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Understanding a Glans Ring from a Medical Point of View

by Glenn Fitzpatrick
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    You have probably come across a glans ring in an advert, a store, or you own one. Glans rings are not the same as penis rings and are often mistaken for them. You wear a glans ring at the head of your cock. A glans ring is mainly used for enhancing sexual pleasure. Some use it to adorn themselves while others use it to sustain their erections.

    How to Use a Glans Ring Effectively

    According to the Asian Journal of Urology, glans rings are sometimes misused. According to the journal, there is a significant number of cases in emergency rooms that are associated with glans rings. The following are some ways of using the ring correctly:

    A.  Do Not Play with the Ring

    The Asian Journal of Urology reveals that there are cases that involve glans rings which got stuck on the penis and requires medical removal.

    In most cases, the victims are found to have been playing with their cocks and are always new users. Before seeking help, these victims would usually have tried many ways to remove these rings.

    Some methods used are crude and end up causing some damages to the penis. These damages include breaking the blood vessels. According to doctors, removing such rings need a lot of care to prevent further damage. Normally, a team is required to remove the ring, and in some cases, non-medical tools have been used in performing the task. That is how complex such cases can be.

    B. Always Apply a Lubricant

    lubricating gelWhile wearing a glans ring, always make sure to use a lubricant. The lubricant helps in reducing friction between your skin and the ring. According to doctors, some users cause penis fractures as they try to slide the ring to their penis. Why? They try to force the glans ring on their penis heads. Since it does not slide with ease as the penis skin is not oily, they would force it in place.

    A lubricant saves you from having to struggle with your glans ring. Forcing the ring on your penis head can also cause you pain, which can make you lose the desire to have sex. The pain can also be so severe that you are unable to pass urine.

    C. Avoid Sleeping with the Ring On

    Although some people use the glans ring as an accessory, it is not advisable for them to sleep while wearing them. The weight of the ring is enough to put you completely off sexually. According to a report published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Ireland, some cases associated with lack of sex drive were linked to patients having slept with these rings.

    Due to the weight of these rings, the blood vessels in the penis fail to relax. As a result, your penis gets numb due to holding this weight for long making you less stimulated.

    Also, while sleeping with your glans ring on, you might get hurt when your penis presses against the mattress. Your body weight would make the ring hurt your penis.

    D. Measure Your Penis Head Accurately

    Before you settle on a particular glans ring, make sure you have made accurate measurements of your penis head. The accuracy of your measurements is based on the state you measure your penis in. It is taken when both flaccid and when erect. To enhance your accuracy, make sure you measure it using a soft material such as a string. Mark where the strings meet, then measure with the measuring instrument that you have.

    Present these measurements to the store you are going to purchase your product from. If the store allows its clients to try out the product before purchase, these measurements will save you time. You won’t have to change one ring to the next looking for the most appropriate one.

    When taking these measurements, make sure you do not make the measuring gadget, e.g. the string, too tight or too loose.

    E. Do Not Share Your Glans Ring

    glans ring

    Sharing your ring exposes you to risk of getting infections. A report released by the US Consumer Safety Commission shows that a significant number of glans rings consumers infect each other through sharing these gadgets. When you lend your glans ring to someone who has an infection, you are likely to contract the same. Penile fluids will be left on your ring; if not properly washed and disinfected, bacteria that causes infection will multiply.

    When you wear it, you will only take a few moments before you start experiencing discomfort. Such infections are always frustrating as they add an expense you had not seen coming. Therefore, to be safe, make sure you do not lend your friend your gadget. We are not trying to be mean here but to be safe.

    Keeping fit starts with you. Your urologist will not follow you to your place to make sure you follow the advice they give you. It is up to you to decide whether you want to deal with the effects of being ignorant or you want to keep your cock intact.

    Appropriate use of the glans ring is not a tough task. Actually, most of the recommendations can be achieved by yourself. You do not need a professional to help you out, you only need your willingness and readiness to make them happen. Why not practice these safe approaches to using a glans ring than wait until it is too late?

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