There are a few moments when a man will not experience a morning erection when he wakes up.  Since it is not a painful experience, most people ignore it. But is it a condition you should overlook? We will try and educate on the matter. From this article, we believe that you will understand why you do not wake up with a hard-on anymore. You will also know whether it is a medical or otherwise.

What is a morning erection?

The morning erection is also known as nocturnal penile tumescence. It is the erection of your penis in the latter part of your sleep. The brain normally releases the hormone noradrenaline in less quantity. This hormone is responsible for curtailing a non-stop erection during your sleep. So when the body experiences a lesser amount of this hormone, an erection occurs. Waking up with a hard-on is an indication that the brain is coordinating well with your penile arteries.

Causes of morning erection

Doctors also put other factors as causes of morning erection. The first one is physical stimulation. This is the subconscious erection that occurs when your partner touches your penile area. A surge in the testosterone level during the let hours of the night is another cause. This period known as the rapid eye movement stage is between 3 to 5 AM in the morning. When your brain relaxes, you are likely to have a hard-on when you wake up. The brain is less active when you sleep. That is the time you release hormones supportive of an erection. Besides that, your mind engages in dreams of sexual nature, leading to an erection.

Reasons for failing to have a morning erection

Doctors do not have conclusive evidence yet about not having a hard-on when you wake up. Through experience, they have the confidence to go by the following reasons:

insomniac man

1. Staying awake during the rapid eye movement period

When you disturb your sleeping patterns, the body releases hormones that suppress an erection during this period. Thus, you need to sleep well to experience a hard-on when you wake up.

2. Physiological reasons can lead to someone not having the morning erection when he wakes up

Sometimes your body has little capacity to pump enough blood into the penile arteries. This causes the penis to miss the expansion of the tissues and have an erection.

3. Medication and sickness can lead to losing a morning erection

Antidepressant medication calms the nerves of the body. This may affect the penile nerves as well. In the end, your brain will not stimulate the hormones and blood to the penile area.

4. Lower testosterone levels

When this occurs, the body has an unequal balance of hormones. When the time to have a morning erection comes, the body has more noradrenaline. This hormone depresses the body from having an erection.

5. Impotence

This is an erectile dysfunction condition that comes from several causes. If you are overweight, then the body becomes weak in sexual matters. Diseases like high blood pressure can cause anxiety and a lack of sexual urges. This, in turn, diminishes the hormones responsible for an erection. Age is a significant factor in impotence. The older you grow, the less testosterone you produce in your body. This lowers your sexual urges and morning erections.

6. Psychological reasons can lead to erectile dysfunction

Depression is a major factor in this line. Depression causes the hormones to malfunction. This alters the hormonal balance that you need to have a stable sexual life.


There is no clarity on the treatment of lack of morning erections. This is because the causes of the problem vary. The best thing is to visit your doctor and have a session. In the end, the doctor will make a diagnosis and propose the best way to handle your situation.

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These are some of the suggestions the doctor may suggest. A lifestyle change is the first one if you are too busy and have poor eating and sleeping habits. Relaxing and meditation can help your brain to calm down and generate the hormones you need for a morning erection. Exercise well, have a proper diet, and a good rest will arrest your situation. For stress management, you can start going for counseling sessions. The sessions will help address your fears and heal your underlying psychological factors. The more you engage in counseling, the more you will improve faster.

A change in medication for your other conditions can help you improve your morning erection. It is good to discuss with your doctor on the alternatives of the medicines if any. If your testosterone levels are low, then consider boosting them either through medication or naturally. There are many options that will help.

If it purely a medical condition, then the doctor will prescribe the necessary medication. It is proper to discuss any move with your doctor before engaging in any program. Ask all your questions and demand answers. Know the side effects if any, and the benefits of the program.

Lastly, there are natural herbs that help in managing the condition. It will still be prudent to discuss the alternative options with your doctor to find a suitable natural alternative. After all, is in place, have a positive mind toward the treatment, and you will regain your power.


If you wake up without a hard one is not a cause for alarm. Evaluate your sexual life. If you have other erections during the day, then it well with you. It could be one of the non-medical conditions that we have discussed above. You have to rearrange your lifestyle. Visit your doctor to ascertain if it is a psychological, physiological, or medical condition.

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