Is Morning Wood a Sign of High Testosterone?

Is Morning Wood a Sign of High Testosterone?

Men usually wake up with an erection. And yes, it is completely normal. Morning wood, as it is usually called, occurs in men of all ages. In the med

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Men usually wake up with an erection. And yes, it is completely normal. Morning wood, as it is usually called, occurs in men of all ages. In the medical field, this is known to be nocturnal penile tumescence. This kind of erection does not occur when a man is sexually aroused or anything related to sex, instead, it is an indication of a healthy male reproductive system.

Morning wood is a sign that the blood supply and the nerves in the penis are both healthy. If you don’t experience morning wood, then you might be suffering from a serious health problem, such as erectile dysfunction (ED).

ED is a condition suffered by a man who is not capable of maintaining an erection to attain sexual satisfaction of two people having sexual intercourse. And yes, this condition can be detrimental not only to the one suffering from the same but also of his partner.

Aside from ED, it is also an indication that you have issues regarding the blood supply, as well as the nerves, in your reproductive organs. For instance, if you have a hormonal imbalance, such as when you have low levels of testosterone, you might not be experiencing morning wood. Sometimes, not having an erection when waking up is also a sign that you don’t get enough sleep.

When you grow older, you may experience morning wood less often. As your hormones fluctuate, you should expect gradual changes in morning wood. If you noticed a change in morning erections, it is best to seek help from your doctor to determine whether or not you are experiencing some serious health issues.

Why Does Morning Wood Happen?

When we say erection, it doesn’t always mean that it should be related to sexual stimulations, dreams, or thoughts. Morning wood happens when you wake up in the morning, as a result of healthy blood flow and nerves in your body.

Here are the three factors why morning wood occurs and their connection with testosterone levels:

Hormone Production

testosterone hormone structure

When you sleep, your body is experiencing hormonal changes. Your body produces various hormones, including testosterone. Testosterone is a very important male sex hormone capable of making changes in your sexual characteristics.

Testosterone is responsible for the improvement of various male attributes such as the body hair, beard, deeper voice, genitals, and even sex drive. Scientists explain that just after you sleep, your testosterone level is in the highest resulting in morning wood.

As you age, your testosterone level will normally decrease. And this could explain why morning wood is less likely to be experienced as you grow older. Low levels of testosterone could also result in a lower sex drive.

Mental Stimulation

Do you know that morning erection is also affected by mental factors? When you sleep, your body has lower amounts of a stress hormone called cortisol. If you have high levels of cortisol, your ability to keep an erection will most likely be affected. But if otherwise, then you will probably maintain an erection.

As you wake up, your cortisol levels are normally low while your testosterone levels are high. This could explain why you experience morning erection when you wake up. Having high levels of testosterone could lead to morning wood.

Physical Stimulation

When you sleep, you might have some physical contact with your partner, which may result in the stimulation of your penis. This could normally lead to an erection. And what is more shocking is that even the pressure from your pillow, sheets, or clothing can lead to an erection.

Is Morning Wood an Indication That You are Healthy?

Morning wood is a good sign of a healthy erection. If you are experiencing morning wood, it is a good indicator that you are physiologically capable of having an erection and you are less likely to have an ED.

Don’t worry if there are times when you wake up without an erection at all. Well, men have at most five erections during sleep. It is normal not to experience morning wood occasionally. But if such happens frequently, it could be a sign that you have an underlying health condition that should be given immediate medical attention.

One of the signs of not having morning wood is hormonal problems. It could be a result of low testosterone levels. It could also indicate other health issues, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol. Psychological causes such as depression and anxiety can also lead to erection problems that are the reasons why it is hard to have morning erections.

Erectile Dysfunction

depressed man with ED

Nitric oxide is one of the vital molecules necessary for you to develop and maintain an erection. Testosterone triggers the release of the same that is the reason why if you have low levels of testosterone, you will be less likely to keep an erection.

And yes, morning wood is a sign of high testosterone. Morning wood is the erection you experience after waking up from sleep. If you don’t get that erection oftentimes, then it could be a sign of low testosterone levels.

However, testosterone levels are not the only factor of ED. ED occurs because of various reasons. So if you no longer experience morning wood, you should seek help from your doctor. It could be a sign of low testosterone levels.


It is normal for men to experience morning wood. It is even a good sign of healthy erections. There may be times when the same could not be experienced, but it is worth understanding that it is not a problem for as long as it is occasional.

And yes, testosterone levels have a huge role in experiencing morning wood. Morning wood may be a good indication of high testosterone levels. The production of testosterone is high when you sleep; that is why it is normal that it is at its peak when you wake up. That may be one of the reasons why you experience morning erections.

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