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SLIMMING TEAS: its effectiveness on weight loss and health

by Mark Griffin

Slimming teas, from the name, are known for helping you lose some weight and detoxify the body. This requires a conscious effort in selecting the right tea brands or types and properly taking them. Not all slimming teas are effective neither are all of them good for your health. Some teas might help you lose weight but also have dangerous side effects on your health in the long run.


Other functions of these teas might be supporting metabolic processes, aiding digestion, or increasing immunity.



The human body naturally removes harmful toxins, but in a case where the body is not capable of carrying this out effectively, it might then be necessary to indulge in detoxifying teas.

Some of the ingredients in these slimming teas may be harmful.

Teas high in antioxidants like green, white, red, black, and yellow teas are known for boosting the immune system and aids the prevention of cancer and some other diseases when consumed regularly.

Slimming teas tend to lose effectiveness in the long run as regards weight loss.

The theory behind slimming teas aiding weight loss is the functions of the natural ingredients present in them or the reaction they have with your body system, such as:

Suppressing your appetite

Boosting your metabolism

Detoxifying the body

Burning calories, etc.


Very little evidence exists on the effectiveness of any slimming tea on weight loss or rather the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is yet to recognize any slimming tea brands as an effective way to lose weight.

Although positive reviews of various slimming tea brands can be found on sites that sell these products.



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Some of the ingredients present in some of these slimming teas that are potentially harmful include:

Caffeine; many of these teas especially black teas should not be consumed more than 4 cups daily because excess caffeine may cause insomnia or overexcitement of the nervous system.

Laxatives; Senna, a natural laxative is content in some slimming teas and there have been problems reported which are related to consuming teas with senna. The problems reported have been observed to be similar to symptoms of people with laxative abuse disorder. These symptoms include;

Lowered potassium levels; which is risky for people with heart conditions


Increased constipation occurrences




Muscle cramps




Weakened colon


Diuretics; consuming slimming teas have been known to lead to:


Muscle cramps





There are also many benefits from these teas like:


Green tea

Green tea removes excess liquid and boosts the breakdown of fats in the body. They contain vitamin C in high amounts and have other benefits such as fights and destroys bacteria, rids the body of metals such as lead, mercury, zinc, etc. Green teas also prevent tooth decay and aid to fight cancer.

They contain a lot of caffeine; therefore they are only suitable for morning and afternoon consumption.


Red tea

This is a very healthy tea choice for slimming; it reduces your appetite and detoxifies the body.  Red tea also boosts the immune system and has good healing abilities for the body. Red tea has high potassium content which is good for people with lowered blood pressure.


White tea

It is richly packed with vitamins and minerals. The consumption of white tea slows the aging process which is the reason for its popular reference as “the elixir of immortality”. White tea suppresses the possible formation or development of tumors, improves the activities of the cardiovascular system, fights against bacteria and viruses, boosts the healing process of wounds, etc.


Black tea

Black tea contains substances that restrict the growth of cancerous cells, fights against cancer conditions especially cancer of the stomach, breast, colon. Black tea maintains the balance of the cardiovascular system, kills diarrhea-causing germs, and reduces cholesterol in the blood.


Ginger tea

Ginger tea is regarded as the best slimming tea to aid weight loss because of the essential nutrients present in ginger roots which boost your body’s metabolism, burn calories, aids fat break down, and lowers your appetite.



Do not be too desperate to lose weight and end up causing more harm for you than good by consuming the wrong tea or in the wrong way. Always pay attention to the ingredients to help you make the appropriate choice and consult your doctor to confirm if you can have it.


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