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Seminal Incontinence

by Glenn
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In a bid to understand today’s article, we will have to look at the definitions of semen and then semen incontinence. Semen is the milky white liquid that comes out of the penis during ejaculation. It consists of seminal fluid and spermatozoa.

Two organs are responsible for semen formation. That is the prostate gland and the seminal vesicles. Thus, seminal incontinence is the leaking of semen out of the penis.

Generally, semen leaves the penis during sexual activities like intercourse or masturbation. Equally, you may have certain leakages without any arousal. These situations can be natural or medically induced. We will then look at the causes, prevention, and possible remedies of the prevalent causes.

Primary Causes of Seminal Incontinence

The causes of semen leakage can be classified into two major categories. The first is natural causes, and the second being medical conditions.

Natural Causes

Sexual Arousal

When your brain engages in sexual activities like arousal or thoughts, it releases hormones that stimulate your sexual organs. The semen may then come out through intercourse or masturbation.

Similarly, in young males, a simple thought of sexual fantasy may elicit a semen leakage. Semen fluid comes out before ejaculation. It is also normal to have semen leakage after an ejaculation.

Nocturnal Leakages

man has bedroom issueThis phenomenon is most common in young boys who are just entering their adolescence stage. Sometimes known as wet dreams, it is an ejaculation while you are asleep.

Young boys experience hypersensitivity in the penile area at the onset of puberty. The receptors on the penis tip become sensitive to touch at night, and semen comes out unknowingly. This condition also happens due to sexual dream fantasies.

In adults, a nocturnal semen emission occurs after a period of not engaging in sexual activities. This is a rare but not impossible thing to happen. The brain responds just like in the adolescent boys.


Sometimes the semen does not clear from the urethra after ejaculation. Thus when you urinate, the urine washes away the semen residue out of the penis. It gives your urine a milky white frost. This happens with many men and does not warrant any alarm. Though when the condition persists, it may signal the onset of a urinary tract ailment.

Medical Conditions


Certain medications interfere with your hormone and psychopathic system. Good examples are antidepressants and hormonal therapy. These medications help the person address the core ailment like anxiety or depression. Besides that, you may be on erectile dysfunction therapy.

While the medicines are useful, the adverse effects may include seminal leakage. In most cases, it is a case of pre-ejaculation leakage.

Prostate Gland Malfunctions

As a body organ, it is prone to diseases like any other body part. Two conditions are significant with the prostate gland. These are prostatitis and prostate cancer. When you get any of them, the prostate gland fails to control the emissions of semen. Eventually, you experience involuntary leakage frequently.

Other contraindications of prostate problems may be painful urination and seminal blood.

Nerve Damage

Voluntary semen leakage or ejaculation is a combination of several body nerves. It starts in the brain and the spinal nerves. Any damage to these nerves or the scrotal and pelvic area hampers your ability to control semen leakage. Some neurological conditions can also affect your nervous system. Diabetes, stroke, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis are just but a few examples.


The widely practiced custom for natural causes is masturbation. If you are suffering from the pre-ejaculation syndrome and wet dreams, you may masturbate an hour before. The release of semen calms the nerves and delays the emission of another session of ejaculation.

If you can, try exercising your pelvic muscles, especially the Kegel muscles. It helps in controlling your urinary and ejaculation coordination. Aging weakens your pelvic muscles, but proper exercising helps to strengthen them.


man consulting his doctorIn the natural causes, the prevention is slightly straightforward. Nocturnal seminal emissions are part of the growing stage. It decreases and ceases as you get to your late adolescence.

If it persists, that is a cause for medical checkups. In seminal urinal leakage, the same applies. It is not a frequent occurrence.

You may visit a doctor in case you have anything to worry about the discharge.

The medical conditions are more complicated. Adverse interaction with drugs will warrant a change in medication. But you must not jeopardize the treatment of your primary ailment.

Prostate conditions take time to address. Thus, a good discussion with your doctor will help. In the case of nerve damage, you may need an operation or whatever medication the doctor advises.


Seminal incontinence is a common problem in men. The major obstacle to addressing this condition lies in the stigma. Most societies look down on men suffering from this condition.

While it is a condition that is treatable, few men are willing to talk about it. And in areas where there is medication, few come out to admit of it. It is high time we talk about the concerns of this condition and seek help.

The earlier you get help, the better for you and your overall health.

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