How Do I Build Stamina in Bed?

How Do I Build Stamina in Bed?

Stamina is a very crucial issue when it comes to sex and men. Perhaps, every woman wants a man who can stay longer in bed. That is why men strive hard

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Stamina is a very crucial issue when it comes to sex and men. Perhaps, every woman wants a man who can stay longer in bed. That is why men strive hard to know how to build their stamina.

But then, not all people want longer sex sessions just to be sexually satisfied. People define stamina in different ways, and some don’t give it a big deal.

Well, sex seemed to be inevitable in our life.

Sexual stamina is defined as how long you can last in bed. How long may be defined in different ways depending on the perception of certain people. If you don’t last in bed, you may be experiencing erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, or you just don’t feel like having sex.

Well, if this causes you trouble, here are some of the ways on how you can build your stamina in bed:

Go for physical activities

Aside from the fact that exercise is good for your entire health, it can give you better sex. Engaging in physical activities even just 3 to 4 times a week can help boost your sexual flexibility, technique, and endurance.

One of the best exercises is strength training. It is said to help improve your testosterone levels. And you already know how testosterone can affect your sex drive.

Kegels can also improve sexual drive since it tones the pubococcygeus muscles that are responsible for control and endurance. This kind of exercise helps in strengthening your pelvic floor, thereby leading to better sex. Not just that, since it aids you in controlling your orgasm, you will most likely have a longer time in bed.

If some of these won’t help, then maybe it is indicative of a serious health issue.

Change masturbation techniques

reaching down his pantsThe masturbation techniques you are using may be a hindrance for you to enjoy sex with your partner. The lubrication and tightness may be different when you do it on your own, and this might affect the level of your enjoyment.

Doing the same thing all over again, maybe too boring. But if you bring yourself to a new and unique situation, such as trying another masturbation technique or engaging in rare sex positions, then you will most likely last longer in bed.

The unfamiliar moves can contribute to your stamina in bed.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

Not only can these foods make you healthy, but they can also increase your blood flow. And that means that it will be easier for you to get an erection.

For instance, including garlic and onions in your food can help in blood circulation. Some may not like these foods because they cause bad breath, but these are helpful in building your stamina in bed.

Another fruit that is very common is bananas. Bananas are rich in potassium that is known to decrease your blood pressure. Bananas are not only capable of boosting your sexual performance, but they can also keep your sexual parts healthy.

Chilies and peppers are spicy foods that do not only give you the drive to eat but also to have sex. This is because they can help in your blood flow, thereby reducing inflammation and hypertension.

Avoid stress

You know how stress can affect your entire well-being. Of course, it includes your libido. So if you want to build your stamina in bed, you should avoid stress.

You already learned that healthy blood flow could contribute to your sexual performance. But if your heart rate is increased, as well as your blood pressure, due to stress, then it can most likely affect your sexual desire, much worse, your performance.

No matter how you are sexually driven, you will find it difficult to reach an orgasm or at least achieve an erection, most especially if you are psychologically stressed. Aside from improving your libido, engaging in physical activities can lessen your stress and improve your wellness.

You should also try to talk with your partner regarding your stress to help you calm down. Who knows, your partner will use it as a motivation to take in charge, which will eventually turn on your desire to have fun.

Avoid bad habits

smoking and drinking in a pubYou might be smoking or drinking lately. And you observed that your sexual performance has been decreasing.

Why not try to avoid bad habits for a while and check if this is the reason why your stamina has been changing lately?

But it is worth noting that not all alcohol is bad. In fact, some studies show that drinking a little red wine can improve your blood circulation, and if it happens, then you will last longer in bed.

Anyway, alcohols are considered stimulants. These have the effect of narrowing your blood vessels, which are related to importance.

The first step that you should do to improve your stamina in bed is to quit or cut down smoking. Replace bad habits into healthy ones, such as a proper diet and exercise, which can eventually help with your sexual health.

Get some sun

If your body lacks sunlight, your body stops melatonin production.

Melatonin is not only responsible for sleep, but it also stops your urges with sex. That means that you will have more sexual desire if your body has less melatonin. That is why you need to go outside and expose your skin in the heat of the sun. This will help build your stamina in bed.


If you want to enhance your own sexual satisfaction, as well as your partner’s pleasure during sex, then you need to make a way on how you can build your stamina in bed.

Lifestyle changes, such as improving erectile dysfunction, reducing anxiety, and enhancing your relationship with your partner, can help build your stamina. A few changes in your lifestyle can lead to a more satisfying and enjoyable sex life.