Is Walking Good For Erectile Dysfunction?

Is Walking Good For Erectile Dysfunction?

Walking is one of the simplest physical activities that people, most especially beginners in exercising, can do. It can be done anywhere, whether in

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Walking is one of the simplest physical activities that people, most especially beginners in exercising, can do. It can be done anywhere, whether in a park or on a treadmill, and it does not cost a lot, as you usually only just need a pair of good quality, comfortable sneakers. Even for only about half an hour a day, three times a week, it can bring numerous positive effects to your physical and mental wellbeing, as well as your sexual health, lowering your risk of erectile dysfunction.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual health problems in men. It is also known as impotence, and its risk increases as men age. Its signs and symptoms include:

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  • Cannot get an erection at all
  • Can get an erection but not firm or hard enough
  • Can get an erection but not long enough to last until you and your partner are satisfied

If you manifest any one of these symptoms, you should go see your doctor immediately.

How can walking help with erectile dysfunction?

There are various benefits that walking can offer to improve a person’s physical, psychological, and sexual health. Some good examples are as follows:

Walking can help you lose weight

Being overweight or obese is not healthy. The extra weight and fats in the body only endanger your cardiovascular functions, and this can affect your sexual and erectile performance. They can create blockages in your arteries, make blood circulation and flow difficult, and disrupt oxygen delivery to the different parts of your body, including the vital organs involved in your erectile functions, such as your brain and penis.

By walking, you can burn more calories, and keep the unnecessary weight off. Your heart will be in much better shape to perform its duties, and your overall health will vastly improve. Your sex drive and erections will be much more impressive, and intimate moments in the bedroom will be a lot more fun.

Walking can lower your risk of heart problems

For your penis to get firm and long-lasting erections, there should be enough blood that flows to it every time you have sex. This can only happen if your heart is in tip-top shape. A healthy and happy heart can pump blood and supply essential nutrients and oxygen to the different parts of the body all day and all night without issues.

Every time you walk, you are working your heart, making it stronger and sturdier to carry outs its responsibilities efficiently. You should try to do it as often as possible to protect yourself against high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and other heart complications.

Walking can help you grow and develop strong bones and muscles

Engaging in physical activities promotes the growth and development of strong bones and muscles. Even if you only do low-intensity exercises like walking, you can reap a lot of benefits that you cannot get from sedentary habits like watching television all day or sitting on the couch looking at your phone. As long as you keep moving, you can give your bones and muscles the boost that they need to keep you healthy.

If you refuse to walk or partake in other exercises, you will likely have weak bones and muscles. You will get exhausted easily, and have difficulty lifting stuff, bending, climbing stairs, and lasting long enough during sex. Can you imagine how embarrassing it is to be out of breath even after only a few minutes of action? That will seriously hurt not only your self-esteem and self-worth, but also your relationships. In addition, you will have an increased risk of injuries, such as falling or sprains, and reduced cardiovascular, respiratory, and immunity abilities.

Walking can improve your mental and emotional health

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During exercise, your body releases hormones that have a happy effect. So, the more exercise you do, the more amounts of these happy hormones you get. You will be able to manage your stress levels better, and avoid feeling so down, anxious, and bothered so often.

And, because your mind is at a much better place, your sexual functions are also improved. Getting aroused will not be hard, and having a firm and long-lasting erection will be attainable. You and your partner will be able to enjoy your bedroom moments more, and strengthen your bond and trust.

Walking can reduce your likelihood of developing diabetes

Diabetes occurs when your body’s blood glucose or sugar levels are too high. It is caused by being overweight or obese, inactivity, high blood pressure, and genetics. Its common warning signs and symptoms include sudden weight loss, extreme hunger, blurred vision, fatigue, and frequent occurrence of vaginal, skin, or gum infections. To prevent it, you should eat a healthy and balanced diet, and exercise more. Otherwise, your blood vessels, nerves, and other important body parts end up getting damaged.

If you start walking on a regular basis, you can protect yourself against the dangers of diabetes. You can become more sexually healthy too, as you can boost your brain and heart functions. Your nerves and blood vessels can effectively perform their jobs, and give you a well-functioning penis and reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction. 

How often should you walk?

There was one study that found that participants who brisk walked 30 minutes every other day showed significant improvements not only in their cardiovascular health but also in their erectile functions. It showed that those who walked more experienced better blood circulation in the body and blood flow to the penis, resulting to higher libido, great penile performance, and more satisfying and pleasurable sex.

If you are new to the physically active lifestyle, you can start out by walking in a leisurely pace for 30 minutes every other day. You can walk your dog around the block, or go to the grocery store about a kilometer away on foot instead of driving your car. Over time, as you get used to the exercise, you should be able to walk faster, at least an hour everyday, and cover longer distances.

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