improvement. Scientists enrolled 78 men ages 25 to 50 suffering from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. Subjects were randomized into two groups where one group received the supplement while the other was assigned to placebo. Participants were required to take the enhancement pill or placebo twice a day for 12 weeks.

Results, published in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, revealed that men in the supplement group experienced improvements in the erectile function, orgasmic function, sexual desire, intercourse, and overall satisfaction. Scientists concluded that male enhancement pills were a well-tolerated and more effective than placebo in improving sexual function.

The above-mentioned study is just an example which shows that science did find these products effective. However, more studies are necessary to evaluate the true potential of these pills which could also contribute to changing public perception.

Fixing root cause

As you can see, male enhancement pills do work, and their mechanism of action is straightforward. While prescription drugs mask the symptoms only, male enhancement supplements take a different route – they fix the root cause of the problem. These products work by dilating blood vessels to allow more blood to go through and reach penile tissues and chambers. As a result, you get stronger and more rigid erections that last longer at the same time. This mechanism of action is particularly important if we bear in mind that erectile struggles occur mainly due to weak blood flow. To get an erection you need blood to reach the genital area and engorge your penis, and these pills make it happen. Unlike prescription-grade drugs which are taken 30 minutes before intercourse and you have to wait for them to kick in, these products are taken on a daily basis, so you get an erection without hassle.

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Besides dilating blood vessels, male enhancement supplements also deliver potent ingredients to provide other positive effects. Thanks to herbs that have been used for this purposes for centuries, male enhancement pills also support testosterone production, increase libido, enhance athletic performance (and your work between the sheets), improve sperm quality, and help you last longer. In other words, these products deliver a myriad of benefits to men who use them regularly in addition to their primary effect – stronger and bigger erections.

They’re safe

The reason why an increasing number of guys are changing their perception of male enhancement pills is also due to their safety. Unlike other products on the market which are associated with all sorts of side effects, male enhancement supplements are perfectly safe for general consumption. Their natural ingredients balance themselves out and allow you to experience all the positive effects without dealing with potentially dangerous adverse reactions. Many of these pills are taken once a day only meaning it’s easy to fit them into your lifestyle, especially if your days are busy.


Just a few years ago an idea of getting male enhancement pills seemed like nonsense, but times are changing. These products are becoming more popular despite the initial general distrust. People, especially men, are realizing that male enhancement supplements truly work and they deliver constant results. Straightforward mechanism of action coupled with the fact these products are designed to fix the root cause of the problem is behind ever-growing popularity of male enhancement supplements. Of course, not all products are equal, so it’s always good to go for the best one on the market.

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