How Much Arginine Should I Take For Erectile Dysfunction?

How Much Arginine Should I Take For Erectile Dysfunction?

Do you have trouble getting an erection or keeping an erection long enough to satisfy your sex partner? Has it put you in many embarrassing situation

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Do you have trouble getting an erection or keeping an erection long enough to satisfy your sex partner? Has it put you in many embarrassing situations and strained many of your sexual relationships? Are you desperate for a cure to your penile problems before worse comes to worst?

Erectile dysfunction is a prevalent sexual health problem that can strike men of all ages. It is characterized by the inability to get and/or maintain an erection for sex. While it is most common in older men, especially those that are 50 years old and older, it can also affect guys who are only in their 20s.

To treat it, there are many different methods available. If you go online and search for suggested treatments, you will come across several search results that include the usual “eat healthy, exercise, quit bad habits, consult your doctor, and take certain medications.” And, you may also come across some solutions that you and many people may not be familiar with — arginine.

What is Arginine?

Arginine chemical structure

Arginine, or L-arginine, is a type of amino acid that is essential in various bodily functions, most notably in the biosynthesis of proteins, immune function, release of hormones, cell division, elimination of ammonia from the body, and wound healing. It is also vital in heart and cardiovascular health, and erectile and sexual health in men.

What are the health benefits you can get from Arginine?

Just like other amino acids, you can get many valuable health benefits from arginine, such as:

  • Prevent high blood pressure

Subjecting your heart and blood vessels to higher pressure is extremely harmful and damaging not only to your cardiovascular system but to your overall health as well. If you have high blood pressure, your risk of stroke, heart attack, and other heart problems significantly increases. To avoid the dangers, you should have sufficient amounts of arginine and other essential nutrients in your body.

  • Stimulate growth hormone

The human growth hormone plays an important role in the reproduction and regeneration of cells. It is essential in increasing height in kids and adolescents, boosting calcium retention, strengthening the bones, enhancing muscle mass, forming a well-developed brain, improving liver and immune functions, and facilitating protein synthesis. If you lack arginine in the body, you may suffer from growth hormone deficiency, and experience growth failure (having a short stature), impaired cognitive function, and depression.

  • Reduce the impact of some HIV symptoms

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, is a sexually transmitted disease that is life threatening if not diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. A person who is infected with it manifests various symptoms, such as unwanted weight loss. With more arginine in the body, an HIV patient can combat the negative effects of weight loss due to HIV.

  • Helps the kidneys flush out toxins from the body

The kidneys are crucial to the extraction of waste from the blood and other body parts through urine. They also help regulate and filter minerals, maintain fluid balance, and produce hormones in the body. If you have low arginine levels, your kidneys may be at risk of kidney problems, such as kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and chronic kidney disease.

Can arginine help treat erectile dysfunction?

Over the years, many studies have been conducted to test if arginine can cure erectile dysfunction. There was one study that found that increasing arginine levels in the body only generated the same test results as a placebo and did not do anything to fix impotence. Yet, there was another study that found that combining arginine and pycnogenol together actually produced interesting results, i.e. it caused a significant increase in the erectile and sexual functions of their male participants with erectile dysfunction.

With these different findings on the effects of arginine to a man’s sexual health, it is difficult to make a solid conclusion right now. More research, studies, and experiments need to be done to get to that. However, it is also not right to think that arginine is totally worthless, as this amino acid has various other health benefits to offer (as already discussed above).

How much Arginine do the health experts recommend a person should consume per day?

The amount of arginine that a person should consume per day is dependent on many different factors. Usually, a healthy person is advised to take 6 to 9 grams of arginine daily to avail of its health benefits. However, those that are dealing with infections, protein malnutrition, and other medical problems may be advised by their doctors to take arginine supplements to help with their conditions.

Where can you get Arginine?

There is a long list of foods that are great natural sources of arginine. Some examples are:

Turkey meat

roasted turkey breast

This food has the most amount of arginine among all the foods in this list. For every cooked turkey meat breast, you can get about 16 grams of arginine. In addition, you can avail of good proteins, B vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids, which are nutrients that can greatly benefit different aspects of your health.


This food is not only rich in protein but also in arginine. For every serving of chicken breast, you can get about 9 grams of arginine and all the other essential amino acids. With moderate intake, you can grow and develop strong muscles, avoid high blood pressure and heart disease, and lower your risk of diabetes and other complications.

Pumpkin seeds

This food is overflowing with nutrients that can reduce your risk of cancer, prostate problems, diabetes, and heart disease. It is an excellent source of antioxidants, magnesium, and fiber. It also has a good amount of arginine, with one cup of it containing about 7 grams of arginine.


This food is known for its high calcium, protein, potassium, phosphorus, and arginine contents, which are great for the growth and development of strong bones, the efficient building and repairing of muscle tissue, the maintenance of a healthy blood pressure, and the boosting of your body’s energy levels.

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