What is Arousal Addiction?

What is Arousal Addiction?

Some men have been excessively exposed to video games and porn, which makes it habitual for them to experience stimulus. But, seeing the same picture

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Some men have been excessively exposed to video games and porn, which makes it habitual for them to experience stimulus. But, seeing the same pictures or videos all over again makes them uninterested, that is why they tend to search for new materials to experience the same stimulus. This is called arousal addiction, and the key to this is the newness of visual experience.

Indeed, porn and video game addictions are way different. These are called arousal addictions and can be identified when they are attracted to the variety, the surprise factor of the game or the porn, or the novelty. The more the porn or video game is new, the more excited they become. But if it becomes common, they tend to be uninterested. This is also different from drug arousal, wherein addicts want the same kind of drugs to use.

Factors of Arousal Addiction

Video Gaming

Some young men find it difficult to face the uncertainty of this world. Instead of facing reality, they tend to isolate themselves in a place where they feel safe and have control over the results. They don’t want to be rejected; instead, they want to be applauded for their abilities.

playing late night videogames

And playing video games is the way in which they can increase and refine their skills so that they can reach high respect and status within the gaming community. It should be emphasized that there is nothing wrong with video games. Besides, they are made to have benefits and good features. But it becomes only wrong if these games are played excessively and the gamers use these to isolate themselves from society.

Here are some of the signs of video game addiction:

  • You think about video games all or most of the time
  • You feel bad when you are unable to play
  • You need to play video games to feel better
  • You cannot play just for a short time
  • You don’t want to engage in other things, other than playing video games
  • You have problems at school, home, or work because of this gaming
  • And despite these problems, you still choose to play
  • You lie on the time you spend playing
  • You use video gaming to relieve you from mood swings


Due to the complexities of modern society, it becomes easier for us to access porn, well, in fact, it is just one click away for as long as we have an internet connection. That is why it can be difficult to inhibit most people to watch porn. And despite banning some porn sites, there will always be something left for anyone to access and watch.

Perhaps, at least once in our lives, we experience viewing porn. Watching porn, per se, is not sufficient to consider a person to have a porn addiction. It only becomes a problem if you lack control of watching porn, and it causes problems.

Here are some of the signs of porn addiction:

wife confronts his porn addiction
  • You have been spending a lot of time watching porn
  • You feel that you need a porn fix and that makes you high
  • Even if you feel guilty of the consequences of viewing porn, you still continue watching it
  • You spend time looking for various porn, even if you already compromised your sleep or responsibilities
  • You insist your sexual partner also views porn
  • You want to watch porn first before having sex
  • You can’t resist watching porn even if it already bothers your life

Porn is very dangerous to young men who don’t have real-life experience with sex or at least sex education. This makes them develop a perception that sex can be enjoyed hard-core. Commonly and in reality, sex should revolve around real people. This makes young men have unrealistic views about sex and intimacy, which makes it hard for them to become sexually aroused if they have sex with a real-life partner.

The same people experience anxiety, especially if they have a real-life sexual encounter as their expectation becomes way different from reality. They need communication skills, they have to engage their body, and they have to interact with another person who has their romantic needs.

Consequences of Arousal Addiction

Arousal addiction makes these people become risk-averse. They tend to be unwilling and unable to face the risks and complexities that are natural in school, work, and relationships. There have been a lot of cases regarding arousal addiction.

One person from South Korea died due to playing a video game for 50 continuous hours. Another man was banned from his home by his own wife because of his porn addiction. Another man in Norway who was the suspect for murder used playing video games to enhance his skills in shooting for a year and 16 hours a day.

 Several studies show that viewing porn regularly could result in poor physical health and depression. This could be explained by the fact that porn can make people isolate themselves. Viewing porn could be used instead of healthy social or sexual interactions.

On the other hand, playing video games is also wrong when a person becomes insensitive with real-life interaction with others. And once they commit violence in video games, they feel successful. The more a person is exposed to violence, the more it can make him aggressive. This is because most games provide rewards for gamers who committed more violent acts.


Arousal addiction occurs when a person needs a novelty of visual experience to experience stimulus. And this can be done by excessive exposure to video games and porn. The more a person finds new materials, such as porn or game, they become more and more interested in it. Although video gaming and porn addictions are different, both are considered as factors of arousal addiction.

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