Tongkat Ali: An Incredible Sexual Performance And Fertility Enhancer

Tongkat Ali: An Incredible Sexual Performance And Fertility Enhancer

Most men would love to deliver rockstar performance in the bedroom. Unfortunately, not everyone can do so. For men who want to be able to let their p

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Most men would love to deliver rockstar performance in the bedroom. Unfortunately, not everyone can do so. For men who want to be able to let their partner experience a truly unforgettable, intense, and satisfying sexual experience, male enhancement pills are a lot of help.

That’s especially true if your sex enhancement supplement contains one of the most potent sexual performance enhancers like Tongkat Ali. This amazing herb offers numerous benefits for your sexual performance and fertility.

Unbelievable Increases In Your Testosterone Levels

You can think of testosterone as an all-important foundation for your sexual performance and reproductive capacity. Without sufficient amounts of testosterone, your bedroom performance and your reproductive potential wouldn’t be good at all.

You’re likely already aware that your libido and erectile function will start to decline as you age because your testosterone levels would already be dropping. That’s what you’re supposed to expect, but it doesn’t mean that you should just give up your sex life like that.

For men who are concerned about their declining testosterone levels, Tongkat Ali is a great natural remedy. Traditionally, the herb has been used to help men with problems concerning their libido, fertility, and sexual prowess.

In recent years, scientific studies have been able to validate such traditional uses of Tongkat Ali and help explain why the herb is effective in treating male sexual problems. In both animal studies and human trials, experts have found that Tongkat Ali does indeed help increase testosterone levels.

In a 2013 animal study, for instance, the researchers found that Tongkat Ali has direct effects on testicular cells which result in increased testosterone synthesis. The positive effects of Tongkat Ali on testosterone production are attributed to eurycomanone, a quassinoid compound found in Tongkat Ali root extracts.

The researchers further concluded that in high concentrations, eurycomanone may also be able to help inhibit phosphodiesterase, an enzyme that’s involved in keeping your penis at a flaccid state. This also helps explain why Tongkat Ali is effective in helping men with erectile dysfunction.

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In another study involving moderately stressed individuals, scientists found that Tongkat Ali is helpful in improving stress hormone profile. After four weeks of taking Tongkat Ali root extract supplements, the participants showed reduced cortisol exposure and increased testosterone levels.

When you’re stressed, your cortisol levels significantly increase while your testosterone levels decrease. This is because cortisol inhibits testosterone production, which helps explain why men often experience having a low libido when they’re stressed.

These studies show how incredibly effective Tongkat Ali is in raising your levels of testosterone. As you well know, high testosterone levels are necessary for a high sex drive and normal erectile function. Hence, when you take a sex enhancement supplement, you should choose one that includes Tongkat Ali as one of its active ingredients.

Greatly Improved Sexual Performance

Increasing your testosterone levels isn’t the only amazing benefit you get when you take a male enhancement pill that has Tongkat Ali as one of its main ingredients. You also get to enjoy great improvements in your sexual performance, specifically with regard to your libido, your erectile function, as well as your sexual stamina.

The libido-boosting effects of Tongkat Ali are, in part, due to the herb’s potent testosterone-boosting properties. The erection-enhancing effects of Tongkat Ali are also due to the increase in your testosterone levels, as well as on the direct effects of Tongkat Ali on your erectile tissues.

In order for you to get a hard-on, blood must flow into your phallus. And the blood must be kept trapped inside your penis so that you can sustain your erection. Otherwise, when the blood just flows right out of your penile veins, your penis won’t stay erect. What Tongkat Ali does for you is that it helps you to sustain your erection.

Inside your penis, you’ll find your corpora cavernosa which are regions of sponge-like erectile tissues that trap the blood. When those sponge-like tissues are filled with blood, that’s when your penis becomes big and erect.

What you need is for the smooth muscles in your corpora cavernosa to stay relaxed so that the blood won’t flow out of your phallus. There are certain enzymes that make those smooth muscles contract, causing your penis to become flaccid in an instant.

Tongkat Ali basically prevents those muscles from contracting, thereby helping you to keep your erection for longer. Now, if your problem is that you don’t really have the energy or stamina to continue having sex with your partner, then Tongkat Ali can help you with that, too.

This fantastic herb can help increase your sexual stamina so that you won’t have to worry about getting exhausted during sex. With Tongkat Ali, you can be confident that you’ll be able to continue making love with your partner over and over again.

Significant Improvements In Your Sperm Parameters

A lot of men with sexual dysfunction often suffer from fertility issues at the same time. For men who have low sperm count or low semen volume, Tongkat Ali is an amazing natural fertility enhancer.

In fact, numerous studies have shown that Tongkat Ali is greatly beneficial for men with fertility problems. The positive effects of Tongkat Ali on your testicular cells are not limited to just increasing your testosterone production.

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Tongkat Ali has also been found to help increase sperm production, which leads to a higher sperm count and semen volume. Not only that, Tongkat Ali is actually packed with antioxidants and these antioxidants also help in keeping your sperm healthy.

Scientists have found that the damage caused by oxidative stress can greatly reduce your reproductive potential by causing your sperm to be less motile. Oxidative stress can also cause your sperm to develop abnormally. Tongkat Ali provides antioxidant protection for your sperm and helps improve your fertility.

The Best Way To Take Tongkat Ali

Whether you’re looking for Tongkat Ali supplements to improve your fertility, increase your testosterone levels, or enhance your sexual performance, you should take Male UltraCore, the leading sex enhancement supplement.

Male UltraCore contains Tongkat Ali as one of its active ingredients. But that’s not all. This amazing male enhancement pill also contains other powerful pro-sexual herbs including Horny Goat Weed, KSM-66 Ashwagandha, fenugreek, and Tribulus terrestris.

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