How Fenugreek Effectively Boosts Your Testosterone Levels

How Fenugreek Effectively Boosts Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is crucial not only for your sexual health but also for your muscle growth, hormonal balance, and overall health. That being said, when

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Testosterone is crucial not only for your sexual health but also for your muscle growth, hormonal balance, and overall health. That being said, when your testosterone levels are suboptimal, you may end up suffering from a lot of health problems.

One way for you to naturally raise your free and total testosterone levels is by taking a supplement that contains fenugreek. A healthful herb with various benefits, fenugreek can help you maintain proper hormonal balance. Find out why fenugreek is such a popular herbal testosterone booster.

Signs That Warn You of Low Testosterone Levels

For men, there are many signs indicating you have low testosterone levels. Hair loss is perhaps the least problematic symptom of low testosterone levels, although it may be the most aesthetically troublesome.

The other low testosterone symptoms, however, have more serious effects on your health. For instance, loss of muscle mass and strength can make you weak and prone to fatigue. You may also develop testosterone deficiency-related osteoporosis. Your mood may also suffer.

More importantly, low testosterone levels can wreak havoc on your sexual performance. Your libido will surely decline, and your erectile function will definitely be negatively affected. Your fertility will suffer, too, as your sperm and semen production will decrease. All these sexual health problems can also result in relationship issues.

Fenugreek Helps You Maintain High Levels Of Free Testosterone

If you’re already seeing some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels, you need to start taking fenugreek supplements. Fenugreek, or Trigonella foenum-graecum as it is scientifically called, has been proven to improve free testosterone levels by almost 50%.

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In a 2017 study, for example, fifty male volunteers took a fenugreek seed extract supplement daily for twelve weeks. Compared to the volunteers’ free testosterone levels prior to treatment, their levels of free testosterone increased by as much as 46%. The researchers also noted a 1.08-fold increase in the participants’ total testosterone levels.

More than 85% of the volunteers also saw improvements in their sperm counts. There were also improvements in sperm morphology, mood, mental alertness, and cardiovascular health. The researchers also observed significant improvements in the libido of the male volunteers.

In a previous study published in 2010, scientists were able to shed light on the mechanism of action by which fenugreek helps raise testosterone levels. According to the researchers, fenugreek exhibits inhibitory effects on both aromatase and 5-alpha reductase.

The aromatization of testosterone is the process wherein the enzyme aromatase converts androgens into estrogens. Aromatase binds with testosterone molecules and converts them into estradiol. Age and obesity can cause increased aromatase activities, which is why elderly men and obese men often suffer from low testosterone levels.

The enzyme 5-alpha reductase, on the other hand, reduces testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Thus, the combined actions of both aromatase and 5-alpha reductase can cause your free testosterone levels to significantly decrease.

But because fenugreek can block both aromatase and 5-alpha reductase, this amazing herb helps you to maintain high levels of free testosterone. That means you get to have more available testosterone to use for your sexual and reproductive functions.

The Best Fenugreek Supplement

If you think you need a supplement that contains fenugreek so that you can raise your testosterone levels, you should try Male UltraCore, the top supplement for sexual performance enhancement.

Male UltraCore does indeed contain fenugreek. In addition, Male UltraCore also contains other proven testosterone boosters such as Tongkat Ali, Tribulus terrestris, and zinc. Both Tongkat Ali and Tribulus terrestris have positive effects on your testicular testosterone synthesis, which then results in an increase in your total testosterone levels.

On the one hand, you need zinc because your body will have problems producing testosterone if your zinc levels are low. In fact, men with zinc deficiency have consistently been found to have low testosterone levels, as well as subnormal fertility.

The Amazing Benefits Of Male UltraCore

On top of increasing your testosterone levels, you can also gain many other sexual health benefits when you regularly take Male UltraCore. For one, your libido will dramatically increase due to the testosterone-boosting and aphrodisiac effects of Male UltraCore.

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Your erectile function will also greatly improve. That’s because Male UltraCore contains several active ingredients that help improve the quality of your erection. With L-arginine, Horny Goat Weed, and KSM-66 Ashwagandha included in the Male UltraCore formula, you will definitely notice dramatic improvements in the hardness and size of your erection.

L-arginine, a safe and powerful vasodilator, makes it possible for your the arteries inside your penis to dilate. When those blood vessels are dilated, it can lead to an increase in the volume of blood that’s flowing into the erectile chambers in your penis.

More blood going into your phallus means your erection will be much bigger and firmer. The more your penile arteries dilate, the bigger your erection will be. And because Male UltraCore also contains herbal ingredients that help prevent your penis from becoming flaccid, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy your erection for longer periods of time.

Hence, with long-term usage of Male UltraCore, you can expect not only dramatic improvements in your testosterone levels but also a huge increase in your erect penis size and rigidity, as well as in your ability to maintain your erection.

In addition, you can also expect your sexual stamina to increase because Male UltraCore contains maca and Tongkat Ali. These herbs help to boost your energy and endurance, which means you will have more energy and stamina when you engage in sex.

If you used to require a whole day to recover from sexual activities, you would see that with long-term use of Male UltraCore, your recovery period will significantly decrease. This means that as you continue to use Male UltraCore, you’ll be able to engage in sex more energetically and more frequently.

For sure, your increased sexual stamina and vastly improved erection quality will greatly satisfy your partner. And when your partner is pleased with your sexual performance, you’ll surely enjoy a stronger, more intimate, and more satisfying relationship with your partner.

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