How Many Times Does a Man Get Erect in a Day?

How Many Times Does a Man Get Erect in a Day?

Men need not be psychologically or physically stimulated to experience an erection. Erection is not always a major concern. It is just normal for me

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Men need not be psychologically or physically stimulated to experience an erection. Erection is not always a major concern. It is just normal for men to have erections when waking up, especially during adolescence and adulthood. Usually, this is caused by the fluctuations in testosterone levels.

What is Normal Erection?

We all know that men experience erection if they are sexually aroused. But they too experience random erection, meaning they experience erection without any sexual stimulation. Random erections can be commonly experienced by men in their adolescence and young adulthood stage.

But don’t worry if this happens to you because this is just normal. And it is also an indication that you have healthy sexual functioning. Yes, it is common to wake up to a random erection, and this is called nocturnal penile tumescence. But then, even if you have random erections but are unable to produce an erection when sexually aroused, this could be a problem. You may be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Causes of Erection

erotic book arousal

Men commonly experience erection if they think, see, or feel sexually excited. The brain is responsible for sending signals which cause the arteries linked to the penis to widen, thereby allowing more blood to enter it. The veins shrink, which results in the stiffening and the swelling of the penis.

There are many causes why men have erections, even without being sexually stimulated. Random erections or sometimes known as morning wood may be due to changes in hormones throughout the night.

Usually, men experience 3 to 5 erections while sleeping, and these erections usually last up to 25 to 35 minutes. Usually, the main culprit for random erections is due to the fluctuation of hormones, specifically testosterone.

A study has shown the significance of testosterone in an erection. It is said that a man experience erection based on his testosterone level. Studies also show the crucial role of testosterone in male sexual functioning.

Frequency of Male Erection

Men typically experience around 11 erections every day and many more at night. And these erections do not necessarily include sexual stimulus. It signifies that not all these erections mean that they are sexually excited.

As men wake up in the morning, they usually have erections. And morning erections are usually the last of the series of erections they have at night. Erections at night usually occur when they are dreaming. Although this phenomenon is not yet clear, some researchers believe that the purpose of this is for preserving elastic penile tissues. Information regarding nighttime erections can be used by doctors to diagnose erectile dysfunction (ED).

Men may also experience erection if they are angry, scared, nervous, or under stress. This is called reflex erections. These erections may be due to some recreational drugs, enlarged prostate condition, or maybe the need to urinate.

Reflex erections are usually experienced by men in their teenage and young adulthood years. Although they tend to feel embarrassed if they have erections at the wrong time, it is worth to understand that these are just normal. Don’t worry because as you get older, the frequency of your erection will decrease.

Link Between Random Erections and Erectile Dysfunction

While it is normal to have random erections, it is also normal for men not to experience erection, especially when sexually stimulated. Usually, this is explained by alcohol consumption or fatigue. But if this happens oftentimes, it may be an indication that you have erectile dysfunction.

There are many causes why men suffer from erectile dysfunction, usually due to psychological and physical factors. It is important to determine what causes such a condition to know the best treatment for the same.

Erectile dysfunction may be due to psychological factors if you have random erections but are unable to produce an erection when sexually stimulated. On the other hand, medications used to treat erectile dysfunction such as Sildenafil can increase blood flow to the penis. These medications may result in random erections.

How to Manage Random Erections

As the name suggests, random erections may occur unexpectedly. Some people tend to be embarrassed if they experienced such. But here are the ways on how you can manage random erections:

  • Hide the erection
covering his crotch

If you are experiencing a random erection, you can use your bag or other objects to cover it. You can sit behind a desk or even rearrange the fabric of your pants to cover erection.

  • Refocus

To reduce erection, try to redirect your attention to something else. Some people try to engage in mental activities such as solving mathematical problems.

  • Avoid further stimulation

Your clothing or movement can stimulate a further erection. To reduce erection, try to avoid these stimulations that result in a further erection.

  • Getting cold

Maybe you can take a cold shower, or if you have cold weather, you can go outside, when possible. In this way, you can reduce your stimulation.


Although erection is stimulated when you are sexually excited, sexual stimulation is not essential for a man to experience an erection. Men experience erection about 11 times every day, while more at night, which usually lasts for 25 to 35 minutes. Don’t worry if you experience random erections because these are just normal, especially during your adolescence and adulthood.

There may be times when you don’t have an erection even if sexually stimulated. Again, don’t worry because this is just normal at times, most especially if you have taken alcohol or if you are stressed or fatigued.

But if this occurs to you many times, then maybe it is an indication that you are suffering from a health condition like erectile dysfunction. If that is the case, then it is best to seek help from your doctor.

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