What Do Aphrodisiacs Do?

What Do Aphrodisiacs Do?

Aphrodisiacs are quite popular for their libido-boosting abilities in the past, but also today, as a part of the 21st century. Many people rely on

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Aphrodisiacs are quite popular for their libido-boosting abilities in the past, but also today, as a part of the 21st century.

Many people rely on aphrodisiacs for the help that they need in the bedroom. This includes men and women as well, as they battle with the common sexual disorders and intimacy issues that are preventing them from enjoying the time that they are spending with their significant other.

But what exactly do aphrodisiacs do for you? What effects do they have, and how can you use them to improve your sex life? These are the questions that we will answer in today’s article.

What is an aphrodisiac?

An aphrodisiac is defined as either a food, herb, or drug that possesses the ability to increase sexual desire, improve sexual pleasure, and boost sexual performance. Aphrodisiacs have been used for millions of years, way back into the past, when they have been first discovered for their libido-boosting abilities.

Nowadays, there are many different forms of aphrodisiacs as more and more manufacturers offer their own form of supplements marketed for their libido-boosting effects. However, many individuals still decide to rely on natural aphrodisiac options rather than using chemicals. And for many good reasons, that is.

Natural aphrodisiacs are all around us, and we just need to know where to look. And not to worry – we have a list that contains the best natural aphrodisiacs which we plan on sharing with you at the end of this article.

What do aphrodisiacs do?

Aphrodisiacs act in many different ways in order to achieve the effects that we are looking for. Many aphrodisiacs influence the blood flow in the body, causing a real boost in the blood flow in order for a healthy, long-lasting erection to be achieved.

This is especially important for men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction – the most common sexual disorder in men where a healthy blood flow means everything. This is the effect that is established with the use of Viagra – the most popular erectile dysfunction drug used by millions of men around the world.

But why introduce chemicals to your body, when you can rely on Nature for help? Use the many different aphrodisiacs that have a proven ability to boost your blood flow instead, and thank Mother Nature for having your back in this fight.

Then we have the aphrodisiacs that influence testosterone production.

As you may know, testosterone, which is the main male reproductive hormone, is to be found in both men and women as it is responsible for many different effects in our body, including the male and female libido.

As we age, our testosterone production is declining, which reflects negatively on our libido. With the use of aphrodisiacs, we can boost testosterone production, and with that, boost our libido as well.

With increased testosterone production, other effects such as improved sexual performance increased energy levels, and a better mood will also follow.

But aphrodisiacs also have a certain impact on our mood. There are aphrodisiacs that have the ability to improve our mood not only by increasing testosterone production but also by stimulating the production of dopamine and serotonin.

This can be effective for women during menopause as they are known to struggle with common mood changes that can reduce the quality of their sex life. But this is also a valuable effect for men who are facing erectile dysfunction and other common sexual disorders that have an impact on their mood as well.

In women, certain aphrodisiacs are able to help with issues such as reduced lubrication, which is often an issue that comes with menopause. Vaginal dryness can have a serious impact on the sex life in the period of menopause but during post-menopause as well which can only worsen the existing depression, anxiety, and intimacy issues during periods such as these.

Women will be thankful for the increased ability to orgasm, as they will experience much more frequent and stronger orgasms than ever before, thanks to their sole use of aphrodisiacs.

Are aphrodisiacs safe to be used?

The natural aphrodisiac alternatives are considered to be much safer as compared to the various supplements that are to be found today. They pose little to no risk towards our health and can cause very few potential side-effects. Of course, there is a daily recommended intake that it is to be respected and not crossed.

But aphrodisiacs are not for everyone, especially when it comes to using the many different supplements that are found today. If you decide on using a certain supplement that is told to have libido-boosting abilities, please do consult your healthcare provider first.

What are the best aphrodisiacs that Nature has to offer?

As mentioned earlier, we highly recommend relying on whatever our Mother Nature has to offer us. In terms of today’s article, we recommend always choosing a natural aphrodisiac rather than choosing a drug that supposedly has the effects of an aphrodisiac.

Let’s share some of the most commonly used natural aphrodisiacs that you might as well already have hiding in your kitchen!

  • fenugreek seedsFenugreek
  • Maca
  • Chili peppers
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Oysters
  • Red Ginseng
  • Watermelon
  • Horny goat weed


There are many positive effects to come with the use of popular aphrodisiacs. Eating more watermelon and oysters, taking Maca and Horny goat weed, among the many others, can help you improve your mood and your sexual stamina, boost your energy levels, and most importantly enhance your libido so that you can take advantage of the time that you and your partner have together.

Rely on these popular aphrodisiacs to improve your sex life, and you will never look back.

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