Tools to Last Longer in Bed

Tools to Last Longer in Bed

It is frustrating when you are having sexual intercourse with your partner, and then a premature ejaculation occurs. When you are both “high” on the

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It is frustrating when you are having sexual intercourse with your partner, and then a premature ejaculation occurs. When you are both “high” on the erotic feeling, your partner might feel as if you did not want to do it after all.

Studies show that 30-40% of men of all ages experience premature ejaculation. According to studies, premature ejaculation is defined as any that occurs below 60 seconds. A typical ejaculation can occur anywhere from one minute to ten minutes. Research published on the Journal of Sexual Medicine established that an ideal ejaculation time is 5.4 minutes.

Luckily, there is a solution to premature ejaculation. The following techniques can help you overcome premature ejaculation:

A. Foreplay

To foreplay is to use methods that bring sexual arousal. They include kissing, licking, squeezing breasts, spanking, watching erotic scenes, among others. It is usually done to prepare you for penetrative sex.

If you feel like ejaculating soon after penetrating your partner, you can withdraw and go back to foreplay. This act will help to keep your partner in the mood and continue having sexual pleasure. At the same time, you reduce the stimulation on your penis, keeping yourself sexually excited.

After the ejaculating feeling is over, you can continue with the penetrative sex. When you foreplay, you extend your ejaculation period by delaying it and maintaining the sexual mood in both you and your partner.

Actually, a study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy established that most sexual partners find it more fulfilling to have more foreplay. It helps them to lubricate their sex organs and increase pleasure. Do not hesitate to take this chance. It will work for your ejaculation time as well as to increase pleasure for your partner. It is a situation that leaves everyone a winner.

B. Masturbate

man touching himself

Strange right? Well, this technique works perfectly well to men who want to prolong their ejaculation period. Masturbating helps you to take control of how soon you ejaculate. You can always time yourself and record the time you take to ejaculate.

Once you have an ideal ejaculation time, you can add some minutes to your normal ejaculation time and try with the new set time. Research published in the Journal of Sex Research established that masturbating is a way of exploring your body sexually. The more you understand your body, the easier it becomes for you to control your ejaculation

Masturbating some hours before sexual intercourse also helps in delaying ejaculation. The first ejaculation always happens so soon.

C. Kegel Exercises

These exercises aim at controlling your ejaculatory reflex. A study found in the Journal of Urology established that these exercises have 82.5% efficiency. The research was done for 6 months where patients were able to control their ejaculation.

Kegel exercises strengthen your pubococcygeus muscle. This muscle is responsible for passing urine, which is where your ejaculate also passes through. Strengthening this muscle allows you to take control of how you ejaculate. Once this muscle strengthens, you are able to delay your ejaculation.

D. Use of Squeeze Technique

The technique involves removing your cock when you feel the ejaculation coming. You then squeeze its head, which reduces sensation. Squeezing the head of your penis creates a stopping sensation to your brain, causing the ejaculation to go away.

Once the ejaculation is over, you can penetrate and continue enjoying the pleasure. The moment you remove your cock from your partner, make sure you use other sensual methods to make sure they do not go off. Make sure you do not disrupt the mood before you get ready to continue with the intercourse.

Benefits of Gaining Control to Your Ejaculation

The ability to prolong your ejaculations comes with a lot of goodness. The following are some of the benefits:

A. Enhances Pleasure

leaning back with pleasure

Your partner is likely to be more satisfied than on previous occasions. Since the time you take in the sexual act is extended, the pleasure increases. You will get enough time to feel each other’s warmth.

Prolonged ejaculation will bring you close to each other. Your relationship will go to a whole new level.

B. Boosts Confidence

There is nothing remarkable in increasing a man’s ego than confidence. Once you are able to prolong your ejaculation, you will gain confidence in all you do. You also increase your productivity when you are confident.

C. Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety is inevitable when you cannot control how you ejaculate. At times, you can even shy off making sexual relationships. You will always be anxious about whether you are going to make it and what impression you will make on your partner. Once you learn how to delay your ejaculation, the anxiety that comes from it reduces. You start approaching sexual relationships differently.

Sexual performance is vital in any erotic relationship. If you are unable to control how you ejaculate, do not take it hard. A solution lies a few moments from you. You can start with these easy methods, and you can perform them by yourself. You can also do them with the help of your partner.

There are other methods such as the use of drugs. However, it is recommendable for you to seek medical attention from a certified urologist. They will assess you and give you a solution that will work best for you. You do not want to use a method that will wipe your entire manhood, would you?

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