Fast Acting Aphrodisiacs

Fast Acting Aphrodisiacs

Just like there are times when you suddenly find yourself in emergency need of a condom, you may also find yourself suddenly in need of an aphrodisi

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Just like there are times when you suddenly find yourself in emergency need of a condom, you may also find yourself suddenly in need of an aphrodisiac that acts really fast. In cases like this, you can’t afford to use something that’s not scientifically proven effective.

When it comes to natural aphrodisiacs, there are several that are known to take effect quickly. If you want to know which aphrodisiac you should use when you need an immediate boost, continue reading.

Horny Goat Weed

One of the best things about Horny Goat Weed is that it’s got an active component that works just like how prescription erectile dysfunction medications do. That compound is called icariin, and it’s actually an antioxidant.

Because of icariin, you’ll feel like you’re taking sildenafil or its equivalent when you take Horny Goat Weed. This means you can expect a real boost in your sex drive. On top of that, Horny Goat Weed can greatly improve your erectile function.

Long-term usage of Horny Goat Weed can lead to great results. For one, it can help with your testosterone levels. Plus, it’s also good for increasing your sperm count and improving the quality of your semen.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is called the Malaysian ginseng for a reason. This healthful herb can increase your energy and testosterone levels, which is why it’s often used by bodybuilders and athletes.

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In addition, due to its testosterone-boosting properties, Tongkat Ali is also widely popular as a libido-enhancer. In Southeast Asia where the herb is commonly found, a lot of men use Tongkat Ali to increase their sexual prowess and virility.

Tongkat Ali is great if you’re looking for a fast-acting libido-booster. But to really maximize the benefits you can gain from Tongkat Ali, it’s best to take the herb regularly. With consistent use of Tongkat Ali, you can expect your testosterone levels to really improve, and your stress and anxiety levels to decrease.

On top of that, Tongkat Ali helps keep your testicular cells healthy by providing increased antioxidant protection. This is why regular Tongkat Ali supplementation has been shown in several studies to result in greatly improved spermatogenesis and increased testosterone synthesis.

Increasing your sex drive isn’t the only benefit you can gain when you take Tongkat Ali supplements regularly. Experiencing significant improvements in your erection quality is another benefit that you can expect to gain.

While you get to have a hard-on without any difficulties when you take Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali helps you keep your erection for a longer period than you used to. This is why it’s a good idea to always take Horny Goat Weed in combination with Tongkat Ali. The two work together to really ensure that you get to enjoy a firm and long-lasting erection.

Tribulus Terrestris

The testosterone-boosting properties of Tribulus terrestris have long been acknowledged by the scientific community. In both clinical trials and animal models, Tribulus terrestris has consistently been shown to greatly improve testosterone levels, as well as enhance sexual functioning and performance.

In several studies involving men with erectile dysfunction, Tribulus terrestris supplementation resulted in improved erectile function and increased the frequency of sexual intercourse.

In addition, Tribulus terrestris has also been scientifically shown to help improve male fertility. When Tribulus terrestris is taken for at least several weeks, it can lead to an increase in your sperm count, a higher percentage of motile sperm, and a reduced percentage of sperm with an abnormal structure or DNA damage.


If you’re looking for an aphrodisiac that really works, you can’t go wrong with Ashwagandha. For centuries, the herb has been used as the main ingredient in some of the most potent polyherbal aphrodisiac formulations in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Ashwagandha is an antioxidant-rich herb with numerous medicinal and pharmacological properties. It’s recognized as an excellent mood enhancer because it’s effective in reducing anxiety and lowering stress levels, thanks to its cortisol-reducing effects.

As you may have already experienced, stress and anxiety can greatly impact your desire for sex. You probably don’t even have a moment to think about sex when you’re seriously stressed. Ashwagandha can help with that and put you back in the mood for sex.

In addition, Ashwagandha also has energy-boosting properties. When you take Tongkat Ali and Ashwagandha together, you’re bound to see huge improvements in your sexual stamina.


Another ancient aphrodisiac, fenugreek is widely used both as a culinary ingredient and medicinal herb. It’s not only good for weight loss or managing your diabetes, but it’s also excellent for keeping your free testosterone levels normal.

That’s because fenugreek or Trigonella foenum-graecum exhibits inhibitory effects on both 5-alpha reductase and aromatase. These are enzymes that bind to your free testosterone and converts it to dihydrotestosterone and estrogen, respectively.


damiana flower and powder

What’s amazing about damiana as an aphrodisiac is that it can help recover sexual behavior and reduce your post-ejaculatory interval. In short, when you take damiana, you will be able to resume having sex after ejaculating. That means multiple rounds of intense sex for you.

Damiana is especially great when taken together with Tongkat Ali, Maca, or Ashwagandha since these three herbs are all recognized as effective energy boosters. Your sexual stamina will increase, and you will have the energy to continue with your sexual activities even after you’ve ejaculated.

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