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Intensity The Key Factor for Bodybuilders

by Mark Griffin

Two different guys can do the same fitness routine, same sets, and reps, but at the end of the day, achieve very different results. How is that possible?

That’s because different efforts and intensity were put into the workouts. The truth about bodybuilding is that you get exactly what you put in.

Intensity is a bit difficult to understand with just words, but its either you are doing an intense workout, or you aren’t; there is no neutral ground concerning this.

Intensity is all about putting in exceptional power and force into a workout. All of these make the difference in the results you get after months and months of exercising. Intensity works with overload, so it just has to do with you overloading your muscles with more and more weight to increase your strength and muscularity.

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When train intensively, and you increase the weights, as you progress, it forces the muscles to do more work, and this would make them grow bigger. Training intensively will create a certain synergy.

Intensity has to do with a connection and understanding between the mind and body. Because unless your mind is in sync with your body, you will fail to achieve the results you want. It is all about merging your physical and mental self.

While training, you need to feel the burn of every rep, the range of movement, and the stress being exerted on your muscles. This may sound a bit corny, but if you are doing bodybuilding exercises just for the fun of it, then you won’t see any changes.

Deep down, you would feel it when you are doing an intense workout the right way, and when you know you are getting it right, you tend to remain focused. The goal of intensity is to make sure you are not distracted, and everything goes perfectly.

No matter the workout you are doing, you will maximize the benefits if you are doing it intensively. Keep at it, and you would be amazed at the gains you would achieve.


Past research has shown that possibility of you getting injured is decreased drastically as you increase the degree of your intensity. If you find yourself relaxed at the current intensity you are applying; then it’s time to step it up.

Use more weights, and always try to outdo yourself every time. This is the clear difference between normal gains and superb gains.

You need to have the zeal to improve your body from what it is because, without that, you have already set your body up for failure. It’s important that you want to achieve your body goals badly, that you condition your mind to expect a certain degree of pain for a short while.

An intensive workout has to do with your mindset; you can see it as pleasure equals to doing your workouts, and pain equals to you missing workout days. This way, you would not hesitate to go to the gym and do the needful.

If you do this workout with just the aim of getting things done, then it would be surprising if you get to reach your goals.

You will get the most out of intensive exercises if you do them for 4-6 repetitions. You should find it a lot easier to do lower reps at maximum intensity than higher reps. Doing your exercises at the highest intensity is what would cause your muscles to expand faster.

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You should keep your workout time duration to 30-45 minutes to ensure that you exert total intensity from the first minute to the last minute. It would be totally difficult and almost impossible to work out at a very high degree of intensity for an hour non-stop.

Per workout, you should focus on two muscle groups, as this would allow you to see more results. And as the day progresses, you train other groups of muscles. Do not work on all your groups of muscles at once, because it would be impossible to keep your intensity at the highest this way.

Intense workouts stimulate the release of growth hormones and the other hormones that are responsible for building muscles in the body.

Once again, remember that these short muscle bursts trigger the release of growth hormones.

Of course, there will be days when you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your sofa and going to the gym, but that isn’t a tangible excuse to sit in.

Family emergencies, work emergencies, and other legitimate reasons may pop up that would make it impossible for you to hit the gym, and that’s acceptable. But if it is just you being lazy, then you best give yourself the motivation you need and get to work.

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