Can Non-Motile Sperm Cause Pregnancy?

Can Non-Motile Sperm Cause Pregnancy?

There is a long list of potential risk factors and causes that are often accused of male infertility. These factors prevent a man from fathering a chi

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There is a long list of potential risk factors and causes that are often accused of male infertility. These factors prevent a man from fathering a child while causing additional harmful effects on his physical and mental health.

But what are the aspects of male infertility? Is your low sperm count linked to your inability to father a child? Or can you, despite your low sperm count, conceive a baby with your partner?

These answers are what follow in today’s topic, along with some effective tips on how to naturally boost your low sperm count.

Causes of low sperm motility

Sperm is the male reproductive cell. Each sperm has a tail that is helping it to move properly and basically swim and reach the egg cell in the uterus so that a pregnancy can happen.

When a sperm cell has no tail, it is defined as non-motile sperm. In other cases, the sperm cell has a tail; however, it lacks the proper speed that is needed in order to reach the egg. This is defined as low sperm motility.

Low sperm motility is one of the greatest factors for male infertility and accounts for a number of cases in which a couple fails to have a successful pregnancy.

man penis problemsLow sperm motility can be caused by a variety of factors. The greatest factor that plays a role in the occurrence of low sperm motility is damage that has been done to the testicles, whereas you probably know, sperm is being produced and later stored.

Common causes of testicle damage are infection, injury, testicular cancer, undescended testicles, etc.

A very common condition known as varicocele is linked to reduced sperm motility. Varicocele occurs when the veins inside the scrotum become enlarged and can be caused by a list of factors.

Other lifestyle factors are known to influence the sperm’s quality, motility, and the count increases the risk of male infertility. Excessive drinking, stress, alcohol, obesity, diabetes, long-use of anabolic steroids, use of prescribed medications, etc. are accountable for the high rates of male infertility affecting the sperm’s motility ranges.

Can non-motile sperm cause pregnancy?

Once the ejaculation happens, the sperm cells race in order for a single sperm cell to reach the egg and fertilize it. For that to happen, you need a high sperm count, high sperm motility, and sperm that is only of the finest quality.

Only a healthy sperm count, motility, and quality can cause a natural pregnancy to happen. It is of essential value that the man’s sperm is of high quality, and it is able to properly move towards the egg in order to fertilize it so that a pregnancy can happen. Without properly motile sperm or a non-motile sperm, pregnancy is not possible to happen.

Unfortunately, when the motility is being reduced, the chances that a sperm cell will reach the egg are far smaller. This will either make the process of getting pregnancy longer or prevent it from happening at all. However, it is the second scenario that includes a pregnancy that is not happening that is most commonly being linked to low sperm motility.

So to answer your question – No, low sperm motility and non-motile sperm are referred to as the most common causes of male infertility, and they ought to be treated the sooner, the better.

How to treat low sperm motility?

Now that you probably have found the answer to why you and your partner are unable to conceive, it is time to learn some helpful tips that will help you improve your sperm motility and increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Stop smoking

Smoking has been linked as a risk factor for male infertility, not to mention all of the additional health issues that smoking contributes to. Stop smoking and improve your life for the better.

Avoid alcohol drinking

Excessive alcohol drinking will not only lead you to some serious liver damage, but it will also reduce your sperm motility, count, and quality. Avoid alcohol drinking as much as you can and save it for some special occasion instead.

Reduce your body weight

Obesity represents a risk factor for heart disease, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and many other dangerous health issues, including low sperm motility. Eating a well-balanced diet along with regular exercise is the way to maintain a healthy weight better and improve your reproductive health.

Rely on dietary supplements

vitamin E capsulesResearch has shown that the use of selenium and Vitamin E supplements can help you increase your low sperm motility efficiently.

However, make sure that you consult your doctor first and be careful where you are buying your dietary supplements. The internet might not be the best place to do it if you want to get a dietary supplement of the finest quality only.

Reduce your stress levels

Use relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation, but also a good night’s sleep, to make sure that your stress levels are as low as they would get. By doing so, not only will you improve your low sperm motility and count, but you will also enhance your general physical and mental health.


Low sperm count and non-motile sperm are influencing your ability to conceive. With a low sperm count, the chances to father a child drop significantly as this represents a health issue that it is to be tackled with the most effective treatment methods that you can find.

So go ahead and talk to your doctor about the possibility of improving your low sperm count with the hopes of causing a healthy pregnancy in the future.

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