Does Injecting Testosterone Make You Bigger?

Does Injecting Testosterone Make You Bigger?

Testosterone is a very crucial hormone produced primarily in the testicles by men and the ovaries by women. This hormone is responsible for the devel

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Testosterone is a very crucial hormone produced primarily in the testicles by men and the ovaries by women. This hormone is responsible for the development of male characteristics. The testosterone level of women usually comes in smaller amounts.

Even after a few weeks from conception, a male fetus already produces testosterone. It continues until adolescence, and early adulthood wherein the production of testosterone is 30 times more compared to the other stages of development of men. As men become adults, the testosterone level naturally decreases every year, usually starts from 30 years old.

When to consider testosterone replacement therapy?

The normal level of testosterone is from 300 ng/dL to 1,000 ng/dL. If your testosterone level falls within the normal range, then treatment is not necessary. It is only required if your testosterone level is far below the normal.

Your doctor will most likely prescribe a testosterone replacement therapy. And one of the forms of this therapy is testosterone injection. Usually, doctors would prescribe testosterone injection if you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone.

At the age of 30 or 40, the testosterone level normally declines. But, a rapid decrease in levels of testosterone is an indication of common symptoms of low testosterone such as a change in sex drive, depression or anxiety, weight gain, decreased sperm count, hot flashes, and erectile dysfunction.

Benefits of testosterone injection

Change in your muscles and fats

Generally, women have more body fat than men. This is most likely become of the high level of testosterone men have in their bodies. Testosterone is responsible for maintaining muscles and regulating the distribution of fats in the body. But, if the level of your testosterone is low, your body fat will probably increase, and your midsection is more prone to it.

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This hormone also aids in muscle growth. It means that if you have lower levels of testosterone, you will lose muscle strength or size. But it is worth noting that this kind of phenomenon only occurs when you have severe and prolonged low testosterone levels.

Shots of testosterone can aid in regulating the distribution of fats. But hormone therapy alone does not have a significant effect on weight changes. According to Healthline, testosterone therapy can help increase your muscle mass, but not your muscle strength.

A study shows that testosterone therapy can help increase not just your muscle mass, but also your muscle strength. But it is worth noting that some men experienced a change in body mass, without a change in their strength. It is recommended to combine testosterone injection with strength exercise and training.

Strengthens bones

Testosterone plays a crucial role in bone density. The testosterone level will most likely drop as men age. And this is probably the reason why men are more at risk of osteoporosis and weak bones. Having strong bones can help in supporting your muscles as well as your internal organs. This will probably help you boost your performance when it comes to athletic activities. 

If you undergo testosterone treatment, your bone density will most likely increase, especially if the dose of the testosterone is high. A study shows that testosterone can help improve your hip and spinal bone density.

Another study has shown how the bone mineral density of female to male transsexuals increased due to testosterone. But it is still unknown whether or not this hormone can help reduce the risk of bone fractures in transsexuals.

Healthy cardiovascular system

You need to maintain a healthy heart for it to pump blood in your entire body. This is very crucial for your organs and muscles to get the right amount of oxygen they need. Testosterone can help produce red blood cells, probably the reason why low levels of testosterone are linked to various cardiovascular diseases.

Studies regarding the effect of testosterone therapy when it comes to heart diseases are mixed. One study has shown a slight improvement in men’s health related to heart diseases due to testosterone therapy. Only 33 percent of them were able to increase their walking distance.

Another study of 83,000 Veterans who underwent testosterone replacement finds its cardiovascular benefits. Restoring testosterone levels to normal through testosterone replacement such as patches, gels, or injects can most likely decrease the risk of stroke, heart attack, or even death as compared to men who were not treated.  


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If you have low levels of testosterone, you need to see your doctor. And don’t buy testosterone without prescription from experts. You should make sure that your testosterone level is actually low to start testosterone therapy. You are probably required to undergo a blood test to determine the accurate level of testosterone.

Remember that testosterone injection is only beneficial if you have actually low levels of testosterone. And yes, injecting testosterone can make you bigger as it helps change your muscles and fats. But not all testosterone injection is a good choice for everyone. If you feel like you have a low testosterone level, even if not so diagnosed, you have other ways to make your hormones normal.

Maintain proper nutrition, exercise daily, and avoid smoking so that you will feel better. If it still doesn’t help, then ask advice from your doctor.  It is also worth noting that some foods, herbs, and vitamins are capable of boosting your testosterone.

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