What Happens When You Have Low Levels of Testosterone?

What Happens When You Have Low Levels of Testosterone?

Testosterone is so important that the human body starts producing it just several weeks after conception. That's because you'll need testosterone in

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Testosterone is so important that the human body starts producing it just several weeks after conception. That’s because you’ll need testosterone in order for your male sex organs and reproductive system to form and develop properly while you’re still in the womb.

As you age, testosterone continues to perform vital functions in your body, and if your testosterone levels ever drop, it will have negative effects on these bodily functions. Take a look at the following four negative consequences of having low testosterone levels.

#1 Sexual Dysfunction

Testosterone is associated with many behaviors including aggression and sexual behavior. Aside from regulating such behaviors, testosterone is also necessary for you to be able to perform sexually.

You may develop various types of sexual dysfunction when your testosterone levels are too low. For one, your libido may start to decrease. In fact, drastic reductions in sex drive are often attributed to huge drops in testosterone levels.

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On top of losing your sex drive, you may also start losing your erection. Not being able to maintain a firm erection or even achieve one is a common result of low testosterone levels. Men whose levels of this important androgen, especially those who suffer from hypogonadism, usually develop erectile dysfunction.

You need high testosterone levels to achieve and maintain erections because the hormone is essential for stimulating the brain receptors that trigger nitric oxide production. From a chemical standpoint, you won’t be able to get a hard-on if your penis doesn’t produce and secrete sufficient amounts of nitric oxide.

This is another reason why men with low testosterone levels usually experience less frequent spontaneous erections. If you used to wake up with your penis fully erect, you’ll no longer experience that as frequently as before.

#2 Fertility Issues

Testosterone is important in the production of both sperm and semen. Testosterone is needed to nourish your growing sperm cells so that they will develop and mature normally. Hence, low production of testosterone can negatively impact your sperm count and quality.

If you don’t have enough testosterone, it can lead to a low number of mature sperm. On top of that, since testosterone is also needed in semen production, having low testosterone levels can also result in low semen volume.

Your seminal fluid helps in the motility of your sperm, so if you have a low semen volume, it can also negatively affect your fertility.

#3 Physical Changes

When your testosterone levels are low, you may experience certain physical changes in your body. Because it is responsible for the development of masculine attributes like facial hair, testosterone is often referred to as the male hormone.

Thus, some of your physical attributes that are normally associated with masculinity such as muscle mass may be negatively impacted when your testosterone levels are low. In fact, decreased muscle strength and loss of muscle mass are common symptoms of low testosterone levels. In relation to your loss of muscle mass, your body fat mass may increase.

Unfortunately, if most of your body fat grows around your belly, that can also contribute to the further decrease in your testosterone levels. Belly fat is actually associated with higher aromatase activities, which means there will be an increased conversion of your free testosterone into estrogen.

In extreme cases, especially when you have hypogonadism, you may develop gynecomastia, a condition wherein your breast tissues swell and become tender. Other health conditions associated with low testosterone levels include testosterone-related osteoporosis and fatigue. You may also experience premature hair loss.

#4 Emotional Changes

Aside from the physical changes commonly associated with low testosterone levels, you may also experience drastic changes in your mood. The emotional effects of low testosterone levels may include depression and a reduced sense of well-being. Low levels of testosterone may also result in increased irritability.

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As you notice your sex drive decreasing and your sexual performance declining, your feelings of irritability and being easily fatigued can lead to depression and feelings of sadness. Such negative emotions are quite expected when you have low levels of testosterone. That’s because the male hormone is also involved in emotional regulation.

For other men who also experience problems with their memory and concentration due to the decrease in their testosterone levels, their motivation and self-confidence may also be negatively affected.

An Effective Way to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

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