Can You Be Allergic to Someone Sexually?

Can You Be Allergic to Someone Sexually?

Did you know that there are women who are literally allergic to sex? Well, they can actually have sex as long as they don't get into any kind of physi

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Did you know that there are women who are literally allergic to sex? Well, they can actually have sex as long as they don’t get into any kind of physical contact with semen, meaning wearing a condom prophylactic is a must. And no ejaculating inside the mouth during oral sex, either.

Sperm allergy is a real disease, although quite rare. And it can be life-threatening, too, if the allergy is severe and causes anaphylaxis. For someone who has a sperm allergy, unprotected sex can trigger a flareup of various symptoms.

How Do You Know If You’re Sexually Allergic?

The symptoms associated with sperm allergy usually appear quite some time after sex, although there are women who show the symptoms within five minutes of being exposed to semen.

Some women are only mildly allergic to semen, so their symptoms are not severe. They may experience some itching or redness in their vaginal area. Because the symptoms are mild, they’re often believed to be just a simple case of post-sex irritation.

In such cases, semen allergy is often misdiagnosed or confused with other diseases or infections. In fact, there are many instances when semen allergy is misdiagnosed as a bacterial infection or yeast infection.

You’ll know if you’re sexually allergic to someone if after engaging in unprotected sex with that person, you start experiencing symptoms like swelling or redness in the vaginal area, as well as an itching or burning sensation. These symptoms usually happen when the allergic reaction to semen is localized in the vaginal area.

Hives, wheezing, chest pains, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and dizziness may occur if your allergic reaction to your partner’s semen affects your entire body. Anaphylaxis can occur in cases of severe allergic reaction to semen. It can cause your blood pressure to drop dangerously low, and it can also result in a swollen throat or tongue.

How Does Sperm Allergy Happen?

Being sexually allergic to someone doesn’t mean you’re allergic to the act of sex itself. Rather, you’re allergic to certain proteins that are found in your partner’s semen.

This means that you can actually still engage in sexual activities with your partner, as long as you don’t get exposed to his semen.

It may happen out of the blue. There are cases of women being suddenly allergic to their husband’s semen. Sperm allergy may also be person-specific, which means that the symptoms appear if you have unprotected sex with a certain partner but not with other sexual partners.

Some women experience sperm allergy when they engage in unprotected sex after not having sex for quite a long time such as after giving birth.

Is It Treatable?

The best way to prevent the symptoms of sperm allergy from flaring up is by abstaining from unprotected sex. The only thing you really need to avoid is contact with your partner’s semen, and a condom prophylactic can help you do that.

Unfortunately, for couples who are planning to get on the family way, having to wear a condom every time you have sex isn’t really much of an option. You may want to consider other treatment options such as an intravaginal graded challenge.

What happens when you undergo an intravaginal graded challenge is that a small sample of highly diluted semen is placed inside your vagina. It’s expected that your symptoms would appear, although they should just be mild since the semen sample is highly diluted.

After 20 minutes or so, your doctor will again place another semen sample inside your vagina. This time, the semen sample is less diluted and contains a higher proportion of your partner’s semen.

The process is repeated until the doctor places a totally undiluted sample of your partner’s semen inside your vagina. The idea behind this treatment option is to get your body used to being exposed to the proteins in your partner’s semen.

Eventually, you’ll build tolerance and you won’t show any allergic reactions to semen anymore. Once you’re able to tolerate your partner’s semen without showing any allergic reactions, you can start having unprotected sex with your partner.

After successfully being treated through either subcutaneous desensitization or intravaginal graded challenge, you’ll need to engage in unprotected sex quite frequently in order to maintain your tolerance of semen proteins.

On the one hand, if your symptoms are quite mild and don’t cause too discomfort, you can simply take an oral antihistamine before you start having sex. This way, you can prevent the symptoms from appearing even if you get in contact with your partner’s semen.

Can You Get Pregnant If You Have Sperm Allergy?

Many women who have sperm allergy have successfully gotten pregnant. Some were able to do it through assisted reproductive technology, while others were able to naturally conceive after their semen allergy was treated through either subcutaneous desensitization or intravaginal graded challenge.

pregnancy testAssisted reproductive technology appears to be the best option for those who experience extremely severe allergic reactions to semen.

However, for women whose sperm allergy is quite moderate or mild, conceiving through natural means may be a more attractive option.

You can opt to undergo intravaginal graded challenge and when you’ve developed a tolerance for your partner’s semen already, you can then try to naturally get pregnant. Once you’re already desensitized to your partner’s semen, you’ll need to have sex more frequently anyway to maintain your tolerance, so that’s a great reason to have sex more often.

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