Does Your Body Change After Being Sexually Active?

Does Your Body Change After Being Sexually Active?

There are many myths and stories revolving around the male body and sex. They may be scientific, cultural, religious, or hearsay.  It is hard to deri

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There are many myths and stories revolving around the male body and sex. They may be scientific, cultural, religious, or hearsay.  It is hard to derive the genesis of these myths. Though some carry some elements of truth, most of them are baseless. In this article, we will endeavor to discuss it. So, does your body change after being sexually active?

What happens during sex?

Men respond differently compared to women when it comes to sexual activities. A man starts with a physical desire for sex then gets the idea of doing it. This gives him arousal. To a man, sex occurs in three stages. The first part is physical arousal. A penile erection brings excitement to the body. Blood rushes to the penile arteries, and the penis elongates in size.

The second stage is what is known as the plateau stage. The penile glans or the head becomes more massive and broader. Also, your heartbeat rate rises. The penis becomes warmer due to the blood rush in the arteries. When a penetration occurs, your thighs and buttocks tighten to facilitate the act.

Lastly, when you ejaculate, your muscles will have a spasm. After the orgasm, your penis will lose the erection, become softer, and become flaccid. Sometimes you may feel an inducement of sleep due to the relaxation of the brain receptors.

Effects of sex on the body

The surprising benefits of sex on the body are many. It is not possible to exhaust them in a single session.

1. It helps boost your immune system. The body generates antibodies that fight simple germs, bacteria, and viruses. An excellent immune system does not negate the need for a healthy diet.

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2. Sex boosts your libido. The more you engage in sex, the higher the craving to do it again.

3. Having sex helps exercise your groin muscles, thus helping you have control over your bladder.

4. Sex lowers your blood pressure and risks of heart attacks. An excellent sexual encounter helps raise your cardiac activities and the rate of blood circulation. It also balances your testosterone hormones.

5. It helps your body burn calories. Then having sex is as good as exercising.

6. Sex eases pain and anxiety. During sex, the body releases natural antidepressants that calm the body. The hormone prolactin relaxes the body for a good sleep. 

7. It is also worthwhile to note that sex reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Does your body change after being sexually active?

The body does not change significantly after being sexually active. Furthermore, sex to a man is a physical thing with little emotions. Nonetheless, some changes will occur in your body, mostly psychological.

1. Your body develops a higher risk of getting prostate cancer. A higher ejaculation rate lowers the boy’s affinity to prostate cancer. When you abstain from it, then that tilts the balance. Masturbation can effectively reduce the risk of prostate cancer if you are not sexually active.

2. You may likely have a risk of hypertension. Your heart muscles gradually become dormant since you do not have hyper cardiac activities. This significantly raises your heart attack risk.

3. Without the body constantly producing prolactin, you will easily slip into constant stress. It is worse if your stress coping mechanism is sex. This can adversely affect your work and social life.

4. Sex helps the body generate immunoglobulin antibodies. Without the antibodies, you are open to common germs and virus illnesses like flu and cold.

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5. Since the lack of sex suppresses the testosterone levels, you are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

6. If you are suffering from some conditions that suppress an erection, your penis can decrease in size. The penis expands in size during a sexual encounter. Without that regular exercise, you are likely to suffer shrinkage in size.

Is it advisable to stop having sex?

This is a difficult question and has no direct answer. The reasons for abstinence vary form one person to another. But you can still enjoy the benefits of sex without actually engaging in it. If you want to burn calories, you can participate in your favorite sport. Going to the gym, aerobics or jogging are popular pass times that burn calories.

Find an activity that releases tension and stress like meditation, yoga, or regulates a sleeping pattern. Abstinence will also help you focus your energy on resolving the issues that trouble you. This way, you will learn how to manage your emotions well.

If you have lost the interest of sex due to medical reasons, then you should consult your doctor. Suppressing your feeling will not help your situation. Your frustrations will boil and affect your relations with those around you. Seek medical and psychological help as soon as you find out your problem.

With all these facts, it is significant to note that your body will change after being sexually active. Whether you stop engaging in sex for medical or other reasons, find a way of replacing the benefits. That way, you will preempt your risks of having adverse physical and psychological side effects.


The influence sex has on your body is immense. Your body will change after being sexually active. As you have seen, it is necessary to maintain an excellent sexual lifestyle for a healthy body. Sexual sensations affect the brain, balance hormones, and bond the relationship between you and your partner. It is imperative to give a serious thought of the consequences before abstaining from your routine sexual life.

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