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How Long Does It Take for a Man to Refill Sperm?

by Glenn
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Are you experiencing issues with your sperm production? Are you looking into the possibility of conceiving and have some questions regarding your sperm production? It is wondrous how our bodies function and what they go through on a daily basis to help us function properly; and the same goes for your sperm production.

Before you start reading today’s article, we can bet that you cannot even imagine the number of sperm cells that your body produces each day, much more each second of the day. And yet, we are sure that by the time you have finished reading what we have to share with you, you will have all the answers that you need in addition to being left surprised and amazed.

How much sperm is produced on a daily level?

The man’s sperm cells are quite unique if you think about them. Apart from their eye-catching form, they have other characteristics for which they are widely popular. Did you know that the sperm cells are the smallest cells in the male body? And did you know that sperm cells, unlike other body cells which use glucose to gain energy, use fructose as their main energy source?

The characteristic that interests us the most today is their ability to be produced in large numbers. The numbers are astonishing if you ask us. Past research has shown that a man produces around 1500 sperm cells every second. Do you think that is amazing? What if we say that a man produces around 290 million sperm cells each day? And if you do the math, the average sperm production in a lifetime is around 500 billion sperm cells.

Each sperm cell takes up to two months to grow and develop until it matures and is ready to be ejaculated with the semen. Your body has some pretty amazing abilities, doesn’t it?

millions of sperm during ejaculation

But you might wonder why your body would need to produce so much sperm on a daily level. The thing is that each time you ejaculate, you release around 1.5-5 millimeters of semen, which contains around 40 million sperm cells. And there is also the fact that sperm cells, unfortunately, survive only a few minutes to maximum one hour outside the male body. If your body does not produce the previously mentioned amount of sperm cells, you are left with the risk of infertility.

Does your sperm count declines with old age?

Unfortunately, with the decline in testosterone production, your sperm count reduces as well as a sign of old age. After the age of 30, men normally start to experience symptoms of low testosterone levels, which might be milder in the beginning; but as the aging process progresses, the symptoms start to be more noticeable, influencing the male life and health.

One of the common symptoms of low testosterone levels is a decline in sperm production which results in a decline in sperm count. Reduced sperm quality and motility are also commonly caused by the decline in testosterone production. These changes, as expected, will have a certain impact on the ability to conceive.

But it is not only the aging process that can cause your testosterone production to decline. Many everyday factors can influence your testosterone production, starting with stress, smoking, excessive drinking, injuries, certain medications, medical issues, and much more. Perhaps you have recognized the reason that has caused a decline in testosterone production, and with that in your sperm count as well, in your case.

How to improve your sperm count?

There are numerous methods that have been backed up by science proven to work when it comes to having the ability to improve the sperm count, and also the sperm motility and quality.

For starters, exercising regularly will get your testosterone production pumping and your testosterone levels growing like never before. We would recommend trying cardio workouts and lifting weights as two of the most beneficial methods to enhance the testosterone production, and with that the sperm count.

Vitamin C and Vitamin D have also been scientifically proven to increase sperm count and motility. Eating citrus fruits, whole grains, fish, especially fatty fish, garlic, onion, dark chocolate, milk, and milk products are some great choices of foods that will naturally increase your sperm count.

Losing weight, quitting smoking and excessive drinking have been also suggested to have a great impact on the male sperm count.

fit man looking at male enhancement pills

Take male enhancement pills that promise to boost your testosterone production, enhance your sexual performance, sexual stamina, libido, energy levels, improve your mood, and most importantly improve your sperm count, quality, and motility.

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Are you amazed at what your body can do yet? Are the numbers like 1500 and 500 billion sperm counts bring joy and surprise in your everyday life? One thing that we can say is that they certainly do bring joy in the lives of men who are looking forward to conceiving. It is highly important for each man to produce his 1500 sperm cells each second, the same as it is highly important for the suggested measures to be used to keep these numbers high and rising.

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