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Physical causes


The damage of arteries or damage caused by high blood pressure (HBP/ hypertension) to your blood vessels lowers the flow of blood through the body, which means that some areas are deprived eventually. A reduction of blood flow to the pelvis or genital section will influence the sexual life of both men and women.

Treatment of high blood pressure and quality of life with sex goes conjointly if you are open in regards to the issue and maintain a close relationship with your doctor.

A connection between hypertension and sexual complications is tested in men.


Challenges in men


In a long run, hypertension destroys the walls of blood vessels and causes arteries to become hard and have narrow pathways (atherosclerosis), restricting blood flow. This indicates much less blood can be transported to the penis.


For some men, the reduced blood flow makes it difficult to achieve and keep up erections; often referred to as erectile dysfunction. This problem is reasonably common.


High blood pressure may also cut off ejaculation and reduce sexual drive. Sometimes the medicinal drugs used to treat hypertension have synonymous properties.


Even a series of erectile dysfunction could cause a lack of confidence. In fear that it is going to occur once more would possibly lead men to avoid sexual activity and therefore, influence the relationship with their spouse.


These concerns should be discussed with a doctor immediately they are observed.


Here are some highlighted sex-related issues due to hypertension:


Erectile dysfunction


For men, the consequences of hypertension on sexual performance are a lot more physically visible in comparison to what they are with women. Erectile dysfunction occurs when there’s deficient blood circulation to the male genital organ (penis) to provide for an erection.


Loss of libido and interest


Men with hypertension could have less significant sexual desire and less interest in sex, particularly if the problem is resulting in fatigue. if a man’s blood flow to his penis is dropped, it may also influence his body’s response both before and during sexual intercourse.


Side effects of medicinal drugs for the treatment of hypertension in men:


Sexual problems


High blood pressure drugs that could result in sexual degeneration as a reaction include:


Water tablets (diuretics); diuretics can reduce impellent blood flow to the genital organ, which will make it hard to have an erection. They could as well use up the zinc in the body, an important iron needed for the production of the sex hormone testosterone.


Beta-blockers; these medicinal drugs, particularly beta-blockers like propranolol (Inderal, innopran xl), tend to be linked with sexual dysfunction.


To reduce the risk of unwanted effects from these medicinal drugs, which include sexual complications, cautiously take medications exactly as prescribed. If side effects persist, talk to your doctor about other executable medicines that might have lower side effects.


Erectile dysfunction medicines and hypertension


Men in search of medications for erectile dysfunction should confirm from their doctor first if it is safe with the underlying condition of hypertension. It is often safe to mix erectile dysfunction medicines like sildenafil (viagra), vardenafil (Levitra and tadalafil with hypertension medicines.


Taking these medicinal drugs with nitrates, consumed either frequently for pain in the chest or an emergency place setting, may cause a harmful reduction in blood pressure.


Some tips in achieving a balance between these conditions involve:

Being open with your doctor


consulting doctor on male sexual health

If you have hypertension, you typically don’t have to endure a lack of sexual pleasure. Begin by opening up to your doctor. The more your doctor is aware of you, the better he or she can provide help for your hypertension condition as well as enable you to keep a satisfying sex life in your relationship. Be prepared to answer questions your doctor may ask, relating to:


Your medications


Sexual state of your relationship




Stress, etc.


Promote overall health


By making healthy lifestyle options, you can reduce your blood pressure and potentially boost up your sex life. Healthy lifestyle options include:


No smoking or tobacco


Eating a healthy diet


Reducing alcohol consumption


Lowering the quantity of salt you consume


Losing weight


Regular exercise


Having a toned body can greatly increase your self-confidence and result in you feeling more attractive, which will also better your sex life.


Your sexual performance may be different from your feelings towards your spouse and the atmosphere in which sex happens.


To have pleasuring sex, begin sex when you and your partner are feeling relaxed. Try different new ways to be physically intimate, such as foreplay or a massage.


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