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Why Some Men Can’t Reach an Orgasm

by Mark Griffin
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What’s worse than having premature ejaculation, you ask? How about being completely unable to finish? Many health blogs and websites have talked about premature ejaculation, but the other end of the spectrum is just as bad, just as humiliating, and just as frustrating.

It’s normal to experience troubles in bed. Some guys can’t get it up. Some guys can’t get it up long enough to please their partner – and some guys can’t reach orgasm. It’s normal – for as long as it doesn’t happen every time.

Being unable to reach orgasm is an actual sexual disorder that occurs in 7-10% of men. Sexual health experts call it “retarded ejaculation”. Among all the sexual disorders that we are familiar with, the retarded ejaculation is perhaps the least understood of all the sexual dysfunctions.

What qualifies as retarded ejaculation?

If you’re having trouble experiencing orgasm during sex, then that should already qualify as retarded ejaculation. If you can’t finish without masturbating during sex, that’s also retarded ejaculation. Experts suggest that the actual numbers of guys who experience problems in bed are higher than anticipated since there aren’t any studies that focus on male orgasms.

Most guys think that finishing themselves off during sex is normal. While that statement is true, it certainly isn’t normal if you can’t orgasm without finishing yourself off. Sex is intended to be an intimate activity that would allow you to reach mutual orgasm, and finishing yourself off is just masturbating after penetration.

Being unable to climax is not thought of as a serious sexual dysfunction, since there is an immediate solution to the problem – just take care of it yourself, right? But the bigger picture is that some men can’t experience the height of pleasure during penetration. This could be an issue that would trigger worse sexual dysfunctions as men get older, and the other factors that diminish sexual function come into play.

Why do some men find it hard to climax during sex?

Among the main reasons why men can’t reach climax during sex is because of low testosterone levels. Low testosterone drastically affects your libido – your innate drive to have sex. Having low libido levels could reduce your sensitivity towards sexual stimuli, and even to a point that you’re desensitized towards sex.

Low Testosterone

When sex doesn’t feel great anymore, it might be caused by low testosterone levels.

man with anxietyKeep in mind that sex is an activity that is ingrained in our DNA. You don’t have to teach humans or any animal to have sex. We are hardwired to know where to put it – and this follows the idea that the main objective of sex is to procreate. We have reached a point in time when the objective of having sex is no longer to procreate, but to reach an orgasm – and maybe that’s where it all goes wrong.

When your testosterone levels are too low, it may alter your drive to reach an orgasm during penetration. You may be more motivated to finish quickly, rather than later, or finish quickly without considering your partner’s pleasure and satisfaction.

Stress and Anxiety

Your mental health plays a huge factor during sex. You may not be aware, but stress and anxiety could distract you from your ultimate goal. It doesn’t help that stress increases cortisol levels, which causes your testosterone levels to go down. The combined effect of stress and anxiety as distractions and cortisol in lowering your testosterone may be the reason why you find it hard to finish during sex.


Asman with alcoholic drink it turns out, alcohol is only great as a social lubricant. It helps lower inhibitions, but drinking too much alcohol could interfere with your central nervous system enough that it desensitizes you. If you’ve ever heard of the term “whiskey dick”, then you know what I’m talking about. You can beat your penis to death, but you can’t reach an orgasm. Maybe cutting back on alcohol will help you regain the fun and pleasure of sex.


Just like alcohol, drugs turn your brain into mush during sex. You’re not you when you’re high. Some drugs can even cause erectile dysfunction, but maybe you’re too high to even care. What we do know about drugs is that their effects last longer than alcohol. It changes what you perceive as pleasure, and over time, that may make it difficult for you to even think about getting an orgasm.

Bottom line

As long as it doesn’t happen every time you have sex, experiencing difficulties getting it up and getting yourself to finish during sex isn’t a problem – but when it starts to bother you, you should take it seriously. Take male enhancement supplements like Male UltraCore to make sex pleasurable for you and your partner, and you can forget about this being a problem in the future.

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