It’s estimated that more than one hundred fifty million men from all around the world are suffering from erectile dysfunction. The sad thing is that impotence doesn’t affect just the elderly. Even men in their 40s are already afflicted with erectile dysfunction, with around 5% of them having complete erectile dysfunction.

On the bright side, scientists have been busy looking for cures and natural remedies for impotence. The good news is that you won’t always need to take prescription medicines for impotence because there are actually numerous foods that can help cure erectile dysfunction. Here are seven foods that are perfect for warding off impotence.

#1 Leafy Greens

Celery, kale, collard greens, spinach, and other leafy green veggies are chock-full of nitrates. Because nitrates are great vasodilators, they help your blood vessels to open up, thereby increasing blood flow. The improved circulation in your penis then enables you to achieve fuller and bigger erections.

Even before the advent of erectile dysfunction medicines, scientists have already pointed out nitrates as beneficial for men with erectile dysfunction. Even today, sex enhancement pills also use vasodilators like L-arginine to help improve your erectile function.

#2 Oysters and Other Shellfish

Oysters have long been touted as natural aphrodisiacs due to their zinc content. There’s actually a lot of scientific evidence backing the aphrodisiac reputation of oysters and other shellfish.

oyster and shell fish

Numerous research undertakings have highlighted the fact that zinc plays a crucial role in testosterone production, which is why zinc deficiency often leads to reduced testosterone synthesis. And when you’re low on testosterone, it can result in an impairment of your erectile function.

You’ll find that the most effective male enhancement pills are usually those that contain zinc. If you can’t easily incorporate oysters and shellfish in your regular diet, you can simply get your daily supply of zinc from your sex enhancement supplement.

#3 Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates may be of help to men whose erection troubles are largely due to poor blood circulation. Rich in flavonoids that help improve blood circulation, dark chocolate can be helpful in lowering your blood pressure and improving your erectile function.

Among the various flavonoids and other types of antioxidants found in dark chocolate, flavanols are the main type of flavonoids. This is the same type of antioxidant that you can get from green tea, apples, cocoa, and red wine. The cardioprotective effects of these foods are attributed to their high flavanol content.

#4 Pistachios

Nuts are generally good for your sexual and reproductive health. Pistachios, in particular, work wonders for your erectile function. A previous study has shown that when men with erectile dysfunction eat a hundred grams of pistachio nuts every day for at least three weeks, it can lead to great improvements in their erectile function scores.

In addition, the researches also noted that the pistachio diet helped lower the participants’ total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels while increasing their high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels. Such improvements in lipid profiles can result in increased cardiovascular health which, in turn, positively affects your erectile function.

Pistachios are rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants, and arginine. Your body can use arginine as a precursor for nitric oxide production. Penile nitric oxide synthesis is crucial for your erection. The more nitric oxide is produced in your penis, the higher your chances of achieving an erection.

#5 Walnuts

Just like pistachios, walnuts are also packed with arginine. Plus, these healthful nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Both arginine and omega-3 fatty acids help stimulate nitric oxide production which then results in improved endothelial function and increased blood vessel health.

By improving your cardiovascular health and helping prevent atherosclerosis, walnuts help lower your risks of erectile dysfunction. 

#6 Watermelons

devouring that watermelon

You may think that watermelon is nothing but water and dietary fiber but the truth is that watermelons actually contain nutrients and antioxidants that can help improve your erectile function.

For instance, watermelon contains folate which is also linked to penile nitric production. Watermelons also contain zinc, lycopene, and other natural antioxidants. You’ll also find magnesium, manganese, and selenium in watermelons. These three nutrients are great for your cardiovascular health, as well as for your fertility and erectile function.

#7 Tomatoes

Just like watermelons, tomatoes are also extremely rich in lycopene and other healthful nutrients. You can also get lycopene from fruits and vegetables that are deep red in color. To get the most lycopene out of tomatoes, its best to cook it in virgin olive oil.

Doing this will help your body absorb lycopene better. Lycopene-enriched virgin olive oil can also help increase your body’s antioxidant capacity, thus increasing your defense against the effects of aging and diseases that are associated with erectile dysfunction like atherosclerosis and diabetes.

The Best Natural Way To Fight Impotence

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