What is Average Penis and Erection Size?

What is Average Penis and Erection Size?

The size of a penis is a topic that rises hot concerns in modern society. It is like people compete against who has the longest penis. As a result, a

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The size of a penis is a topic that rises hot concerns in modern society. It is like people compete against who has the longest penis. As a result, a lot of misleading information has risen. Different figures have been given depending on what one perceives as normal.

However, studies have been made to clarify what should be scientifically considered normal. These studies were inspired by the huge number of men claiming to have a small penis.

So What Do Studies Reveal?

The British Journal of Urology International collected data from 17 studies on penis sizes. These studies provided fascinating statistics, contrary to what commercial adverts show. These adverts insist on penis size of 6 inches for normal. This figure from the adverts is what has probably driven most men crazy about their penis sizes. They would be willing to sacrifice a lot to achieve that advert’s ideal length.

The 17 studies took account of several measurements of a penis. They included the length of a penis while flaccid and erect, and its circumference when flaccid and erect as well. To enhance efficiency, males who were below 18 years were excluded. Those who also have had injuries, surgeries, or erectile dysfunction were excluded. From the sample population, the average size of a flaccid penis was found to measure 3.6 inches. This measurement was taken by stretching the penis and measuring the length from its base to the tip. An erect penis measured 5.16 inches long.

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The other dimension was the penis girth. It was measured by wounding the penis with a flexible material. The length was then put against the measuring equipment and figures recorded. According to the analysis, the flaccid penis measured 3.66 inches and 4.59 inches when erect. These figures are a great relief to men who think they have a small penis, but, in reality, they are okay. There are those who would still not feel comfortable and opt to enhance their sizes to the desired length.

Factors Affecting the Size of a Normal Penis

An average penis may appear small at some instances. Not because you have become dysfunctional, but because of some other factors. Such factors include the following:

A. The Temperature

When you are exposed to a cold environment, your penis appears to be smaller than usual. The size is affected when your penis is flaccid. It shrinks to prevent much of it from being exposed to the cold. This characteristic prevents you from feeling numb around your penis and maintain warmth when you are in such environment.

B. Sexual Stimulation

The size of your erect penis is affected by what stimulated you to have an erection. You will notice the difference between self-inflicted erection (masturbation) and an erection that occurs as a result of caressing. The self-inflicted erection tends to appear smaller than one caused by caressing. The excitement involved in caress-based erection is more and allow more blood to flow into your penis than the self-stimulated erection.

C. Performance Anxiety

It is the worry that comes along when you are about to have sexual intercourse with your partner. You start worrying whether you are going to satisfy them and whether you will hold your erection long enough. This anxiety affects the entire erection process. When your brain fails to coordinate, you may even fail to achieve an erection.

It won’t translate to dysfunction, but you get a situational failure. Alternatively, you may achieve a weak erection that is not penetrative as not enough blood has entered your penis.

Reasons Why Men Would Like to Have a Large Penis

Despite the researchers giving the average figure of a normal penis, some men would still want to do something to get a bigger penis than the normal one they got. They may do it for the following reasons:

A. Boost Self-Confidence

This group of men believes that a big penis is a sign of masculinity. They fail to embrace the average size and would settle for nothing below 6 inches.

They want to feel good about themselves. This group will try whatever it will take them to achieve that feeling of greatness.

If not so, they avoid sharing public facilities such as urinals or open bathrooms. They would avoid being seen by others and also keep a distance from intimate relationships.

B. To Impress Their Partners

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Some men feel that the size of their cocks is more important in a sexual relationship than anything else. They put all other factors aside and focus on the penis size. Surprisingly, studies showed that 85% of their partners do not prioritize the size of the penis. Rather, they appreciate being cared for, romantic gestures, and attention more than the penis size. The same study revealed that 55% of the male partners feel uncomfortable with their sizes when having an intimate moment with their partners.

Understanding the size of your penis helps you to overcome issues that are associated with penis sizes. It will clear you from mental disturbance. Once you understand this figure, the next step is appreciating your size especially when it lies within the normal range.

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, you should note that it is not always about size. You can always have other ways to achieve satisfaction. After all, studies published in the Plos One journal establishes that most women prefer a slightly above average penis for their partners. They only preferred a big size penis for a one-night stand purpose.

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