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by Mark Griffin
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I must highlight the fact that there is no particular translation of a “normal” sex drive, that is, what a person considers as a high sex drive could seem standard to some other person.

Many people speculate about the nature of their sex drive. Here, we will highlight some implicit factors of a high sex drive and supply some advice for regulating or lowering it.


What is sex drive?


Sex drive which is also known as libido describes a person’s wish for sexual intercourse and originates from the natural need to reproduce.

It is a normal feeling that anybody can experience, whether a person wants to have children or not.

Levels of sex drive can go from a range of zero sexual desire to desire to have sex quite often.

Having a high sexual desire isn’t regarded as a problem except it unreasonably preoccupies a person’s feelings. For instance, a person may prefer to cut down their lust if it:


Disrupts their health, sleep, social life, or work.

Influences their mental health negatively.

Is or becomes hard to derive sexual pleasure, no matter how much sex they have.

Influences their relationships negatively and results in them trying “harmful” sex.




What comprises a normal sex drive varies for every person, and people are likely to want sexual activity more at varying moments in their lives. Sex drive is dependent upon reasons like:

  • Mental wellness status
  • Age
  • Energy levels
  • Physical wellbeing status
  • Social interactions
  • Relationship status
  • Medication
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Drug use


Aging and hormones


Hormonal changes play a big part in sexual drive.

For youngsters, hormonal discharges brought on by puberty can activate feelings of sexual desire for the first time. Hormones will influence a person’s sexual desire all through their life.

Some older analysis also advises a possible link between high testosterone levels in men and have a higher sex drive.


Mental health

Stress levels may also affect how much sexually charged a person feels.

In moments of high tension, someone might feel reduced Libido, while other people would possibly attempt sexual pleasure as a way to relieve stress.


Physical fitness and energy levels


Research has attested that hearty individuals are more likely to want sexual activity and experience intense arousal and higher orgasms.




couple laughing together in bed

Having pleasurable sexual encounters, either with other people or via self-satisfaction (masturbation), can also result in a multiplied sex drive.

Intimacy between spouses has been proven to have a major influence on the male sex drive.

On the other hand, if a person is not able to feel happy via an absence of sexual activity or dissatisfactory sexual encounters, their sex drive may additionally rise.


Stimulant drug use


Alcohol consumption reduces suppressing abilities, which would increase sexual desire at the moment. Nevertheless, the consumption of alcohol would possibly reduce horniness, sexual performance, and complacence.


The use of substances, such as cocaine, may as well raise sexual drive but may have links to multiplied “risky” sex in men who have sexual activity with men and in youths.


The reproductive system


High testosterone levels also are associated with high sexual desire in men. The secretion of testosterone is often at its highest at around 17 years as regarding age, and levels are constantly high for 2–3 decades afterward.

This is as well as the peak time for self-satisfaction (masturbation) as an outlet for pleasing sexual wishes. As men age, still, their testosterone levels are inclined to reduce, which can result in a decrease in sexual drive.


Is there such a thing as having too high a sex drive?


Having a high sex drive only manages to turn problematic when it gets in the way of other significant aspects of one’s life or if a person attempts to seek sexual practice in a way that seems out of control. This is often known as compulsive sexual behavior.

Sometimes, when the sexual desires of spouses are not well-matched, it can result in resentment in the relationship.


How to reduce sexual drive


For any person bothered by their libido is very high and seeks to needs for it to be reduced, here are some suggestions that may help.


  • Try visiting a therapist


If the state of your sex drive is getting you unhappy, visiting a therapist/counselor may help reduce these thoughts, feelings by finding ways to manage sexual desires.


  • Seek distractions


If interested in lowering your sex drive, attempt doing something that distracts you from thinking about anything related to sexual activity. A good example would be sports.


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