What are the Side-Effects of Low Testosterone Levels?

What are the Side-Effects of Low Testosterone Levels?

The normal aging process is known to reduce the quality of life within both men and women. Due to the aging process, men face a decline in testoster

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The normal aging process is known to reduce the quality of life within both men and women. Due to the aging process, men face a decline in testosterone production, something that can be enhanced due to the contribution of many factors, of which we will talk about soon.

Unfortunately, the decline in testosterone production brings nothing good. In fact, it can lower the man’s quality of life so much to a level where it brings him closer to several health risks. But what is to be expected as a result of this process? Can you guess any of the side effects? Not to worry if you are unable to list any of them, with the help of the following article, you will learn all about the potential red flags of low testosterone production.

What causes your testosterone production to decline?

No matter how much we fight it, the decline in testosterone production is unavoidable. This is a natural body change that happens as a result of the aging process. However, there are some things that can slow it down, and there are some things that can speed up the decline.

For starters, factors such as stress, depression, sedentary lifestyle, too much fast food, and insufficient sleep have been reported to cause an early decline in testosterone levels. Men whose lifestyles include these factors will face the side effects and health risks that come with the decline in testosterone production.

What are the potential side effects?

Similar to how menopause causes certain body changes to develop, the decline in testosterone production, also referred to as andropause, causes unavoidable side effects to occur and reduce the individual’s quality of life.

Reduced sexual performance

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Since testosterone is a valuable factor in the regulation of sex drive, sexual stamina, and overall sexual performance in men, it is impossible for these aspects to be left untouched by the presence of low testosterone levels. The individual who is struggling with low testosterone levels will face decreased sexual desire, decreased sexual stamina, and most probably a sexual disorder such as erectile dysfunction. All of these changes will influence the overall sexual performance by reducing its quality.


A serious decline in testosterone production can reflect negatively on your fertility, causing low sperm quality, count, and motility. This will, as expected, cause fertility issues, making the task to conceive much harder than it used to be. There is a greater risk of infertility if it is an early decline in testosterone production in question, caused by some of the factors that we mentioned earlier.

Muscle mass and muscle strength loss

Thanks to the high testosterone levels, men find it easier to build lean, strong muscle mass as compared to women. Thanks to testosterone, men have fewer body fats and more muscle mass that defines them. But with the decline in testosterone production, the individual struggles to maintain his figure. He starts to rapidly lose muscle mass and muscle strength, which will normally reflect negatively on his self-esteem and body image.

Bone mass loss

The low testosterone levels have their impact on bone health as well. Women are exposed to the increased risk of osteoporosis during the period of menopause. But despite the fact that women have a greater risk for osteoporosis, men as well can struggle with their symptoms. Due to the decline in testosterone production, it is not unusual for the bone mass within men to reduce and increase the risk of common fractures and osteoporosis.


When you face a decline in testosterone levels, you might find it more difficult to wake up relaxed and rested. The low testosterone levels can have an impact on the quality of your sleep, causing extreme fatigue to occur. And as expected, this will influence the quality of your everyday life, making it difficult even to complete some of the everyday activities such as going to the gym or going out with your friends.

Mood changes

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Testosterone defines men in so many aspects of their lives and health, including their mood and character. That is why, the low testosterone levels commonly reflect on the individual’s mood, causing depression and anxiety to develop. Due to the body changes that we mentioned earlier, men face a decline in self-esteem, and there can be even relationship issues due to the sexual disorders and the mood changes that occur due to the low testosterone levels. The individual is bound to feel less motivated which will only help the weight gain process since men tend to visit the gym less often as a result of their mood changes.

Weight gain

As we mentioned earlier, the low testosterone levels bring upon an increase in body fat, fatigue, the decline in motivation, and mood changes. All of these factors will bring the individual closer to the risk of weight gain, including becoming overweight or obese. The weight gain will reduce the quality of your life on its own, making risks such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, high cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure more real than ever before.


You have successfully learned all of the major side effects of low testosterone levels, as we now hope you will be able to recognize them and report their presence to your doctor. And not to worry, their treatment is easier than you would think, especially if it is the normal aging process that has been causing these side effects to develop. Usually, all that a man needs are a quality testosterone booster such as Male UltraCore, sleep, a clean diet, and some serious physical activity to get his testosterone production up and running.

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