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Tips For Using Male Enhancement Pills Safely

by Glenn Fitzpatrick
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When taking any form of a drug, the first thing that comes to our minds is safety. We question about how safe that drug is in our bodies. We are always interested in knowing the side effects, interactions, and emergency response.

When taking male enhancement pills, we want to know the most effective pill we have and how it is administered. The following are some tips for safely using male enhancement pills:

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Male enhancement supplements are usually purchased over the counter. One does not have a specific prescription and may choose to use this supplement according to their knowledge. This knowledge may be borrowed from a friend, the internet or even listening to what other people say. This approach is not correct. Different male enhancement supplements contain different ingredients. Therefore, their doses cannot be the same as the concentration of these ingredients differs.

To make sure that one does not experience adverse effects caused by the wrong intake, it is wise they follow instructions. Each type of supplement comes with a detailed guide on how to use the pill and the frequency one should maintain.

Once these instructions are followed, the results are usually satisfactory. Ignoring them may be more expensive and destructive as well.

Consider Your Medication

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Some medicines contain ingredients that may have a rough reaction with the enhancement pills. Such reactions may cause more severe results than the initial problems. If you are on a specific medication, make sure you consult with your physician before going for these supplements. If your doctor does not approve the use of these pills, it is time for you to start looking for other alternatives. You should therefore not limit yourself to a specific type of supplement. Instead, be open to other varieties. They can help in filling the gap where one option fails.

Do Not Use While Bleeding

Male enhancement pills are blood thinners. They make the blood thin so that it can be light enough for pumping. Thus, the blood flow increases. This function of thinning blood is however not suitable for people with bleeding wounds. The pills interfere with the clotting of blood. The blood clotting pigments (platelets) are hindered with by these pills.

The wound takes longer than it should be to heal. When the injury takes so long before it treats, it gets to a high risk of being infected.

Use The Pills Some Minutes Before Intercourse

Time is one of the essential parts while using male enhancement pills. You need to give yourself ample time after you take the pill. Taking these pills causes some sudden changes to your body. Therefore, you need to give it some time to adjust to its new state. Also, since the pill needs to be absorbed in the body, this could be another reason you give it some time.

Use The Pill In Its Intended Form

Male enhancement supplements come in different forms. Manufacturers come up with these forms because of their efficiency. There are those supplements that are more efficient when in one form and not in another form.

Enhancement pills are usually made to be orally taken. You should therefore not try to dissolve the tablet and decide to use it as a paste for rubbing. This state may not be efficient at all and will cause you more disappointment than satisfaction.

Not Suitable For People With Heart Conditions

These supplements contain inhibitors which may react with the heart’s medication. These reactions lead to the heart beating faster.

Since the heartbeats are not strong enough to pump blood, the blood pressure falls to very low levels. The abrupt drop in blood pressure is fatal and may lead to death. Thus, a person suffering from heart problems should not take these unless they have the permission from their doctors.

Not Suitable To Use With Alcohol

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There are several mild side effects one gets after using these pills. These effects last for a short while, and then they disappear.

Consuming alcohol while using the pills may worsen the effects. They may turn into more severe conditions.

Alcohol reacts with the pills to give negative results. Therefore, one should avoid the intake of alcohol while on these pills.

Use The Pill For Its Intended Purpose

Male enhancement pills tend to increase the creative abilities of a person. It may, therefore, be abused to reach this effect. The creative feeling is so good that it may lead to addiction of the pill. This kind of abuse may lead to permanent damage to the body organs.

These damages may include bursting of blood vessels. One can also start experiencing instances of uncontrolled erections. To avoid these damages, one should stick to the primary purpose of using these pills. They are better when used as sexual enhancers rather than brain boosters.

Taking precautions when taking different forms of drugs is the best gift to reward yourself with. Some of them may be counterfeit and may contain harmful ingredients. It is wise for a person to purchase such pills in an authorized dealer. In case the supplement gives an undesirable effect, it becomes easier to do a follow-up.


These tips should always guide you when taking the enhancement pills. Since they are over the counter medications, a lot of caution should be practiced. The results for using these pills are more rewarding than damaging when enough caution is exercised.

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