Relationship Between Testosterone and Mood

Relationship Between Testosterone and Mood

Testosterone is a sex hormone that is abundant in men than in women. If we hear about low levels of testosterone, we always think of symptoms, inclu

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Testosterone is a sex hormone that is abundant in men than in women. If we hear about low levels of testosterone, we always think of symptoms, including erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive, and decreased bone mass.

But the role of testosterone in our body is more than making us sexually active. It has a key role in our state of mind, especially how our brain functions. That is the reason why low levels of testosterone have been associated with symptoms like increased stress, depression, and mood swings.

We should be aware that low levels of testosterone may result in mental health problems. Our brain contains cells with testosterone receptors that seriously affect our mental health. That is the reason why if you have a low testosterone level, you are most likely to experience fatigue as well as mood swings.

Furthermore, low testosterone is a major source of depression, especially during male andropause. Andropause or male menopause is usually an indication that your testosterone level is decreasing. Well, several studies already show that it is normal for the testosterone level to decrease as men age.

The Connection Between Low Testosterone and Mood

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Testosterone can control our mental faculties. The reason for this occurrence cannot be exactly explained by experts, but one thing they are sure of, and that is such an occurrence happens. There are already many studies showing the relationship between low testosterone and mood, stress, and depression.

For instance, a study conducted among 600 elderly men has shown the link between low levels of testosterone and depression. Those who have low levels of testosterone are most likely to experience symptoms of depression.

Furthermore, the symptoms associated with low testosterone levels make someone emotionally distressed. Low testosterone levels may let you experience low energy levels and weight gain. It can even make you feel less attractive. These situations lead to a worse condition- depression. 

And to make your frustration even worse, low testosterone levels can affect your romantic relationship with your partner. Just come to imagine if your sex life is affected, your relationship will surely be affected no matter how hard you try to work that out.

Tips to Boost Your Mood

Mood swings and emotional problems can be corrected by having lifestyle changes and proper medication. Here are some ways of boosting your mood:

Determine your habits

People who are inactive and obese usually suffer from low testosterone. That is why the first thing that you should do is not only to improve your testosterone levels but also to change your lifestyle. To avoid various mental health issues, it is crucial for you to have a good sleep as well as to get enough sunlight. These are just a few things that you can do to prevent mood disorder.

Aside from that, you should also make sure to have a regular exercise and a proper diet, such as decreasing your consumption of sugar and carbs. Several studies show that excess consumption of sugar and carbs can affect your mood. On the other hand, exercise is shown to boost your mood.

Talk with your partner

If the relationship with your partner is affected due to stress, depression, and low testosterone level, you should also include your partner in solving these problems. It is crucial to understand that low testosterone levels can be treated so you and your partner should think about ways on how to reconnect and look for other physical pleasures.

Counseling or even sex therapy can help both of you to express your needs to promote a healing environment. Indeed, a low testosterone level can affect your sex life as it affects your erection. But the important thing is that both of you maintain honest and open communication.

Stress management

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There is a significant connection between testosterone and stress. Several studies show that high-stress levels can cause your testosterone level to decrease. If you are stressed, you are most likely to deal with stress first before you should think of sex. If your life is controlled by stress, then it will be hard for you to deal with various emotional issues connected to low levels of testosterone.

Consider testosterone treatment

All the mentioned steps may help in boosting your mood by improving your testosterone levels. Although these ways can help, it is still crucial to consider medical treatment such as testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone replacement therapy has several delivery methods, including gels, skin patches, tablets, injections, and surgically implanted pellets. Usually, people who undergo testosterone replacement therapy may experience a relief of various low testosterone symptoms after 4 to 6 weeks from the time of the treatment.

But it is worth understanding that this kind of therapy is not appropriate for everyone. There are times when your body has its way of healing itself, and from the moment your levels of testosterone improve, your emotional, as well as your sexual issues, will also begin to resolve.


Indeed, testosterone is more than just a hormone affecting your sexual life. It also affects your mood, and it can even result in depression and stress if your levels of testosterone are low. This only shows that your testosterone level greatly affects how your brain functions.

It is important to monitor your testosterone levels to maintain mental health. There are many natural ways to improve your testosterone levels, but it is also crucial to consider medical treatment such as testosterone replacement therapy.

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