What is a Penis Ring?

What is a Penis Ring?

Dealing with erectile dysfunction can be a piece of work. It is even difficult when you are not informed on methods available for dealing with the co

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Dealing with erectile dysfunction can be a piece of work. It is even difficult when you are not informed on methods available for dealing with the condition. Thankfully, manufacturers come up with new means often. Each mean tries to overcome challenges that its predecessors incurred.

One such great method is the use of the penis ring. This device is worn on the penis to maintain an erection for longer. It comes in different materials, and you choose one which is friendly to your skin.

How a Penis Ring Work

A penis ring can only be used on an erect penis. Its function is to help you increase your length of erection and not create one. You wear the ring at the base of your penis to cover your testes and the base of your penis. Some rings come with a vacuum pump that you put on your penis shaft.

The vacuum pump is helpful if you find difficulties achieving an erection. They can be manual or use batteries. Manual vacuum pumps use hand to increase pressure and need some energy to do so. Those that use batteries are easy to use since you do not have to use your energy to pump them and are faster.

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The ring works on your blood flow. The amount of blood getting into the penis determines the rigidity of your erection. The ring helps in drawing blood to your penis to help it remain hard and erect. At the same time, it prevents blood from coming out of the penis thus maintain the desired quantity for an erection to occur.

According to feedback by users, some of them experience some unevenness in their erection. It usually occurs at the bottom of the penis where the ring is worn.

They report that the area does not experience the same hardness as the rest of the penis. There is some flaccid feeling. Others reports increased pleasure when they use the ring with the vacuum pump.

Manufacturers advise that immediately after you experience any sign of numbness or bleeding, remove the device. That is why you should choose a device that fits you well. They also advise that we should not use the ring for extended periods. According to them, the ring should be worn for a maximum of 30 minutes. We should not spend overnight wearing it as it may cause some irreversible damages.

Your penis ring should also contain instructions on how to remove the ring quickly when you experience these signs. It will help you prevent injuries caused by delayed removal.

Advantages of Using a Penis Ring

Using a penis ring comes with several benefits. They include the following:

A. No Side Effects

One of the benefits of using these rings is the lack of side effects. As long as you pick one which does not react with your skin (if you are allergic to certain materials), the ring barely harms you. Choosing the right size of the ring is also essential. It helps in avoiding causing pain. It is normal to feel pain or discomfort when you wear anything that is ill-fitting.

B. Economical

Once you get this ring, you do not have to keep visiting the store to get another one. These rings are reusable, and you can use them several times.

Therefore, having sex becomes less expensive and more exciting as compared to most approaches to erectile dysfunction.

C. Market Availability

Penis rings are readily available in the market. You can purchase them over the counter. Some stores that specialize in selling sex products help you choose the right size for you. They would even have you try several sizes to determine one which suits you best.

Although some of these products are not FDA approved, your urologist can help you get an authentic product.

D. Efficient

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Studies show that these rings give 50% – 80% satisfaction to users. This statistic indicates that the product is efficient in handling erectile dysfunction. According to users, most of them start experiencing long erections on their own after using the device for some time. The ring has some physiotherapeutic characteristics that help you gain control of your erections.

E. They are Insured

Insurance helps in reducing costs. What if it was generous enough to cover our over-the-counter sexual treatment? Crazy right?

Well, some insurances have seen the need for helping men with ED by providing insurance coverage for their treatment. Such treatments include the use of penis rings.

Insuring the treatment makes it affordable to many consumers. However, some insurances have a specific limit. You should be cautious about how you use your product else you might exceed the insurance limit. Exceeding the limit will leave you with the entire burden of bearing the cost alone.

While using a penis ring, you should practice a lot of patience. It does not work instantly but takes some months before you can experience the benefits. Some people take longer than others, but the effect will ultimately occur.

You should also be careful about the type of device you choose. Choose those that are FDA approved or those approved by relevant regulatory bodies. If you are not sure, consult your urologist. It will help you avoid using substandard devices whose effects are more severe than the sexual disorder. You never know which manufacturer is only there to enrich themselves at the expense of other people’s misery.

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