What is Average Testosterone Level by Age?

What is Average Testosterone Level by Age?

Your testosterone levels don't stay constant throughout your life, and normal levels will vary depending on your age. Testosterone levels that may ha

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Your testosterone levels don’t stay constant throughout your life, and normal levels will vary depending on your age. Testosterone levels that may have been considered normal when you were still approaching puberty may already be considered low now that you’re already an adult.

This means you’ll need to have your testosterone levels tested regularly so that you’ll know if your androgen levels are still within the normal range. Continue reading to find out more about normal testosterone levels by age and what happens when your levels of testosterone are already below the normal range.

Average Normal Testosterone Levels

As you age, the roles of testosterone in your bodily functions change. Even while you’re still in your mother’s womb, testosterone already plays crucial roles not only in the formation and development of your sex organs and reproductive system, but also in brain organization and differentiation.

There are actually numerous studies about prenatal testosterone exposure, and there’s evidence that having low prenatal testosterone levels can influence how healthy the baby will be when he grows up. Low fetal testosterone levels may also predict androgen deficiency in adulthood.

For infants below six months old, 75-400 ng/dl is considered the normal range for testosterone levels. Your testosterone levels during your first few months of life are actually more crucial than your testosterone levels all throughout your childhood.

That’s because the first five months are crucial for the normal development of your testicles and penis. If you have low testosterone levels at this young age, your penis may not grow properly, and your scrotum may become curled inward.

From six months to nine years, though, you don’t need testosterone as much. You need only around 7-20 ng/dl of testosterone at this age. From 10-11 years, you’ll need more testosterone as your body prepares for puberty, and the normal ranges are from 7-130 ng/dl.

However, from six months to 11 years, if your testosterone levels are below 7 ng/dl, that’s already considered below normal. From 12-13 years, the normal range for testosterone levels is 7-800 ng/dl, and it’s 7-1,200 ng/dl when you’re 14 years old.

From 15-16 years, you’ll need 100-1,200 ng/dl of testosterone. At this age, if your testosterone levels are below 100 ng/dl, that’s already subnormal. The normal ranges also increase to 300-1,200 ng/dl for young men aged 17-18 years old.

Once you hit your 19th year and all through the rest of your adult life, you’ll need to maintain 240-950 ng/dl testosterone levels to stay within the normal range. Unfortunately, when you’re already in your 30s, your testosterone production will start declining at a gradual rate of about 1% every year.

What Happens When Your Testosterone Levels Fall Below the Normal Range?

In the womb, low testosterone levels can lead to impaired fetal development. During puberty, your growth and sexual maturation can be negatively affected when your testosterone levels are below normal. For adults, a low sex drive is one of the most common symptoms of having low testosterone levels.            

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Adult men whose testosterone levels are below the normal range may experience a variety of symptoms such as reduced muscle tone. Since testosterone is needed for muscle growth, you may lose muscle mass and strength when you are deficient in testosterone.

In addition, you may experience hair loss on your scalp, face, and whole body. Your skin may become more fragile, and your bone density may decrease, resulting in testosterone-related osteoporosis.

You may also experience difficulties in concentrating or in remembering things. Fatigue, sleep pattern changes, and mood changes are also associated with low testosterone in adult men. In fact, low levels of testosterone are also linked with depression.

How Can You Effectively Raise Your Testosterone Levels?

There are many ways by which you can naturally and effectively raise your levels of testosterone. For instance, exercising and lifting weights are known to help improve testosterone levels.

However, if you don’t have the time to hit the gym, you can try to change your diet and eat more of foods that are known to help increase testosterone levels. Oysters, beans, and tuna, for example, all contain nutrients that help increase testosterone production.

Alternatively, you can also take dietary supplements to boost your androgen production. Tongkat Ali, for instance, is widely recognized as a great testosterone booster. Eurycomanone, a quassinoid compound found in the root extract of Tongkat Ali, has been scientifically proven to help testosterone production at the testicular level.

Fenugreek is another herb that’s also known to help raise free testosterone levels. The herb exhibits aromatase inhibitory properties, which means that it can help prevent aromatase from binding with your free testosterone.

Other herbs that are also known to have testosterone-boosting properties include KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Tribulus terrestris, and Horny Goat Weed. In addition, taking zinc supplements or increasing your intake of zinc-rich foods can also help improve your testosterone production.

The Best Supplement for Raising Your Testosterone Levels

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