5 Signs That Say Your Testosterone Levels Are Dangerously Low

5 Signs That Say Your Testosterone Levels Are Dangerously Low

Low testosterone levels are bad for your overall health, not to mention the fact that it will definitely ruin your sex life. You may not know it, but

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Low testosterone levels are bad for your overall health, not to mention the fact that it will definitely ruin your sex life. You may not know it, but your levels of testosterone may already be dropping and causing changes in your mood, physical well-being, and sexual health.

If you haven’t had your testosterone levels tested recently, there are several signs that can warn you of a possible hormonal problem. If you notice any of the five signs discussed below, you’ll need to do something about your testosterone levels. You should take Male UltraCore to raise your levels of testosterone back to normal.

#1 Difficulties in Getting a Hard-On or Maintaining One

By itself, testosterone does not cause an erection. But it does help you maintain normal erectile function by facilitating the production of nitric oxide in your penis. You need a lot of nitric oxide because it’s the one that triggers the production and secretion of cGMP.

Sometimes referred to as the molecular trigger of erections, cGMP is the compound that makes it possible for your penis to start receiving an inflow of blood, which, in turn, is necessary in order for your penis to grow big and stand erect.

Low testosterone levels are not the only cause of erection problems. But you can be sure that if your levels of testosterone are way below the normal range, you will start experiencing difficulties in achieving erections. In fact, men with extremely low testosterone levels almost always develop erectile dysfunction.

#2 Loss of Interest in Sex

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Since testosterone is crucial for the regulation of your sex drive, you’ll most likely experience a drastic drop in your libido when your testosterone levels drop below normal. This is also a common factor why elderly men with decreasing testosterone levels suffer from declining libido.

However, the kind of decrease in your libido that you experience when your testosterone levels suddenly and drastically drop is different from the loss of libido caused by aging.

Aging-related decreases in sex drive often happen gradually. On the other hand, a sudden and extreme drop in your testosterone levels will cause a drastic change in your libido.

#3 Extremely Low Sperm Count and Semen Volume

Your body uses testosterone not only for your sexual function and performance but also for your fertility and reproductive health. You actually need testosterone in order for you to normally and efficiently produce sperm. And your developing sperm cells also need testosterone so that they can mature normally.

This means that if your testosterone production is insufficient, your sperm production will be negatively affected. The lower your sperm production goes, the less your semen volume would be. The quality of your sperm will also decline. In short, your fertility will definitely suffer if your testosterone levels drop abnormally low.

#4 Reduced Muscle Mass and Strength

The reason why many bodybuilders and athletes take testosterone supplements is that this all-important male hormone plays a crucial role in building muscle mass. Conversely, a reduction in your muscle mass and strength usually happen when your testosterone levels drop.

Men with hypogonadism, a condition characterized by extremely low production of sperm, testosterone, or both, tend to have low muscle protein synthesis. In fact, a 2017 study notes that hypogonadism is highly associated with low physical activity, as well as reduced muscle mass.

Sarcopenia or cachexia is a condition that’s commonly described as muscle loss due to aging. Elderly people who are over the age of 70 are highly vulnerable to this condition. According to a 2018 paper published in The World Journal of Men’s Health, testosterone therapy may be beneficial in treating sarcopenia.

#5 Increased Body Fat

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If you’re starting to develop some bulk in your midsection, the increase in your body fat could be a sign that your testosterone levels are dropping. In fact, even if you don’t consider yourself obese, your fatty midsection could already be doing great damage to your testosterone levels.

Your belly fat is a source of aromatase, the enzyme that makes estradiol from testosterone. The bulkier your abdominal fat gets, the more aromatase you produce. And an increase in aromatase activity will surely cause your free testosterone levels to nosedive.

This actually helps explain why obese men often have extremely low testosterone levels. They usually have high levels of aromatase activity, which then results in a reduction in their free and total testosterone levels.

How to Raise Your Testosterone Levels Back Up

Not all men are suited to, qualified for, or have access to testosterone replacement therapy. And this is why natural testosterone boosters are very helpful. You don’t need a prescription, nor would you need to spend a lot of money on fenugreek or Tongkat Ali supplements.

Both fenugreek and Tongkat Ali are considered excellent herbal testosterone boosters. Fenugreek inhibits aromatase while Tongkat Ali promotes testosterone synthesis by your Leydig cells. If you’re looking for a natural, cost-effective, and safe way to boost your testosterone levels, you can’t go wrong with Tongkat Ali and fenugreek.

And that’s why you should take Male UltraCore. It’s one of the best testosterone-boosting sex enhancement supplement available on the market today. With Male UltraCore, you get more than just fenugreek and Tongkat Ali.

This superior male enhancement pill is actually loaded with so many herbs that can help raise your testosterone levels. The unique and effective formula of Male UltraCore makes it possible for you to experience a sustained increase in your testosterone production and absorption.

Male UltraCore contains KSM-66 Ashwagandha, zinc, Tribulus terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, and so many other potent herbs that are good for your reproductive and sexual health. What’s great about Male UltraCore is that it’s formulated to give you amazing improvements in your sexual function and performance.

With the combined actions of zinc, fenugreek, KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, and Tribulus terrestris, you will definitely see great improvements in your free and total testosterone levels, resulting in an improved libido, erectile function, and overall sexual performance.

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