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Top 5 Sex Positions for Mature Couples to Try

by Mark Griffin

Everyone has their preference as far as their favorite sex positions are concerned.

Some may find one position invigorating, while some may find another tiring. Some positions just don’t work for some people sometimes.

What’s good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander when it comes to sex positions.

But that’s also the beauty of it – if everybody were the same, then sex would be boring.

Well, even if individuals each have their preferences, sex shouldn’t all be about them. Ideally, men should be enjoying a particular sex position because their partner digs it, too.

Mature men tend to be less self-absorbed in attaining their pleasure; rather, they consider their partner’s needs and hopefully satisfying their partner.

In the end, everything boils down to personal preferences. Some like it hard, some like it rough, some like it sweet, some like it gentle. But regardless of how you prefer your sex, mature couples ought to find a common ground that is equally pleasurable to both parties.

After all, these sex positions offer satisfaction and a lot more to both men and women – regardless of their age.


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Missionary Style


The missionary style needs no further introduction due to how straightforward it is. But you can always spice it up by thrusting your hips in an upwards motion or by snaking your legs around your partner. There’s always something you can do to make it more exciting!

The best part? The missionary position is perfect for individuals struggling with hip, knee, or back ailments. If you still feel some pressure on your back, you may want to sit on the edge of a chair as your partner kneels. Feel free to use pillows for additional support.

Feeling back pain? Well, the modified missionary might just be the right position for you. Basically, rather than the woman laying with her legs flat as in the regular missionary position, she would place pillows below her hips while she stretches her feet out in the air. The male would be standing on the edge of the bed. This is another way to reduce the pressure on the back – so you can enjoy better, more pleasurable sex.


Doggy Style


Doggy style means entry from behind as the woman faces the opposite direction from her partner while on her knees. Simple enough, right? This position is notable for helping stimulate the G-spot. And, contrary to what some others might think, doggy style is satisfying due to the many tweaks you can employ to make it spicier.

Couples who are overweight or experiencing hip pain may find this position comfortable, for as long as neither of them has any back problems.

Plus, it’s quick and easy access for men, gives them a fantastic view, more leverage and power, and more angles to work with. Plus, you can make it hotter by pulling your partner’s hair (if she’s into it).


Modified Cowgirl


The regular cowgirl position has the woman straddling the man as he lays flat on his back. The woman can also lean back and use her hands and arms to keep herself in place.

The best part? Men who need a little more support (read, mature men) can lean against something flat as their partner mounts them in the cowgirl position while allowing for a close, intimate experience that’s great at any age – and one that lends itself perfectly for tweaks. This includes fondling her breasts, caressing her body, among many other things.




Simply lay in the spoon position, ensure that your female partner’s hips are placed higher than yours, and have her guide you inside of her.

The good thing about this position is that the bed supports both bodies, which reduces the impact of fibromyalgia symptoms. This position also allows you to freely explore your partner’s numerous erogenous zones to make it even hotter.

If you’re suffering from arthritis or chronic back pain, you can prop your head up with your elbow so that your hand can support your head.

Spooning is an adult version of cuddling. It’s an intimate, erotic, yet naughty position that allows the man to fondle her breasts, stimulating her nipples, and masturbate her clitoris while he’s right behind her.

And that’s just 5 out of the practically endless list of sex positions you can try even in your older years. That said, don’t let pain get in the way of vigorous, exciting sex life. If any of these positions we’ve mentioned are uncomfortable for you or cause you any sort of pain, change it up and try something else! We are 100% sure of your ability to find something that’s right up your alley in terms of your range of flexibility and movement.

The key takeaway out of all of this is this: just because your age is getting up there doesn’t mean you have to completely forgo the good things that a healthy sex life needs.

In the end, only one sex position is ultimately the best for you and your partner: and that’s the one that makes both of you happy. Everything else is just gravy after that!

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