Yoga Poses That Will Increase Your Sex Life

Yoga Poses That Will Increase Your Sex Life

Yes, we are already aware of the various benefits of yoga. It is not only for making you relieve from stress but also for helping you in weight loss

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Yes, we are already aware of the various benefits of yoga. It is not only for making you relieve from stress but also for helping you in weight loss, improving your digestion, and reprograming your DNA. It is not just that! Yoga boasts a lot of benefits, including your libido. Yes, you read it right. Yoga can help improve your sex life in many ways. 

Yoga is very helpful in obtaining balance mentally, physically, and emotionally. It teaches you how to build a connection with your partner even sexually. It helps increase your energy as well as improve your body tone. Perhaps, these aspects are helpful in your sex life.

If you perform yoga regularly, you will experience an improved sexual function, including arousal, desire, orgasm, as well as overall satisfaction. Given that the main benefit of yoga is to reduce your stress level, it can help in improving your sexual desire. It was found out that an increased level of stress has detrimental effects on your body, including decreased sexual desire.

Yoga can help improve your overall sexual satisfaction. The reason for this is that yoga allows you to learn how to control your mind as well as to listen to your body. These practices can help you determine and convey what you like and don’t like. Communication is actually the key.

Anyway, if you want to improve your sex life, here are the yoga poses that you can practice:

1. Cat pose or Cow pose

These poses are usually performed together. These are helpful to loosen and relax your spine. After performing these poses, you will most likely experience decreased levels of stress. In that way, it will be easier for you to be turned on because you will be in the mood to have fun with your partner.

2. Bridge pose

yoga bridge pose

This pose is perfect for strengthening your pelvic floor. The main purpose of this pose is to make your muscles strong enough to endure pain during sexual intercourse. If that is the case, then you and your partner will most likely enjoy making love together.

3. Happy baby

Perhaps, happy baby is one of the most prominent relaxation poses that could help in stretching your lower back and glutes. This pose is quite similar to a missionary position. In doing this pose, lie down and make a missionary position. Let your partner position on top while you extend and wrap your legs in his torso.

4. One-legged pigeon

There are actually different ways to perform the pigeon pose but all of which are excellent to stretch and open up your hips. Do you know that it will be uncomfortable for you to have sex if you have tight hips? Aside from that, you are prevented from performing other sexual positions, and that cannot help you and your partner to enjoy sex. The more the positions, the more exciting the sex is.

5. Child’s pose

You really don’t need to be highly flexible to do yoga poses. The child’s pose is an excellent way not just to provide you deep relaxation but also to open your hips. As already mentioned, tight hips can inhibit you from performing various sexual positions because it makes you uncomfortable.

Aside from that, such a pose is a grounding pose. It means that this pose focuses on resting and breathing. It allows your anxiety and stress to melt away. If that is the case, then you will be more focused on making love with your partner as well as you will be more sexually interested in performing various sexual positions.

6. Corpse pose

Maybe, there is a good reason why yoga always ends in a corpse pose. Probably, the reason for this is that this kind of pose can help you relax and relieve stress. This is a sort of mediation every after your yoga practice.

7. Bound angle

This pose is definitely excellent for those who have low libido. This pose allows you to stretch your inner thighs as well as to open your hips for you to be able to perform a wide range of motion.

yoga bound angle pose

This pose helps in mending anxiety and also in feeling a sense of intimacy. Aside from that, performing this pose can help your pelvic area to experience an improved blood flow immediately. This allows you to have more vitality and energy. It was shown that increased blood flow and circulation are directly related to your arousal level.

8. Eagle pose

Do you know that eagle pose is not just a yoga pose but also included in Kama Sutra? Well, there is no doubt because this pose makes you very sexy. Releasing your legs allows the blood flow through your cervix.

Performing this pose requires steadiness and poise, so you have to give your utmost attention. This pose is very crucial if you are stressed. It helps you to slow down and enjoy every moment to follow.


Some of these poses can help you increase your sex life immediately, while some require sufficient time. But the most vital thing that you should remember is to focus on relieving your stress. If you are not stressed, you will most likely enjoy performing various sexual positions as well as exert more energy. Aside from that, you will have a chance to give closer attention to your desire, orgasm, and satisfaction, as well as your partner’s.

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