Does Running Increase Testosterone?

Does Running Increase Testosterone?

Many times, we read all the great benefits of regular exercise. There is no doubt that exercise is good for you. But, if you are too lazy to exercise

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Many times, we read all the great benefits of regular exercise. There is no doubt that exercise is good for you. But, if you are too lazy to exercise, there’s good news for you. Aside from its health benefits when it comes to weight, blood sugar, heart diseases, mood, bones, and muscles, it can actually increase your testosterone level.

Exercise, such as running, can help if you have a low testosterone level. Although there are more things to learn about the effects of exercise in your testosterone level, one thing is for sure, you will most likely see the benefits if you make exercise as a habit.

Here are the reasons why running can increase your testosterone level:

1. Running affects weight, which is also a key factor of your testosterone level

Testosterone is known to promote the growth of muscles. It can also reduce the risk of weight gain. Probably, one of the reasons why men gain weight is because they are deficient in testosterone. A person who lacks muscles may be at risk of becoming overweight because the muscles can actually burn calories compared to fat tissues.

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Moreover, some researchers believe that the main reason for weight gain in men is reduced muscle mass. Reduced calorie expenditure and muscle mass will probably lead to low testosterone levels.

Since one of the ways to fight obesity is to have a regular exercise, such as running, then you should make sure to include it in your daily routine. People who are overweight should exercise not only to lose weight but also to improve their testosterone levels. Since running is a form of exercise, it can help in increasing your testosterone. Low levels of testosterone are linked to weight gain and vice versa.

2. Age affects your physical activities, such as running, which also influences your testosterone level

Regardless of age, exercise is very crucial to improve your entire well-being. But, as you grow older, there are many changes in your body that may affect the level of your activity. One of these changes is your muscle mass. It decreases as you age.

Testosterone helps in increasing bone density. A person who has low testosterone levels will most likely be prone to bone breaks and fractures. As you age, the testosterone level will normally decrease. But there are actually various ways to increase testosterone levels.

Perhaps, one of the best ways to increase testosterone level is to engage in physical activities such as running. If you exercise regularly, your testosterone level will most likely increase and in that way, your bone density will increase, which will help you be protected against bone fractures. 

3. Running can help increase your testosterone level when it is supposedly low, depending on the time of the day

The level of testosterone varies all the time. It changes several times a day. Usually, the testosterone level is high in the morning and low in the afternoon. If you take a testosterone test, your doctor will surely ask you to do it in the morning, as testosterone is at its peak.

In the afternoon, your testosterone level starts to decrease slowly. And during the night, your testosterone level is at its lowest point. Usually, testosterone levels are affected by alcohol, caffeine, stress, sexual activity, and physical activity.

Since testosterone level in the evening is low, strength-training workouts may be good for you. It is also advisable to engage in physical activities after work, instead of early morning exercise. So, in order to increase your testosterone in the evening, try to run.

4. Running affects your fitness level, which also influences your level of testosterone

If you are not in good shape, exercise can give you a boost in testosterone. But, as your body gets used to it, you will get a lower hormone response. Exercise such as running can actually raise your testosterone level because it helps promote muscle building and weight maintenance.

If you have more muscles, your testosterone level will most likely increase. Moreover, if you have a low testosterone level, you will most likely be at risk of obesity. There are actually many types of exercises that can increase your testosterone level.

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Running regularly can help increase your testosterone level. Indeed, moderate endurance training is sufficient in order to boost your body’s production of testosterone. Aside from that, short, but intense interval exercises can significantly affect your testosterone levels.

But it is worth noting that the effect is the opposite for runners who are training for extremely long distances and an ultramarathon. Extreme endurance exercise, in the long run, is said to decrease the production of testosterone. Thus, athlete training may have a detrimental effect on your testosterone level.


There are many ways on how to increase your level of testosterone. Perhaps, one of the most effective ways to increase your testosterone level is to engage in physical activities such as running. Since running is said to increase testosterone, then it will most likely help in improving your athletic performance. Plus, it can also be good for your muscles, heart, libido, mood, and more.

Your testosterone level will rise as a result of exercise. But such an increase will not be for long. The rise of testosterone is usually from 15 minutes to 1 hour after exercise. Actually, all kinds of exercise count from resistance to endurance training. Either way can give a boost to your testosterone level. Aside from strength training, you need to establish your overall exercise plan, including flexibility training and cardio.

Remember not to overdo your workouts as it might reverse its positive effects. Most over trained amateurs and elite athletes experience a drop in their level of testosterone. A drop in testosterone may be bad for their health. The side effects are disastrous, including hair loss, acne, testicular degeneration, impotence, arteriosclerosis, behavior changes, and more.

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