Can Intimacy Anorexia Be Cured?

Can Intimacy Anorexia Be Cured?

Intimacy anorexia a term used to describe the lack of intimacy in a relationship. This is a kind of relationship disorder that occurs when a person w

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Intimacy anorexia a term used to describe the lack of intimacy in a relationship. This is a kind of relationship disorder that occurs when a person who is in a relationship refuses any spiritual, emotional, and sexual intimacy with a partner. This disorder can be damaging to marriage and relationships, causing loneliness and pain to the spouses or partners.

In this article, we will determine the characteristics of intimacy anorexia and whether or not this can be cured:

1. Busy

One of the main characteristics of intimacy anorexia is being busy. For instance, if you are a workaholic, you have no time for your spouse. This will affect your intimacy toward your spouse. If you are busy, you have no time to create intimacy with your spouse.

Life may get busy considering home, work, parenthood, friends, partner, and self. Usually, you tend to prioritize work and children.  Of course, work makes you earn for a living. You aim to give all your best to your children. Despite this, always give a way to make time for your partner.

Simply talking with your spouse during dinner and discussing what you have done the whole day can improve your connection. You also don’t need to be together all the time. Even if you have a long-distance relationship, you can keep your communication open through email, phone call, text, or face to face.

2. Blame

couple having a fight or misunderstanding

If you keep on blaming your partner about what happened to your relationship, then it will result in a lack of intimacy. People who have intimacy anorexia put the blame on the partner instead of making himself or herself also responsible for the problem.

If you know that you have intimacy anorexia, you need to recognize your own fault in the relationship. You should avoid shifting the blame to your partner. Instead of blaming, try ways to solve your problems together. This will gradually improve your relationship with your partner.

3. Withholding love

Love is the very foundation of a relationship. If there is no love, then there is less likely to have intimacy. You need love and affection, just the same way with your partner. People who have intimacy anorexia either don’t know how to love or know it but just controlling it.

There may be a lot of factors why you are controlling your love to your partner. Maybe, you start this inability to share love since you are young and you are just repeating this all over again. Try to overcome this. Remember that sometimes, love may hurt. But it will always be a normal part of the process. Giving love and having love in return will give you the best feeling ever.

4. Withholding praise

If you avoid praising your partner, it may be an indication of intimacy anorexia. Praise is a vital ingredient to keep your relationship working. In a relationship, you need to support and build up each other to keep the fire burning during your relationship. It helps in giving positive energy to your marriage.

Praise can make your partner feel loved. You know what it feels like to be praised by someone you love the most. Praise can brighten up your day and make your mood. Praise can increase your partner’s confidence level. This can make you confident in your attributes and abilities. This will help in achieving your goal. Sometimes, it may be hard to tell praise to someone. Saying simple praise, even if it is not true, such as “You look beautiful today!” will make a difference.

5. Withholding sex

Sex is considered a need in every relationship. A person who has intimacy anorexia may be avoiding sex with a partner. This will be detrimental to the relationship, especially that sex also builds intimacy. It is one way of showing love to your partner.

If you are having difficulty to have sex with your partner, then maybe you are suffering from this condition. You don’t need to oblige yourself to have sex all the time. But if there is love, there should be some sexual sparks. If you can’t feel it, then maybe you have no feelings with your partner. But if there are other circumstances which hinder you from having sex with your partner, for instance, you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, and it is better to talk about this problem with your partner, as well as with an expert.

6. Feelings

couple talking in bed

If you limit your feelings with your partner, then it will prevent you from understanding each other. Expressing or sharing your feelings will help build intimacy with your partner. If you don’t do this, then there is no way you will have a healthy relationship.

One way to express your feelings is to communicate with your partner openly. If you are honest with what you feel, such as when you are happy, sad, or angry, then your partner will be able to adjust to improve your mood. Just try to be expressive with your feelings to improve this kind of condition.


Intimacy anorexia is a condition that is suffered by someone who lacks intimacy with a partner. This condition is a very serious one but can be treated. Based on the characteristics of intimacy anorexia, one can cure this condition.

Here are just some of the ways on how intimacy anorexia can be cured:

If you are busy, then find ways to have time with your partner to keep intimacy. You should stop blaming your partner and recognize your own flaws. If you keep on withholding your love, there is a possibility that your partner’s love will fade. You know, all of us need love, especially from the one you love the most. Praise, sex, and feelings should also be maintained to keep the relationship going.

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