What are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Males?

What are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Males?

A decline in testosterone production is unavoidable, and its symptoms as well for that matter. But how would one know when this decline has happened

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A decline in testosterone production is unavoidable, and its symptoms as well for that matter. But how would one know when this decline has happened? What are the most common symptoms and signs? And why would one need to remember all of them? The answers to these and many more questions are exactly what we are offering with today’s article, so read on!

The causes for the decline in your testosterone production

The truth is that finding the exact cause that has been causing your testosterone production to decline can be more difficult than you first thought. The reason for that is that contrary to popular beliefs, there is more than one factor that leads to the occurrence of low testosterone symptoms.

Despite the fact that the aging process still serves as the major cause for low testosterone levels, other factors have been noticed to contribute to this condition throughout the years. These factors are known to cause an early decline in testosterone production before the age of 40, when one is normally expected. Among these factors, the following were found to be the most common:

weight gain, standing on scale
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Cancer

The symptoms of low testosterone levels

It is of vital importance for each man to make an effort to remember the common symptoms of low testosterone levels. By doing so, he will be able to notice their occurrence and report their presence to his doctor. If it is a case of an early decline in testosterone production, finding out the exact cause and treating the problem have to be done as soon as possible, especially if the reason is high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression, etc. In the following, we will discuss the most common symptoms of low testosterone levels.

Reduced libido and sexual stamina

One of the most obvious symptoms of low testosterone levels is the reduced quality of the male sex life. A man who is struggling with low testosterone levels is bound to experience his sexual desire and stamina reducing, affecting his sexual performance.

Sexual disorders

As a sign of the decline in testosterone production, common sexual disorders are expected to occur. We are talking about early ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Of these two, erectile dysfunction is the most common of all sexual disorders. In fact, every man will eventually face this sexual disorder, most commonly as a result of the aging process when the testosterone production normally declines. But this sexual disorder can happen sooner than that if the previously mentioned factors are influencing the individual’s health.


It is not uncommon for men who are struggling with low testosterone levels to experience extreme fatigue. Fatigue is one of the common symptoms of low testosterone levels as well. The individual, despite a long night of sleep and rest, will experience a difficulty to go on with his normal everyday activities due to the extreme tiredness and fatigue that he is struggling with.

Mood changes

Due to the decline in sexual performance, and the overall hormonal changes that are happening as well, most men are struggling with mood changes. Most of the time, men are dealing with depression and anxiety. Their mood changes might originate from and be enhanced due to relationship issues that are not unlikely to develop due to the reduced quality of sex life.

In addition, the individual experiences loss of motivation, which, in addition to the fatigue that they have been experiencing, will contribute to reduced physical activity and weekly visits to the gym.

Weight gain

Testosterone is maintaining the body fat levels within the normal ranges, keeping them as low as possible. However, when the individual is dealing with low testosterone levels, the risk of weight gain and even obesity is rapidly increasing. If you take the depression, loss of motivation, and extreme fatigue in consideration, that risk of obesity will very soon turn into reality, as it does in most cases of low testosterone levels.

Muscle mass loss

emaciated guy flexing biceps

It is testosterone that men should thank for their rapid build-up of muscle mass and muscle strength. So, when they are facing a decline in testosterone production due to any reason, it is normal for their muscle mass and muscle strength to reduce despite the fact that they are still visiting the gym on a regular basis. In addition, the bone mass loss can happen as well, increasing the risk of osteoporosis and common fractures.

How is the decline in testosterone production treated?

When it comes to a decline in testosterone production, apart from testosterone replacement therapy, there are some tricks that each man should know. What we are talking about is increasing the level and frequency of physical activity, eating clean, using a testosterone booster such as Male UltraCore, eliminating stress, etc.

Regular sex should help as well, in addition to some couple counseling and anti-depressants. The truth is that despite the fact that this is a common issue among men, in most cases it is easily solved using the right methods.


Now that you are very well aware of the common low testosterone symptoms, we trust that you will be able to notice their presence and ask for help in time. Even if it is the aging process that has been causing your testosterone levels to drop, you are not bound to live with these symptoms. Take the matter in your hands and improve your life and health.

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