What Foods Are Bad For Testosterone Levels?

What Foods Are Bad For Testosterone Levels?

A lot of men are already well aware of which foods they should consume to top up on testosterone. But, unfortunately, the type of foods that can tank

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A lot of men are already well aware of which foods they should consume to top up on testosterone. But, unfortunately, the type of foods that can tank your testosterone levels are not as popularly known.

Whether you’re engaged in bodybuilding activities or you just don’t want to endanger your libido, you need to avoid foods that can lower your levels of testosterone. Here are four common dietary demons that can do a lot of damage to your testosterone levels and ruin your sexual health.

#1 Alcohol

Alcohol is technically a beverage, but if you’re used to consuming it in copious amounts, you might as well consider it as food. But if you’re planning to continue being sexually active, you may want to think about going on a no-alcohol diet.

Not only does alcohol destroy your ability to achieve erections and cause erectile dysfunction, but it also wreaks havoc on your hormonal balance. The deleterious effects of chronic and excessive alcohol consumption on the reproductive function of men have long been established by scientists.

For one, alcohol abuse can lead to hypogonadism, which means you’ll have abnormally low testosterone levels. Alcoholic men also tend to have significantly increased estradiol levels. Chronic intake of alcohol is also closely associated with increased levels of estrogen and reduced levels of testosterone.

#2 Processed Foods

processed meat

If you love processed meat products like sausage and bacon, you should refrain from eating them if you don’t want your testosterone levels to nosedive. Processed foods like pre-packaged snacks and frozen foods contain a lot of stuff that can do harm to your testosterone levels.

For instance, you’ll find a lot of trans fat in processed foods. Not only does trans-fat increase your risks of diabetes and heart diseases, but they can also greatly reduce your testosterone levels and impair your fertility. A high intake of trans fat-rich foods can cause low sperm counts and can even result in an impaired testicular function.

#3 Bread and Pastries

If you love to start their day with a croissant or a doughnut, you may want to switch to healthier breakfast items. Bread and pastries are also rich in trans-fat and sugar, not to mention the fact that they contain so many calories.

Cutting down on bread and pastries can help you lose weight and, more importantly, help you prevent your testosterone levels from going down. If you really can’t live without pastries, cakes, and cookies, just make sure you buy the ones that contain the least amount of sugar and trans-fat.

#4 Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

sugar loaded soft drink

We all know that sugar-sweetened beverages can increase our risks of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. What many men are not aware of is that drinking a lot of flavored juice drinks, soft drinks, and other sugar-rich drinks can actually cause your testosterone levels to drop.

The results of a 2018 study published in the journal Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology showed that consuming sugar-sweetened beverages can increase your risks of low testosterone levels. And the more you consume these sugar-rich drinks, the lower your testosterone levels may get.

Top Up Your Testosterone Levels

If you’ve been drinking a lot of sugar-sweetened beverages and alcohol or consuming a lot of processed foods and pastries for a long time now, you may want to think about consuming foods or taking supplements that can help raise your testosterone levels back to normal.

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