How Much Bigger Should I Be with an Erection?

How Much Bigger Should I Be with an Erection?

It is not uncommon for men to worry about their penis size, stressing out that their penis is simply not big enough for them to satisfy their partner

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It is not uncommon for men to worry about their penis size, stressing out that their penis is simply not big enough for them to satisfy their partner as they are supposed to. Worrying about your penis size can only bring stress and discomfort in your life and relationship, causing more damage than you think. In the end, it will be your worrying and stressing out that has ended your relationship, not your penis size.

That is why today we decided once and for all to end your suffering. What will follow, is an explanation of what is considered to be a normal penis size, and how much bigger does a man become when his penis is erect and what is normal about that. That way, you can once and for all get some peace of mind and actually enjoy the time that you are spending with your partner in the bedroom.

What is Considered to be the Normal Penis Size?

Of course, there is a variety of types, shapes, and sizes when it comes to penises. It is Mother Nature that has the say when it comes to the development of your penis, with all of the characteristics that we mentioned earlier. But there are still some rules when it comes to determining what a normal sized penis is and what is not.

woman measures penis size

Past research has shown that the normal and average size of the man’s penis is around 13 to 18 cm or 5 to 7 inches. Here we are talking about the size of an erect penis. While the average size of a flaccid penis is around 9 cm or 3.75 inches.

You see, when you are sexually aroused, the blood flow to the penis increases and the blood is being trapped within the erection chambers by pressuring the arteries in the penis which have the function to take away the blood. By getting the blood trapped within these erection chambers, your penis is getting fully erect and its size normally increases.

These numbers might not be what you expect, seeing all those men on your favorite porn movies and in the magazines. Despite that, it is what science stands by. You can see that your penis, thanks to the erection, increases its size up to 4 to 8 cm. Anything past that is not considered to be within the normal ranges as it is considered to be either small or big sized penis. But does that really matter? Even if your penis is considered to be small or big, falling back or ahead of these normal ranges?

It might be hard to believe, but these are the true numbers and what science teaches us to believe. We would want to remind you that the penis size should not be an issue for your or your partner. In fact, contrary to what many men tend to believe, women are not that interested in the penis size. Instead, when asked, they answer that they are much more interested in the man’s personality, grooming, personal hygiene, and life goals while putting the penis size at a lower rang in the importance scale.

Can You Increase Your Penis Size?

There are many aspects of our lives that can be changed by introducing some healthy habits in our lifestyle. These would include a healthy diet, regular workouts, elimination of stress, and elimination of unhealthy habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, and taking drugs etc. However, the man’s penis size is not one of those aspects. Your penis size cannot be changed by taking medication, having surgery, or doing extreme workouts, no matter how much someone is trying to convince you otherwise.

But that does not mean that you are left all alone. In many cases, it is factors such as stress, the aging process, unhealthy habits, and certain medications that cause the man’s testosterone levels to drop. With that, men are commonly losing their ability to achieve a full erection. This can influence their view regarding their penis size, especially their size of an erect penis. Luckily, there is something that you can do about it.

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We would highly recommend you to choose a quality male enhancement pills brand, such as Male UltraCore, that will help you reverse the effects of the testosterone decline and with that, help you achieve a full erection in no time.

You see, Male UltraCore contains carefully chosen ingredients that will help you boost your blood flow, increase your sexual stamina and libido, and boost your testosterone production from the core, to help you increase the size of your erect penis by increasing your ability to achieve and maintain a healthy erection. Male enhancement pills are highly recommended for anyone, especially for men above the age of 30.


When men are asked about what their penis size is, they are often ashamed to answer, similar to how women are trying to hide their age number. But that should not be an issue, in both cases. Your penis size and your age number should not bring shame and disappointment in your life. In fact, every penis is worthy in its own way, even if it does not reach what is considered to be a normal penis size, erect or flaccid. Do not worry about your penis size and learn to enjoy the moments of intimacy that you spend with your partner.

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