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What Foods Will Kill your Testosterone Levels?

by Glenn Fitzpatrick
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The testosterone level in men declines and health-related conditions such as low quality of semen and genital deformities of newborn boys continue to rise. This is according to the Endocrine Society.

Several studies globally reported that in America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, 60% of sperm counts dropped in the preceding years. It can be an indicator that men nowadays eat foods that kill testosterone. Several factors stimulate or hinder testosterone production.

When it comes to food, according to Dr. Modkin, no single food is linked to affect the level of testosterone. Its effect is to raise or lower down the testosterone level. 

Plenty of foods are known to kill testosterone. However, this is continuously being questioned concerning validity. But, when you search online about the food that kills testosterone, you will find plenty of theatrical titles discussing the issue.

To shed light on the ongoing thought, let me explain these foods that kill testosterone.

Some foods below are known to kill testosterone.

Food rich in refined carbohydrates and sugar

It is true that refined sugar and starch contribute to the deterioration of testosterone production.

When I speak of refined, I am talking about the carbohydrates that can be quickly digested by the human body that leads to release of sugar known as insulin. The refined carb is processed by our body causing a domino effect on the testosterone hormones that systematically operate. However, this problem has a relationship with body weight.

Eating foods from this category functions against the level of testosterone. As soon as the body gets a fast fix of the refined carbohydrates, a quick release of sugar and a spike in insulin will lead to a substantial decline in the level of testosterone.

refined carbs pasta and rice

Some of the foods with refined carbohydrates and sugar are pasta, rice, white bread, cakes, and pastries. Knowing that these foods contain refined carbs, it is worth avoiding or else you may suffer from testosterone breakdown.

Another thing, refined carbohydrates and sugars lead to poor weight management, and obesity is the leading culprit that results in low testosterone. For this reason, physicians, as well as cardiologists, suggest a keto diet to maintain health and avoid obesity.

Food rich in vegetable oil

Various foods that are rich in vegetable oil kill the testosterone.  Vegetable oil is a type of oil from soybean, palm, olives, and peanut. From a particular study, 69 men at the age between 43 and 88 were given a questionnaire about their dietary intake.

From the conclusion of the study, consumption of the polyunsaturated fats and testosterone levels are proven to have a relationship. Since a high-fat diet induces weight gain as well as a high level of cholesterol, it impacts the testosterone level.

Soy products

It is true that soy products kill testosterone production. It is proven in the study conducted on test animals.

Soy products such as soy milk, yogurts, tofu, and miso soup have high phytoestrogens. The phytoestrogens are considered as the sources of estrogen. High level of estrogen kills the testosterone. It also causes various diseases such as chronic inflammation and prostate cancer.

Regularly eating soy products leads to the increase of phytoestrogens causing testosterone hormone to decline. In a study conducted on rats that consumed a high amount of soy products showed a significant decrease in the testosterone levels.

According to Dr. Modkins, a massive portion of studies use animals that indicate a need for further research. Drinking soymilk in the morning is not a problem. However, moderation is necessary.

Processed foods

Eating deli meat or processed food is widely known to lower the level of testosterone and kills its production.

Processed food or food with low-quality meat is sprayed with antibiotics or hormone treatments to preserve it, which triggers the hormonal imbalance. When we say processed food, these are foods like meat that are ready to eat. Usually, these foods are rich in sugar, calories, sodium, trans-fats and vegetable oil.

From a study on men that consume high level of low-quality meat or processed meat, a considerable amount of testosterone level was lowered up to 15%. Not only that, 37% decrease their sperm count.

Alcoholic food or beverages

It is true that frequent consumption of alcohol kills the testosterone. Aside from this, it is rampant that overall health is affected once a man is alcoholic.

different craft beers

High consumption of alcohol is linked to various health implications. Plenty of studies conducted about alcoholism concluded that taking too much wreak havoc on the production of testosterone.

In a study conducted by Sarkola & Eriksson (2003) of the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health, it was proven that testosterone level increases in men after a low dosage of alcohol intake. Hence, alcoholic beverages decrease the production of testosterone.

When men consume alcohol, the lining of their stomach going to the bloodstream absorbs it. Then liver metabolism occurs, and 90% of the alcohol is being processed. The inactive protein becomes albumin which is harmful in producing healthy testosterone.

Aside from taking alcohol, remember that doing and consuming other vices such as opioids, cigarettes, and marijuana decreases testosterone production.


Drinking soda is not a good idea because the artificial sweeteners affect the serotonin level most especially the aspartame. Remember that serotonin is essential to foster a sense of happiness and well-being.

Drinking soda kills your testosterone.

Some Seafood

According to the Pesticide Data Program of the United States Department of Agriculture, the average person is exposed to about 10 to 13 pesticides daily. 9 of 10 mostly used pesticides are endocrine disruptors that affect the human hormones. The 4-hexylresorcinol is applied to shrimp to prevent any discoloration.

Other seafood that is not good for your testosterone aside from shrimp includes eel, tilapia, and farmed salmon.

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