Sex, Testosterone, and Cardio – Are They Related?

Sex, Testosterone, and Cardio – Are They Related?

Testosterone is an all-important male hormone. Men need it not just so their male sexual characteristics develop normally, but also so that they can

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Testosterone is an all-important male hormone. Men need it not just so their male sexual characteristics develop normally, but also so that they can perform well sexually. Of course, testosterone is also necessary for maintaining a healthy bone density and muscle mass.

These days, testosterone is such a big health issue for men because there are millions who suffer from low levels of the hormone. It’s a good thing that simply exercising regularly can help raise your T levels. Read on and find out how testosterone, your sexual performance, and cardio workouts are related.

Testosterone and Your Sex Drive

It’s common knowledge that testosterone and libido are closely related. But how does the hormone really affect your sex drive?

Testosterone doesn’t really act like a switch for your libido, although a low sex drive is a symptom that’s typically associated with low testosterone levels. In fact, experts acknowledge that testosterone affects your libido through multiple mechanisms.

For one, the majority of men with low testosterone levels are well into their senior years. This means that these men are also suffering from various other effects of aging that could also be contributing to the reduction in their testosterone levels and libido. That’s on top of the decline in sexual functioning that aging causes.

On top of that, experts have also found that testosterone levels are affected by androgen receptor transactivation. To keep it simple, there’s a link between testosterone and depression at the molecular level. And depression is known to cause both reduced libido and impaired erectile function.

Low energy levels are also common to men with subnormal levels of testosterone. Depression and low energy levels are certainly enough to bring your sex drive down, but low testosterone causes many other additional health problems.

Testosterone and Your Sexual Performance

In the same manner that low testosterone levels negatively affect your libido, your sexual performance can also suffer when your body is not producing enough testosterone.

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The primary male sex hormone actually plays several important roles in men’s erectile function. For instance, testosterone signaling is necessary in order to properly coordinate your erection with your sexual arousal.

This means that if something goes wrong with this process, the timing of when your penis becomes erect in relation to your feelings of sexual arousal may be out of sync. It could be that you won’t even get an erection at all.

In addition, there’s also evidence that testosterone also acts as a vasodilator. This means that the hormone helps your penile arterioles to dilate so that blood can easily flow into your erectile tissues. As you may well know already, poor blood inflow to the penis is one of the main reasons why men can’t get erections.

Testosterone and Your Heart Health

In recent years, several studies on the effects of low testosterone levels and testosterone replacement therapy on heart health have been published.

One study published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics showed that long-term treatment with testosterone therapy can help improve the cardiometabolic function of men with hypogonadism.

In addition, the authors of the study also noted that treatment with testosterone can help reduce the risks of cardiovascular events and cardiovascular-related deaths. The researchers compared a group of men on long-term testosterone therapy with a control group who weren’t receiving the treatment.

The researchers noted that in the control group, there were 19 cardiovascular-related deaths, 30 non-fatal strokes, as well as 26 non-fatal myocardial infarctions. On the other hand, in the group of men who were treated with testosterone, there were no cardiovascular-related deaths.

Another recent study published in The Aging Male showed that low serum testosterone levels are associated with various factors that contribute to cardiovascular events. Specifically, the researchers found that low serum testosterone is linked to diabetes, high body mass index, and cholesterol levels.

Cardio Workouts and Testosterone

Aerobic exercises or cardio workouts improve your health by increasing your heart rate, as well as improving your oxygen intake. With a higher heart rate, your metabolism increases, allowing you to burn calories faster. An improved oxygen intake simply means that your cells are getting more oxygen, making you healthier overall.

Moderate or vigorous-intensity aerobic exercises can also help improve your testosterone levels. In one study, the researchers showed that when overweight and obese men engage in regular aerobic exercise, their testosterone levels can improve greatly.

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The volunteers in the study did not even engage in intense cardio training. They only had to walk or jog for 40-60 minutes 1-3 times a week. Nevertheless, at the end of the 12-week period, the volunteers showed significant improvements in their testosterone levels.

Another study compared seven different exercises to test which one had the best effects on the testosterone levels of men with erectile dysfunction. The exercises the volunteers performed included balance, agility, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardiorespiratory fitness exercises.

The researchers found that cardiorespiratory fitness was the only one that had a positive association with serum testosterone levels. The authors of the study concluded that cardio or aerobic exercises that improved cardiorespiratory fitness and reduced fat percentage are best for increasing testosterone levels in men with erectile dysfunction.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

While diet and exercise are good for improving your levels of testosterone, you can improve both your sexual performance and testosterone levels by taking natural testosterone boosters.

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