How Does Circulation Relate to Erection?

How Does Circulation Relate to Erection?

All men experience erections, but how many of them can explain the occurrence of an erection to you? Do men know that it is the increase in blood flo

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All men experience erections, but how many of them can explain the occurrence of an erection to you? Do men know that it is the increase in blood flow that is causing their erections to happen? And can they guess how much blood exactly is needed for a healthy erection to occur? If your answers to these questions are no, then you should definitely stay with us and hear what we have to say on the topic of erections, blood flow, and erectile dysfunction.

The events that lead to an erection

When the man is sexually aroused, what happens next is a chain of events in order for a hard, long-lasting erection to be achieved and maintained. Once the sexual arousal hits, the brain directs more blood to flow to the penis.

This is performed not only by speeding up the blood flow, but also by relaxing the blood vessels that bring the blood to the penis. Once the blood fills the erection chambers within the penis, the blood vessels that take the blood from the penis to the heart are pressured by a process called vasoconstriction. That way, the blood is basically trapped within the erection chambers and there is a healthy, strong erection happening.

Once the man ejaculates or the sexual arousal passes, the blood vessels that have kept the blood within the erection chambers now relax, causing the blood to be let out. This causes the penis to become flaccid and return to its normal size.

Do you know how much blood is required for an erection to happen?

blood circulation in human body

One interesting question is – How much blood is really required in order for a healthy erection to happen? There have been numerous researchers trying to give an accurate answer to this question. However, it took years for the answer to be determined.

As research suggests, the male body speeds up the blood flow so that around 130 ml of blood are to be trapped within the erection chambers, filling them, and causing a strong erection to happen. 130 ml is not too little nor too much and if these numbers are not met, erections issues are to be expected for sure. There is still very little research done to support these findings. However, the answer that we have to offer you seems pretty accurate.

Of course, there are factors that influence these events. Age, testosterone levels, the condition of the cardiovascular system, and many other factors are to be taken into consideration. What more and more men are struggling with is the decline in blood flow that ultimately leads to erection issues to occur.

What can harm the blood flow and with that the erections of men?

Unfortunately, there are many factors that influence the man’s blood flow, and with that his ability to achieve an erection that will be both strong and long-lasting. What we are talking about are the common causes of erectile dysfunction – the most common sexual disorder within men that prevent them to achieve and maintain a strong erection.

Among the most common factors of them all we can list:

  • A decline in testosterone production
  • Obesity
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Injury to the testicles
  • Surgery
  • Prostate or testicular cancer
  • Neurological disorders

As you can see, there are many factors that pose a risk to your blood flow and your erections. So what is a man to do when he faces these factors and the risks that they bring?

What can you do to speed up your blood flow?

Every man should know a few methods that can be used to speed up his blood flow. That is because, knowing all the possible factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction, it has been estimated that every man will face this issue at least once in his lifetime. In the following, we will share some effective treatment methods that have been used by past erectile dysfunction patients to speed up their blood flow and overcome erectile dysfunction fast and efficient.

fit man running on treadmill for cardio
  • Regular physical activity, that will boost your blood flow, strengthen your cardiovascular and respiratory system, build strong muscles and increase your muscle strength. We would recommend trying cardio and weight lifting to achieve the best results possible.
  • A clean diet, filled with each and every nutrient, focusing on proteins and healthy fats as a way to eat healthily and reduce numerous health risks that we mentioned before as common causes of erectile dysfunction
  • A male enhancement pill, made of natural ingredients only, especially L-Arginine that gives your blood flow the boost that it needs. Other than L-Arginine, Tongkat Ali, Maca, and pomegranate extract are quite beneficial as well. They are all to be found in one of the best male enhancement pills available on the market today – Male UltraCore.
  • Relaxation methods, that will help you eliminate your stress and relax your body and mind. Stress has great negative effects on your testosterone production, cardiovascular health and your blood flow in general.
  • Elimination of the cause, which will eliminate the symptom of erectile dysfunction for you.


It takes approximately 130 ml of blood to create a healthy erection that will bring satisfaction to both you and your partner. 130 ml of pure blood that a lot of the times has failed to be brought to the erection chambers. And the result? No erection what so ever, that is. We highly recommend you to use the methods that we have shared today with you to get your blood flowing and your erection pumping without a doubt in your mind.

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