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Top 7 Ways To Protect Against Erectile Dysfunction

by Glenn Fitzpatrick
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For a lot of men around the world, having difficulty getting or maintaining an erection is a major problem. Known as erectile dysfunction, this condition brings embarrassment and awkwardness in the bedroom, hits any man’s self-esteem hard, and causes relationship problems and conflicts.

What are the common causes of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is oftentimes brought about by an existing medical problem. You are more likely to get struck by this sexual health issue than those who live a healthy lifestyle, if:

  • You are overweight or obese.
  • You are diabetic.
  • You suffer from atherosclerosis or clogged blood vessels.
  • Your blood pressure is high.
  • Your body’s cholesterol levels are high.
  • You are living with Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis.
  • You are an alcoholic or a drug addict.
  • You are suffering from a sleep disorder.
  • You are dealing with injuries in your spinal or pelvic area.
  • You are taking certain types of prescription medications that contain chemicals that have an effect on your erection.
  • You are dealing with stress, anxiety, clinical depression, or other mental health problems.

Erectile dysfunction can be triggered by old age too. Once you reach the ripe age of 60, getting hard and maintaining an erection can be a problem. This is the reason why a lot of men who get to this age talk about not being interested in sex anymore.

Furthermore, erectile dysfunction can strike men with low testosterone levels, as well. If you have testicular cancer, chronic kidney or liver disease, type 2 diabetes, HIV or AIDS, or other severe infections, your body will not be able to produce sufficient testosterone for its needs, and getting aroused can be tough.

What can you do to avoid erectile dysfunction?

Eat a balanced diet

If you are not feeding your body the essential nutrients necessary for its proper functioning, your penis will not be able to perform well. Eating too much junk foods, fatty foods, sugary foods, and others puts you at high risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction. To prevent this, you have to start getting rid of all the unhealthy foods in your meals, and replace them with natural and organic fruits and vegetables, and other healthy alternatives.

Get into a regular exercise routine

Living a sedentary lifestyle contributes to erectile dysfunction too. If you work a desk job, wherein you spend at least 7 hours of your day sitting in front of a computer and only get up for bathroom and lunch breaks, your blood flow is not going to be ideal. With exercise, you can improve the health of your cardiovascular system and promote better blood regulation for a more satisfactory sexual performance.

Stay away from stress

Stress greatly affects your mood. If you are often subjected to pressure at work, in school, or at home, you will find it a big challenge to get in the mood with your sex partner. To fix this, you have to try various relaxation techniques, such as meditation and self-hypnosis. Get enough sleep every night to give your brain and body time to relax and recharge for a new day.

Quit smoking

Cigarettes and tobacco contain compounds that narrow your blood vessels, and lower the nitric oxide levels in your body, which can lead to impaired blood regulation to your penis. If your blood cannot flow through the passageways smoothly and seamlessly, your penis will not be able to get hard during intimate moments with your partner. Therefore, you should commit to completely giving up smoking for the betterment of your sexual health.

Minimize your alcohol intake

drinking and smoking cause erectile dysfunction

If you are greatly concerned about erectile dysfunction, you have to start considering limiting your alcohol consumption. Too much alcohol has a major impact in your sexual health, and it can be that one big risk factor that determines the quality of sex and intimacy with your partner. Ideally, if you are under the age of 65, you should only have up to two drinks per day, and, if you are older than 65, give yourself only a drink a day.

Get help for your mental health concerns

Sometimes, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues can have drastic effects on your sexual health. If you constantly have that heavy, sad, and dark feeling in you, getting excited and aroused seems impossible to achieve. This can be quite annoying and disappointing, and can put your relationship in jeopardy. To get out of that rut, you should see a mental health professional to know how to deal with your problems effectively and get your sex life back on track.

Visit your doctor for regular checkups

There are many different things that cause erectile dysfunction. For some men, it is their excessive tobacco, alcohol, or drug use, while for others, it is their old age. In some cases, it can be due to other medical conditions that make getting aroused extremely hard. Men who are battling diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and heart disease are at much higher risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction compared to those who are fit and in shape. To get accurate diagnosis, you have to see your doctor regularly, and undergo screening and testing as needed.

What happens if your erectile dysfunction is not treated right away?

Erectile dysfunction can negatively affect various aspects of your life. If you do not consult a doctor about it and receive the proper treatment for it right away, you are only making everything worse. Neglecting to fix it as soon as possible can:

  • Make sex not as fun as it used to
  • Drive away your sex partners because of dissatisfaction and disappointment
  • Cause conflict with your long-term partner
  • Hit your self-confidence real hard
  • Make getting your partner pregnant impossible
  • Negatively influence your mood and performance outside of your home
  • Bring about more stress, pressure, and anxiety, on top of the issues you are already dealing with

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