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The Best Way to Do Leg Extension

by Glenn Fitzpatrick
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Most leg extensions are performed using the lever machine. You place your body on a piece of furniture while you lift the bar neatly padded using your legs. This workout routine is very efficient when it comes to building the quadriceps muscles and strengthening it.

This exercise is beneficial when it comes to increasing your upper and lower body. It is also instrumental when it comes to bodybuilding and strength development.

Step-by-step instructions on how to do Leg Extensions

You first put your hands directly onto the bars provided for your hands on the lever machine. Then you breathe out while lifting the weight till your legs are completely stretched out.

Maintain a straightened back and knee; make sure that they are not bent in any form. Breathe out while reducing your leg and the weight to the original position. Repeat this procedure for ten to twelve times to get the best results


Numerous benefits are closely associated with strengthening the muscles of your quadriceps. This can only be achieved by engaging in useful leg extensions.

The quadriceps are often referred to as the most massive muscles in the frontward position of your thighs. The numerous benefits of leg extensions include:

  • Leg extensions are very beneficial when it comes to strengthening your patellar ligaments and even your quadriceps, which are carefully placed on your knees. Its main motive is to improve your quad muscles, but in the process of increasing your quad muscles, it also enhances your knees’ joints.
  • It is a perfect workout exercise for individuals who are just beginning to work on their quadriceps. This is because you need not worry about maintaining the ideal form or posture. After all, you can never go wrong using the lever machine.
  • This exercise is perfect for individuals who have concluded with their regular workout routine and are exhausted. This is because you can comfortably sit on the lever machine’s furniture while raising the lever machine with your leg. It is not stressful and does not require excess strength like deadlifts or squats.
  • Performing leg extensions can enable you to focus on some part of your muscles, which would result in a better in better performance. For example, performing deadlifts entails concentrating on numerous types of muscles in your body, which is not the case with leg extensions. It primarily has its main focus on your quadriceps.
  • Most individuals engage in discussions that leg extensions have adverse effects on the knees; however, the opposite is the case. Because the knee is barely stressed during this exercise, leg extensions are regarded to be significantly relieved exercises for your knees.

Common Mistakes

If you want to perform leg extensions, you must do it the right way to avoid complications and injuries. Make sure you watch out for the equipment you use to achieve this workout and avoid making these mistakes.

Excess weight

leg extensionPerforming this exercise is an activity that entails that you rely heavily on the lever used in transporting the weight. You don’t need to increase the pressure to the highest to get the best results.

While your quadriceps are stretching out your knee, the load is placed on your ankles’ joints. This would enable that you benefit the best from using a minimal size weight.

Also, putting the lever machine at its max can lead to chronic complications and injuries. In total, the lever machine should be farther away from you to avoid muscle and joint pain.

Leg extensions are workout routines that would be felt on the legs if appropriately done but would be felt on the knees if done wrongly. Watch how you use these lever machines to avoid injuries in your knee joint.

Imbalanced Training

Leg extensions are mainly exercises that build your quadriceps. As you go on, your quadriceps would tend to develop faster than any other part of your body, thereby leading to imbalances.

It is essential that if you engage in leg extensions, you should also performing full-body workouts. This would ensure that your body is well balanced in strength and physique.

Say No to Multi-joint Training

Desist from multi-joint training because they can cause complications and issues in your body.

You must perform other types of leg workout routines to strengthen and buildup your legs even if you perform leg extensions. Maintain the performance of basic leg exercises like deadlifts, squats, and also lunges.

High Sets

leg extension formYou must maintain a specific number of sets you wish to perform on the lever machine and do not exceed it. Perform at most twelve sets of leg extensions while lifting a neutral weight.

You do not need to push your body to its limit while performing leg extensions, or it can result in complications and injuries.

Moving too fast

You must move at a minimal rate while performing leg extensions to avoid sustaining injuries to your knee joint.

Alternative Exercises

Bodyweight leg extensions

You can also perform leg extensions while sitting on piece furniture. This exercise can also add more strength to your quadriceps without the use of weight. This exercise is ideal because it does not place any stress on your knees.

How to perform it:

Sit on furniture while placing your feet firmly on the floor and widely apart from each other. Maintain a straightened back and stretch your knee to raise your other leg. Return to your original position.

Repeat this exercise for ten to twelve sets on both sides of your leg to get the best results.

Standing leg extensions

This is a superb exercise that aids in strengthening your abdominals and quadriceps. It is similar to performing leg extensions on the lever machine because it equips you with coordination and balance.

How to perform it:

Maintain a standing position while your feet are placed wide apart from each other. Maintain a distance between your ears and shoulders. Tighten your abs while lifting your foot off the ground.

Maintain a bent knee while putting your additional feet backward. Straighten your knee to straighten your leg at your front. Repeat this procedure for ten to twelve sets on both sides to get the best results.

To intensify the exercise, you can add a bit of weight to your ankle while raising your legs. You can reduce this exercise’s intensity by using your hand to lean on the wall for support.


Squats are known to be very beneficial when it comes to strengthening the muscles of your legs. Not only does it work on your quads, but it also has significant effects on your butt, abs, lower legs, and even your hips.

How to perform it:

Maintain a standing position while your feet are spread wide apart. Position your toes to be in an outward position while putting your hands together at your sides. Tighten your abs while straightening your backside.

Put your hips backward while maintaining bent knees. Reduce your hips till your thighs are proportionate to the floor. Make sure that your knees are kept above the ankles. Place your heels deep into the floor while standing up.

Repeat this procedure for ten to twelve sets on each side to get the best results. You can intensify this workout by holding a dumbbell or even a kettle bell while performing the squats.

Reverse lunges

Like leg extensions, reverse lunges are superb exercises that straighten your quadriceps and develop your balance skills.

This exercise also works immensely when it comes to the activation of your hamstrings, abs, and glutes. It is a superb workout because you tend to tone different areas of your body.

How to perform it:

Maintain a standing position with your feet placed by your side. Move your foot at your back while forming a right angle and push your foot back to the original post. Repeat this exercise for ten to twelve sets on each of your legs to get the best results.

Bulgarian split squats

This is a superb workout which implements on your hips and glutes. This is an exercise that is also effective on your quads and even your hamstring.

To perform this exercise, you require a dumbbell to add more intensity to the workout and a bench, which is lower than your body.

How to perform it:

Maintain a standing position while your back is placed on the bench. Grasp the dumbbell in your hand and put your elbows directly in contrast to your body.  Put your legs in a lunge position while putting your other leg on the bench.

Firmly place your other foot on the ground. Keep a bent knee while lowering your other knee. Lower your body till your thigh is proportionate to the field.

Push your foot while returning to your original position. Repeat this procedure for ten to twelve reps on both legs to get the best results.


Leg extensions are by far one of the best types of exercises for individuals who would like to build their quadriceps. There are also some types of alternatives to leg extensions, which would also give you good results.

Do not make some errors while performing leg extensions like putting too much weight on your leg to avoid injuries.

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