What Age Are Males Most Sexually Active?

What Age Are Males Most Sexually Active?

Sexual activity is a normal and natural part of life. It has emotional, cognitive, sociological, and behavioral impacts that vary from culture to cul

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Sexual activity is a normal and natural part of life. It has emotional, cognitive, sociological, and behavioral impacts that vary from culture to culture, from person to person, and it comes in different forms. It is a way to express one’s sexuality, to give pleasure to yourself and/or your partner, to create a strong and intimate bond with someone you treasure, and to procreate.

Sex drive in men

In men, sex drive or libido is facilitated by the cerebral cortex and the limbic system, which are two areas of the brain that play a major role in keeping a man’s sexual performance up. If your sex drive is high, this means that these two parts of your brain are healthy, and it is possible for you to get an orgasm even by just thinking about a sexual fantasy, reminiscing about a great sexual experience, or having sex dreams.

A man’s sex drive can be normal, high, or low, depending on various biological, social, and psychological factors, such as:


  • The amount of testosterone, dopamine, and other hormones in your body
  • The condition of your neurotransmitters that are in charge in regulating libido


  • Your personality type
  • The quality of your relationships with your family, friends, partners, and others


  • Your mental health
  • The amount of stress, anxiety, and pressure that you are exposed to at work, in school, at home, etc.

Male sexual activity at various stages in life

Many studies have gathered some interesting data on the sexual activity of males at different points in their lives.

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During the teenage years

Once boys enter puberty stage, their bodies start to increase its production of testosterone. As a result, they experience a rise in their libido. In one study, male teens were found to have an average of three orgasms in a week and need only a short time to recharge. However, they were also shown to have difficulties holding their orgasms longer and be more likely to prematurely ejaculate.

20 years old to 29 years old

The 20s is usually when a lot of men reach the peak of their sexual health. It is when many become more sexually active, especially if they are in a relationship or are actively seeking partners. Because they are more sexually mature now, they can delay their orgasms for better satisfaction and pleasure in the bedroom.

30 years old to 39 years old

At this point in life, men begin to experience a decline in their testosterone levels. Once you are in your 30s, expect your T levels to decrease by about 1% each year and/or a decline in your sex drive. However, thanks to experience, 30-somethings usually have better penis control than the younger ones and are able to still pleasure their partners in bed.

40 years old to 49 years old

In your 40s, the odds of experiencing problems with your sexual health continue to slowly increase. At this point, your T levels are even lower, and having some issues with getting an erection or maintaining an erection may begin to occur.

50 years old to 59 years old

The average number of orgasms per week once you reach your 50s dips down to 1.75. At this age, about 7% may be hit with impotence or erectile dysfunction, but the majority should still be able to perform well during intimate moments, though not as frequent or long as before anymore.

60 years old to 69 years old

Your sexual activity once you are in your 60s is greatly dependent on your health. If you are still fit and in shape, you will have no problems meeting the average number of orgasms that healthy older men are able to achieve per week at this point in their lives, which is at about 1. However, if you are dealing with high blood pressure, diabetes, or some other condition, your risk of erectile dysfunction increases to 20%.

70 years and older

Many 70-year-old males have poor health, so the frequency and the quality of their sexual activities are significantly reduced. However, with a healthy lifestyle, it is not impossible to still engage in sex a few times a week and pleasure your partner.

Tips to be more sexually active

Sex offers many health benefits, so you should try to have an active sex life with your partner. Below are ways you can enjoy sex more often for as long as possible:

1. Eat foods that can improve your blood flow
couple and sexual satisfaction

Your penis needs enough blood to flow to it to get and keep an erection. Therefore, you should introduce to your diet natural penis-boosting foods to help manage your blood circulation. Some highly recommended options are bananas, garlic, onions, watermelon, spinach, coffee, tomatoes, ginger, and peppers.

2. Exercise regularly

If you have a regular workout or exercise routine, you can ensure that your heart and the rest of your cardiovascular system are kept healthy. You can lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and other diseases. You can also burn more calories and be able to stay in good shape and form for better sexual performance. If you are a beginner, you can start by doing simple exercises, such as walking or running, for about 30 minutes a few times a week.

3. Avoid stress

Stress can bring out many negative side effects to anyone’s life. It can not only ruin your mental and physical health, but also your sexual functions. If you are always stressed out, you are highly likely to develop high blood pressure, which is a medical problem that will affect the blood flow to your penis and reduce your sex drive and erectile abilities.

4. Stop excessive alcohol consumption and smoking

Alcohol and cigarettes are harmful and dangerous to the body. They are made up of compounds that can seriously damage your heart, brain, kidneys, liver, lungs, and other vital parts. They can also weaken your immune system, leaving you unable to fight off infections and other diseases.

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